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Wanking Tip #2 – Edge for a bigger cum load

Wanking tip number 2 is something we’ve discussed before on the blog and the regular readers will probably be more than just a little more familiar with our love of edging.

Cock edging, or cum edging, is the act of stroking your dick and stopping yourself repeatedly before climax. It can be hard to learn this art, the urge to cum is so strong many men find it almost impossible to stop themselves when they feel the pleasure building up.

Those who can deny themselves that climax, repeatedly, during a wank will be paid off handsomely by the end of it all.

Ultimately the climax a man can experience after a good long session of cum edging can be immense. If you think back to the most impressive cum shot you ever delivered then think about what it would be like to achieve this again, on demand, when you want.

Edging achieves three things:

  1. When wanking with a buddy it can lead to a very long session as you both masturbate together, stroking each other, learning the signs of when the other is getting close and stopping before that first shot of cum arrives. Some guys have only experienced 10 minute wanks with their mates because they’re simply too turned on to make it last, but learning how to edge together can turn what was a ten minute mutual wank into a two hour marathon cock stroke with dicks oozing precum and the finale being insanely messy.
  2. The ejaculation you can build through cum edging is different for every guy, but there is no denying that it does give you a bigger cum load. You might find you shoot twice as much, some find they shoot even more than that. The cum shot you fire can be considerably more powerful too, like those unexpectedly squirting ejaculations you experience from time to time almost inexplicably.
  3. The pleasure resulting from an edging session can also be increased dramatically. Whether it’s because you’re cumming a lot more than usual or because there’s some other mechanism in place building up, the orgasm you can experience after a good long edging session can be enough to make your knees go weak and your head spin.

Although it takes stamina, determination and a little experience, every man can learn how to edge their cock either alone or with a wank mate. Ultimately the goal is to stop yourself from cumming be slowing down and stopping when you feel the pleasure starting to build. That first little tingle you feel should be the stopping point. Let go of your cock and calm down before you start again.

More experienced edgers can make a session last for a very long time, with their cock becoming more and more sensitive with each pause until simply thinking about cumming can make your cock spew juice.

If you’ve ever seen hands-free cum shots then this is probably how they achieved that, spending a good hour or more wanking and stopping.

I would recommend some good lube for this, Spunk Hybrid lube is an excellent choice for a high-quality edging session. Hydrate throughout the session, sipping cold water all the way through. You can heighten the experience even more by limiting your sleep the night before. The use of a masturbation  sleeve can enhance the pleasure and the speed with which you can reach hyper-sensitivity.



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