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Wanking Tip #6 – If you can’t find a masturbation club, why not start your own?

Tip submitted by Michael in London

Years ago when I was just starting to share wanking with a good friend I was looking for a club to join where like-minded men regularly get together to share their cocks in a group masturbation setting. It wasn’t easy to do, and I visited a lot of special nights at various clubs before finally deciding to start my own.

Since then I’ve discovered that there are masturbation clubs of all sizes and types all around the world.

A friend in Japan started one in 2010 and now has 14 members who get together once a week to share their pleasures with each other, often with more than 8 in attendance at each. Another friend in Canada started a group last year and now has 7 members who get together a couple of times a month solely to watch porn and masturbate. A friend in Paris joined a club in 2013 and regularly attends events in an upmarket hotel where two of the members work, usually bringing in at least 10 members to their monthly meet.

In probably every city around the world there is a club organizing for men to get together regularly for masturbation.

Many of these clubs are closed groups, they don’t advertise and they don’t actively seek new members. Most of the members of these groups have arrived there through invitation, one wank mate asks a new wank mate if they want to come to a party, and after a visit if they’re a good fit and enjoyed themselves they become a regular member.

All of these groups have a diverse membership, with young and old, straight and gay, married and single, those who only like to play solo with others around or those who enjoy stroking others. Some events finish with a cum shot contest, others break off into groups for bukkake endings with a handful of guys, some invite performers to masturbate for them while they watch. One group in London has a porn star as a member.

In many cases clubs are limited in size because of their ability to find large enough locations for their fun. In the instance of the Paris club all members contribute an annual fee to be able to pay for the venue, lubricant, toys and entertainment. In others members bring their own porn, lube and toys etc to a private home where the men gather.

It’s not always easy to make it into a club, most men who wank with other men out there aren’t members of any club, they’re just guys who get together with a buddy and rub one out. But, this is a good way to start a club.

If you’re looking for a club to join and you either can’t find one or you’re sure there isn’t one in your area, you could easily start your own.

All it takes is a small group of avid wankers and before you know it they’re bringing other fellow wankers to the party. Most active men who enjoy mutual masturbation with guys have more than one friend they stroke with, and most of those would be eager to take part in a group setting with other masturbators.

All you need is the venue and the members to make this happen, so start spreading the word among your fellow masturbators and before you know it you could have a room full of horny men stroking their cocks and each other.

There are other ways to find men to take part. If you’re willing to share your own club details (for example an email address or website) the BuddyBate site would be happy to publish it in their list of Wank Clubs, and write a post about it too.

You could try encouraging men to come through apps like Grindr, or websites where you know local men are active.

Usually, all it takes to start a good club is a couple of horny guys and the space to stroke together, if you can bring these two things it can easily take on a life of it’s own and soon evolve into a larger gathering with guys getting together regularly for masturbation sessions.

If you have a masturbation club you would like to share to invite new members, why not contact us and let us know the details?

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    Great idea! Love the page!


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