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Wanking with a new guy from the gym

Submitted by Wankster77

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I’ve finally got around to telling you how it all went with the new guy I met at the gym. If you didn’t read the first part then go back and check it out.

So, this guy seemed to be pretty friendly and after seeing each other hard in the showers and just ignoring it like it was nothing I was certain he was gonna be down for wanking with a guy if the opportunity was there. He had a girlfriend, but after a few times meeting and chatting about stuff in the showers he revealed that they were having problems and he thought he might have to move out. He was convinced that she was fucking someone she worked with.

I think it must have been three months of meeting like this every couple of days before we went for a drink. I guess it’s kind of strange. Every couple of days we would both be at the gym, we might see each other in passing and say a few words or help each other out on the weights or saving a piece of equipment for the other, but then get back to whatever we were doing, then we’d meet up in the locker rooms and have a shower, and usually with stiff dicks.

He had a really nice looking cock. He was smooth and pink and when he got hard it would curve up pointing to the ceiling, showing his low and fat balls hanging beneath. Mine would just thicken up and stand out in front of me like a log. I don’t know why we’d never mentioned it to each other. I think it’s just one of those things where neither of us wanted to be the one to point out the other’s erection. I’m sure other guys coming in and out had seen us both hard like that and wondered what the deal was!

When we finally did go for a pint after the gym we were already pretty good friends. When we parted a couple of hours later, after a whole lot of talking crap and taking the piss out of each other for various reasons, we planned to go on a run the following morning. I took the opportunity to bring up the subject of wanking by admitting that I was gonna go home and shoot a load before my late shift because “working out always seems to get my dick pumped up”. He agreed with a laugh and said he usually does the same thing.

The next morning we met at the woods to go on a run and he managed to convince me into doing a “Tough Mudder” race with him a few months later. That’s what they’re called now, but back then it was something different. Sorry, I’m going off on a tangent.

After our run he offered me the use of his shower, because he lived right around the corner. I went back to his house and he showed me some of his photography from sports events around the country and then before I knew it I was in his shower cleaning up, hard as a rock and wondering whether it would be too weird to wank. A few minutes after getting in and giving my cock a couple of strokes he walked into the bathroom totally naked and stood against the sink eating an apple, still talking about the race and how much I was gonna hate it. He was joking about me not being a runner and how I should probably come running with him more often to get up to standard, taking the piss about me being slow.

That’s when things finally took a perfect turn and as I was stepping out of the shower to dry off he made a joke about me wanking in his shower. I stood there in front of him drying off with my cock bouncing around and he was leaning against the sink chewing on an apple with his cock reaching up to the ceiling again, so of course I pointed out that he was stiff too. He said something about it being no big deal and repeating the comment about always getting hard and needing a wank after working out or going on a run.

He took my place in the shower and instantly started wanking, soaping up his cock with shower gel, while I was standing there looking in the mirror. I started wanking too. I think we must have made a few more comments about things and our talking got a little hornier. He finally mentioned being hard in the gym showers and how a lot of guys seem to. He told me about the time another guy caught him and tried to wank him off (which I took as a warning that he wasn’t into that) and I told him about my time wanking with a work mate. I was almost tempted to mention frotting with my mate but it seemed as though he was more into just being in the company of another guy beating off so I didn’t want to freak him out about it.

After a few minutes of this back-and-forth he stepped out of the shower, still hard, and said he didn’t see anything wrong with a couple of guys seeing each other enjoying their dicks.

Aside from my best mate this was the first time I’d wanked with another guy without porn being involved. We both just stood there in the bathroom talking about girlfriends and wanking and some of the experiences we’d both had, he was asking me about the friend I wanked with in hotel rooms on business trips and I told him about laying out a towel on the bed and drenching it in cum while we both shot from each end. He grabbed a towel and put it on the floor and challenged me to a cum shooting contest.

We both knelt on the floor and wanked in front of each other, still talking shit about girls, favourite porn stars, wanking habits. It was really hot watching him and being on show like that. It took me right back to those early times with that colleague and seeing his cock pumping cream out.

It’s always fun wanking off with another guy but it’s definitely more fun when you’re comfortable enough with each other to be able to openly enjoy the sight of another wet dick being stroked. We weren’t shy at all about it, stretching out our foreskins to compare them, tugging on our balls and talking about how had the biggest nuts… It was all just chilled out and funny.

After a few minutes I warned that I was close and he was watching my cock as I stroked a little faster. My foreskin was soaked with precum, just like his. I could feel my load starting to build and getting ready but before I could squirt he let out a grunt and started splashing cum out all over the towel, a thick white streak spewed from his cock arching in the air between us and almost hitting my hand. We were probably only three feet apart and his second or third squirt launched out of his cock and splashed down my left thigh.

He was laughing by this point, pumping cum out in messy squirts as my own dick started to erupt. I shot one squirt right between his thighs and almost hit his nut sack, but the rest was just going off like a sprinkler, splashing all over the white towel between us. This was all pretty quick for me, during the time I was becoming friends with him I’d still been wanking off with my best mate and the other guy I worked with and our sessions were longer and more intense. I could frot with my mate for an hour before shooting off a massive load with him and my colleague was one of those guys who wanted to watch a full DVD before busting his load out. But this was quick.

I think it had probably only been ten minutes from the moment he walked into the bathroom to the moment we were both squeezing our dicks and draining the last of our cum out, trying to decide who had shot the furthest. I assured him that I’d squirted cum right between his legs and he checked the tiled floor to see if he could find it. I didn’t want to tell him that my rogue cum squirt was splashed over his calf, but to be honest I didn’t think he would have cared either way.

I conceded defeat and let him take the win, his furthest shot being the one that was dripping down my thigh.

We both got back into the shower, together this time, and cleaned up, still taking shit and being competitive. I worked out after that first time that he can’t resist a competition. Anything competitive and he’s into it. We’re still wank mates now although we don’t get together as much as we probably both want to. He’s now one of my closest friends and one of those guys that I know would be here within an hour if I needed something. He’s married and has kids, but about once a year we arrange a camping trip or a run or something, always with a hotel room, and a lot of wanks.

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