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Wanking Tip #4 – Let your cum load spew freely

This is a pretty simple thing, but it’s one of those aspects of wanking that guys generally don’t think about.

In my years of wanking with other guys I’ve learned that not only do guys pleasure their own dick in different ways, with different speed and different styles of stroking, but so many guys pump their cum into a tissue, or their underwear, or a towel…

I think this is one of those things we kind of teach ourselves to do. It’s more convenient to pump our cream out into something, easier to clean up and deal with. We fall into a routine, a habit, and pretty soon every wank is the same. Male masturbation is so predictable that I can say the following and know that most of you will nod and agree:

  1. You wank once every couple of days
  2. You watch porn when you do, probably on a tube site after spending 10 minutes looking for something good
  3. You don’t use lube often, if ever
  4. Most of your wanks are less than 5 minutes
  5. You shoot your cum into a tissue, or the underwear you took off
  6. Sometimes you really squirt, but most of the time it’s a dribble

How right was I?

One of the best things about wanking with new guys for the first time is seeing how they handle their own climax, whether they let it fly or whether they’re secretive and “convenient” about it.

Believe it or not, all of this has an impact on your pleasure.

You might not think about it that much, but when you’re aiming your cock into something to collect your cum in a nice and convenient little space you’re focusing a lot more of your conscious mind on that task rather than just enjoying the pleasure.

Think about it, when you’re fucking or you’re balls-deep in a sex toy you don’t often think about where your cum is going, right? You’re too busy enjoying the pleasure of the climax and pumping your semen out of your cock to be bothered about where it’s going – you know where it’s going.

And those experiences are a lot more pleasurable than those times where you’ve grabbed some socks or a tissue to splash out your load into.

So, rather than distracting yourself with where you’re gonna splash your load, organize your wanking so you don’t need to worry about that. Have a towel laid out on the bed and just let your cum fly, lay back and close your eyes when you feel that pleasure coming and just let loose with your load. Who cares if it splashes out and hits the wall, you’ll see it and clean it up.

Find ways to focus on the pleasure of the climax rather than worrying about collecting every drop in your designated space and you’ll soon discover that your climaxes are more intense, more free, more pleasurable than you’re used to experiencing.

For those of you wanking with friends regularly, encourage those other guys to just let the cum fly too. Laying a towel out on the floor and just erupting all over it as you both start cumming is one of the best methods and usually results in simultaneous ejaculations with incredible pleasure too.



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I'm Brad, and I'm an avid masturbator. I'm the primary author here at BuddyBate, publishing the experiences of readers, adding fiction content submitted by visitors and sharing some of the best masturbation porn available.

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3 thoughts on “Wanking Tip #4 – Let your cum load spew freely

  • December 4, 2016 at 7:49 pm

    I agree with this tip. My wank mate never used to let it squirt and I eventually brought it up and asked why. He said he just always did it like that, dumping his load in tissues. He tried just letting it fly once and he shot a huge cum load all over himself. Now he just lets his goo splash out and makes a big mess when he does it.

  • April 9, 2018 at 5:19 am

    When im wanking i like to just let my cum splash out all over the place. It would be scary putting a blacklight on in my bedroom!

  • September 10, 2018 at 11:35 pm

    In total agreement with this tip. A wank is far more satisfying if you just let your spunk fly. Catching it is so restrictive. My spunk has hit me in the face when lying down and even gone over the top of my head and hit the wall behind me. I prefer to stand to ejaculate. My spunk has hit the TV screen on many occasions when wanking watching a porn video


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