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Submitted by Will

I’m a 28yo mostly straight guy who had a few wanks with other guys years ago and really wanted to get back into it. I never touched another cock before but reading all the posts here and seeing that there are so many other guys like me out there really got me thinking about it.

When you started the BuddyBate button thing I was nervous about it at first but I was soon wearing a button to the gym and work. I got some stickers too when you started sending them. I knew it would probably take a while to find someone who recognized it but after a few weeks I got impatient and started looking through tubes and forums to see if I could find any guys in my area. I really only did it so I could start telling them about this site and the buttons and help get some more guys wearing them around town.

I found a few guys on Xtube and a couple of guys on PornHub, got chatting to a guy on [name of site removed as they banned us from advertising] too. One guy on PornHub was really into it and although I was pretty nervous about it we agreed to meet at his flat in the middle of town. He’s only a five minute bike ride from me so it seemed stupid not to go. We were just going to have a couple of beers and watch porn, get our cocks out and wank, and if it felt right we would wank each other off.

When I got there I was so fucking nervous but after a couple of minutes talking I relaxed. We have a lot in common. We both support Liverpool, we both work out a bit, we’re both in relationships, we like the same kinds of music and movies… I’d been there for half an hour and we were just talking like mates.

Eventually he got some DVD’s out and we looked through them. He’s got some great classics, mostly BI threesome stuff and some lesbian action. I chose something with Ken Ryker because we both agreed he’s got an amazing cock. We started the film, I was already hard in my jeans and we were both reaching in and groping in a few minutes while we talked about the bad filming (some of those old movies are pretty poor lol). A little while after that we were kicking our shoes off and unbuttoning, taking our t-shirts off, sliding our jeans down…

I was nervous again when we were just sitting there in our boxers but then cock tips came out and we just kind of both looked at each other and realized how ridiculous we were being and slid those off to. Now were were naked and just looking at our cocks and comparing dicks and it was so much easier. I’ve never had a problem with my cock it’s about 6 inches and quite thick, his is a bit longer and thinner but he gets incredibly hard so the veins bulge all over. My cock head is thinner than my shaft while his is fatter and his foreskin rolls up behind it. You never really think that much about how cocks are sometimes so different from each other and it makes me wonder how that changes how they feel. I wonder if my girlfriend would prefer a thin headed cock like mine or a fat round head like his.

I don’t know how long we were just wanking like that but we probably made it through a couple of scenes before he reached over and offered his hand. The second he grabbed my cock I thought I was going to cum any moment. I reached over and took his in my hand and it felt amazing. For anyone who hasn’t wanked another cock it’s a weird feeling. It’s familiar but different, and it can be awkward to work out the best way to get a proper grip, but after a few seconds we were into a good rhythm and just slowly stroking up and down with the occasional brush of a thumb across a soaking wet tip.

I always ooze a lot of pre when I’m having a good wank and it turned out he was the same. I don’t use lube much because my cock just drips enough to keep everything wet and my new buddy was probably oozing more than I was.

We didn’t frot the first time, we just wanked each other off and edged for a while, watching the film and talking about some of the women we’ve been with. We talked about our first times wanking with other guys too and although I hadn’t know it before he was exactly the same as me. He used to wank with one of his friends but they only ever wanked themselves and watched each other cum, so this was the first time he’d touched another cock too.

We didn’t get to the end of the movie. I don’t know how long we’d been wanking each other but we lasted pretty well for a couple of noobs and when I said I thought I was about to cum we both sped up. My first shot pumped out over my abs and that’s when I felt his cock go rigid in my hand. I know other guys have said that the sight of one cock spitting cum usually gets the other firing it off too but that’s exactly what happened with us. After my first spurt my cum was leaping up my body and drenching my chest, pouring down between my abs. It was pretty mind-blowing and I think I missed out a bit because by the time I properly opened my eyes again his cock was squirting a few splashes over his stomach but he had thick gobs of white cream all over his chest and even a dribble of cum hanging from his chin!

We laughed about it all for a couple of minutes just catching our breath and checking out the damage, then we went to the bathroom and cleaned up in the shower. That was a great part of it all too, washing our cum off each other and cleaning our cocks. It seems stupid writing that but there was just something nice about it.

We’ve met up a few times since our first wank and I gave him a couple of BuddyBate buttons and stickers. We’re already thinking about maybe looking for some other guys to join and make it a circle jerk. I haven’t got back in touch with any of the other lads I talked to through the sites but I assume a few of them got buttons and stickers when I told them about it and it’s exciting to think that me or my new mate might just find a guy at the gym or down the pub and bring him to one of our wanks.

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Sorry this turned out to be such a long post. I was just planning to write about meeting the guy but now I’m stiff and need to rub one out 🙂

Hi Will!

Amazing experience! We did offer some tips for guys to increase the numbers of bators in their area showing off the little BuddyBate buttons and stickers and finding locals on tube sites is definitely a great way to achieve that. I’m glad you found the guy and it sounds like you’re having a lot of fun!

You’re definitely right about the bigger cum load and mutual release between buddies. It’s something I experience every time. I get the feeling we’re somehow wired to appreciate the sight of another cock pumping out a good load and it makes sense when you consider that even straight porn movies focus on the guy’s cock cumming as the main climax of a scenario. I don’t think that’s accidental, but maybe that’s why we’re so into seeing a buddy cum?

Anyway, thanks for your post, it was great to read and I’m sure a lot of our other readers will leave comments to show their appreciation too.

I hope you’ll continue to share your experiences with us in the future, we would love to know how things go.

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4 years ago

Great experience. Sounds you both had really fun together. Thanks for sharing 😉

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