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Wanking With A Football Mate

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Submitted by Mark

Great site and I just found it. Been bi and into wanking off with mates for a long time so I thought I would send in some of my experiences.

Started when I was 19 and paying footie with a few mates. Met a lad named Bryce and he was all about wanking all the time. I read a lot of the other posts here and it looks like a few lads knew guys like him. He was always getting his cock out and showing off. We used to have a few sneaky beers after a game or hang out at one of our mates houses to watch football and he was the one who would get his dick out for any random reason.

It was mostly when we were talking about girls or someone was going on about whatever porn they watched the night before and then Bryce would get his phone out and have his hand in his trackies playing with himself. He didn’t care who was there he would usually get his cock out and give it a good wank.

Didn’t see him cum for the first few times he always went to the toilet to finish but seeing him showing it off always got me hard and I wanted to join in with him. Only one of the other guys was the same but he didn’t hang out with us as much so I only saw his cock a couple of times.

Eventually I got to wank off with Bryce. We were hanging out at my place and I got him into talking about girls and then he just got his cock out and started wanking it. I got my cock out too and we had a good time watching porn clips and wanking our dicks. That was the first time I saw him jizz. We used a towel and put it out on the floor and we both shot our wads all over it.

That sealed the deal for me. I knew I wanted to wank off with more lads and I really wanted to get into wanking each other. We shot so much jizz all over the place at the same time and it was so much fun. I didn’t know if he would be okay with swapping cocks but we did after that. I’ll send that in if you guys want to read it.

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3 months ago

I had a mate exactly like him too! He wasn’t the one who got me into wanking it with lads but he was one of the first. Had some good times wanking each other.

Matt Tutai
2 months ago

Wow! Lucky for you!

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