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Wanking in public is no longer a criminal offense in Italy

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While you were enduring the rantings of Trump and conspiracy theories about Hillary’s health more important news was coming out of Italy.

Okay, not more important, but interesting nonetheless.

And old dude appealed his prosecution for being caught rubbing one out, and he won! This effectively means that the highest court in Italy has deemed that public masturbation is no longer a criminal offense able to be punished by the legal system.

What does this mean? It probably means that the law is an ass and there are too many mitigating facts to a case for it to be deemed a criminal act in all instances.

For example, a guy enjoying a stroke with a friend on a private part of a beach known for it obviously isn’t the same as a freak rubbing one out in the middle of a shopping mall in plain view of whoever is passing.

None of this is specified right now, but it probably will be – and should be.

It goes without saying that doing something like that in front of someone not of legal age is and always will be a crime, but there’s nothing yet defined about those who don’t want to see this having to witness it.

I think we all agree that there needs to be some refinement and common sense applied here. It shouldn’t be illegal for a grown man to find somewhere out of the way to rub out a load with a mate, like in the woods or at the beach. But, this should not signal some kind of free-for-all where a guy can just whip it out on the bus after running an age check on all those present.

What do you think? Are you about to move to Italy? Leave a comment below.




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