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Wanking with my friend’s dad on the farm

Submitted by Andrew in Wales

I grew up on a farm and by the time I was 20 I was working 12 hour days for my dad. We had farms all around us and it was a pretty close community so whenever anyone needed anything we’d go to the neighbours.

My dad was planning to fix some fencing but he needed me to go and get some staples from our neighbour Trevor. He’d already talked to him about it at the pub so I just needed to go to the barn and find them. I went over there in the morning and walked in and caught Trevor wanking.

Just remembering that first time gets me hard.

He was standing at his work bench with his jeans around his knees and his cock in his hand wanking off looking at a porn magazine. He said something about being caught and laughed but didn’t stop. He told me where the staples were and I went to find him while talking and asking him how Bobby was. I went to school with his son Bobby but he’d moved to Swansea for work the year before.

I was really horny. After I found what I was there for on the shelf I waited for about a minute looking through the boxes and watching his big balls swinging while he rubbed his long cock. That’s one of the things I remember most about him, he had really big balls that hung down between his thighs. My balls were pretty tight but his reminded me of the bull we had on the farm and I remember feeling a bit jealous. To be honest everything about it was great. I had a good view of him and my dick was getting hard in my jeans but I knew I couldn’t stand there forever or just wank and watch him. He was still talking about Bobby when I decided to get closer and see what happened.

I thought my heart would explode when I walked back over and asked what he was wanking over. It was one of Bobby’s old magazines. I remembered looking at it years before when I stayed over one night. We never saw each other wank but we both did. I’d never really thought about wanting to see him wanking and I was shy about my own dick so the thought of Bobby seeing my hard cock wasn’t something that turned me on. I don’t know what changed between that time and this but now I was pretty transfixed by the sight of his dad rubbing his dick. I stood right next to Trevor and he was talking about the girl in the magazine but I was looking at his fat cock in his hand and the thick round helmet with his wet foreskin siding over it every time he stroked.

Trevor was very well hung, and very attractive too. I was completely straight back then (more bi-curious now) and I had a girlfriend but even I knew that he looked like a male model. I never really thought about how old he was but I think he must have been between 45 and 50. He didn’t look like it though. I remember when Trevor, his wife and their son Bobby inherited the farm from her dad and my parents used to say he was a wimp and not cut out for country life. I was in my teens and just happy to have a new friend my age living nearby.

After his wife left he got a reputation as a ladies man. It’s understandable. My memory of him might be a warped but if I had to describe him now I would say he looked a bit like Hugh Jackman. He had that kind of body too. He used to walk around the farm in jeans and a shirt and he was really well built.

I stood there for a couple of minutes while he was talking and wanking. I started groping my cock in my jeans and I was just watching his hand moving along his dick. He’d pause every few moments to stretch his foreskin, spitting into his hand, or squeezing his cock to make his helmet leak precum and then smearing it over his tip. I’d never seen another shiny cock being stroked like that before and I was fascinated and so horny. It was so hard it curved upward and had a thick vein along the top.

My dick was wet in my boxers and I decided to just get it out. I tried to distract him or something by pointing to a girl on the page opening her pussy lips and saying something about her, then my cock was out in my hand and I was wanking right next to him.

That was how it was for about ten minutes. We just both stood there rubbing our cocks and talking about the girls in the magazine, turning pages forward and back and wanking ourselves off. I was nervous at the start of it but that quickly went away when I realized that he wasn’t going to say anything about it or about my dick. Compared to his cock I was smaller and skinny. The rest of me was okay, I had a lot of muscle from work, but my cock is about 6 inches and slim while his was about 8 inches and thick. He had a proper manly cock with dark skin and ridges from being so hard and well-worked while my dick was slender and pink, but still very hard.

I was happy to stand there all day wanking and watching his cock sliding in his fist but eventually I could feel my cum building up and I knew I was gonna start shooting it off soon if I didn’t slow down. I started taking is easy and just playing with my balls or shaft for a while trying to not to slide my foreskin over my tip. I think he might have noticed that because he seemed to slow down too. He changed from proper wanking his shaft with his palm to rubbing his dick with his fingers.

Then he leaned down and for a second I thought he was gonna start sucking my cock so I jumped back a bit. My heart jumped and I felt a weird panic but he just laughed. He was just getting a box of tissues out from under the bench and came back up again. He knew what it was about and he was smirking for a while after that.

All through this we were still talking about crap. We’d chatted about the fences and the weather, about sex, about the girl he was fucking at the time and about the car he needed to fix. Then it was time to start cumming.

I was edging my cock by this point even though I didn’t know what edging was then. I think he’d been edging too and looking back on it now I think he was waiting for me to start cumming before he let his load go. Then it finally happened and he grabbed some tissues, turned to face me and aimed his cock into his open hand, leaning forward a bit because his dick was angled upward. I grabbed some tissues too and copied him and just as his cum started squirting my own dick pumped a jet of cream out at speed, missing my hand and landing over the floor between his boots.

He moved up a little bit and we made eye contact for a second, but then we were watching each other’s cocks cumming and soaking the tissues in our hands. It was amazing to see his big dick spitting out cum like that and my own dick was really splashing it out all over my hand. The tissues were soon drenched in my cum and his hand was overflowing and semen was dripping from his fingers down to the floor where my first squirt of cum was streaked across the concrete.

Eventually our cum loads stopped and I watched him squeezing the last drips from his foreskin. His hands were still sticky and as he pulled up his jeans he wiped his hands on them leaving wet streaks up his thighs. I buckled my belt and went toward the door and he called me back to hand me the box of staples I’d nearly forgotten, his cock was still hanging out and semi-hard and I was already thinking about wanting to do it all again.

The rest of the day I was fixing the fences and thinking about it. I was still getting hard every time I remembered seeing his cock and his cum shooting off. I wanked another load out that afternoon in the truck and planned to go back again the same time the next morning to see if he was there again, I even saved some of the staples and not fix the fence properly just so I had a reason to go back.

He wasn’t there that morning but two months later I had to take a box of bolts my dad had for him and I caught him again. We had another wank. That time he told me he wanks in there every morning before starting work. After that it became a regular thing for about a year. It wasn’t every morning but whenever I could find an excuse to go over there and catch him I would. It was probably about once or twice a week, and sometimes he wouldn’t be there so I would just get one of the magazines out from under the bench and wank one out. A couple of times he caught me wanking off over his mags and joined me.

We never wanked each other but we had a lot of conversations about wanking habits, pussy, girlfriends, porn and all that. He told me about the time he caught Bobby rubbing one out in the shower, about wanking with his friends when he was in his 20’s, and about a guy who tried to wank him off in the toilets once but he went soft.

I shared a lot of wanks with Trevor for about a year but then he got married and a few weeks later I got engaged. I had a few wanks with other guys since then. Mostly just friends getting dicks out when we’re drunk and putting some porn on. I still haven’t ever wanked another cock but I have thought about it a lot and if the chance comes up I think I would do it as long as I’m being wanked too.

It’s great reading all the stories here. Sorry this one was so long, I didn’t mean it to be. Edit it if you like.

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4 thoughts on “Wanking with my friend’s dad on the farm

  • May 23, 2018 at 7:16 am

    Fuckin’ hot story dude. Thanks for sharing that memory.

  • June 7, 2018 at 2:37 pm

    Great story buddy. I hope you get to wank another guy off.

  • February 9, 2019 at 4:11 pm

    Hot story bud. Thanks for sharing

  • February 18, 2019 at 8:27 pm

    Really enjoyed reading your story, Andrew. I hope you have had the chance to wank another cock!


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