Wanking With My Work Mate

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Submitted by MarriedWanker

I just found BuddyBate and I’ve got an experience to share. Not used to writing things like this so sorry if it’s rubbish lol

I’m 32. Married. I work as a heating engineer. A new lad started with the company in May and he was teamed up with me. He’s 27 and just starting out but he’s good. He knows what he’s doing.

We mainly cover the Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey and West Sussex patch. It’s mostly quiet during the summer but we get a few maintenance jobs a day. We spend most of the day in the van.

I never wanked with any mates before this. I know one mate and his roommate used to watch porn and wank off but I never got into anything like that before. Not saying I wouldn’t have but just never really thought about it before.

So this new lad was really chilled out about stuff from the first day. We were on our way to a job. Probably over an hour at full pelt and no stops. We just had lunch and he said he needed a piss. I was looking for a place to stop but he got his cock out and started pissing in a bottle. I know he was a driver’s mate for another company before so I think he was used to that. He just stuck his snout in this bottle and filled it up.

I told him not to leave it in the van because I wasn’t gonna touch it. He joked about me saying I wasn’t going to touch his dick.

He got rid of the piss bottle when we stopped.

Two days later we were on our way to another job and I needed to stop for a piss. In my job you usually just stop where you can out of the way so no one sees the company van and you take a piss. It’s either that or finding a pub or something, which is what we’re supposed to do but it’s a hassle. I parked up by a gate into a field and started pissing and he stepped up beside me and got his dick out and started pissing too. I thought it was weird. Most guys don’t stand right next to you with their dick out when you’re pissing but he needed to go.

He did the bottle thing on long drives a few times after that.

In June we had a day when there was only one job booked and we could have finished early but it was nice weather so we got some Maccy Ds and stopped on a side road. He just hooked up with a new girl at the weekend and she was sending him pics. He showed me the photos. To be fair he did ask her if he could show his mate and she said yes! lol

We were just hanging out in the van with the doors open and he asked me if it was cool to have a wank.

I said ok but don’t be long or I’ll drive off without you. I thought he was going to go somewhere and do the deed but he laughed and just got his cock out and started wanking off.

I said not in the van but he said it was better than getting out and someone catching him. He was right so I let him carry on.

I’ve never looked at another lad’s dick before. Not like that anyway. We all look at dicks in porn but you don’t just check out another dudes muscle like that. I tried to keep my eyes on my phone but I admit I looked. It’s like a car crash you just have to look lol

I don’t think he cared. He was just watching something on his phone and wanking his cock. He’s actually got a nice looking dick.

After about ten minutes he dropped his phone and grabbed one of the water bottles and put his cock head in the end and started jizzing into it. I was just looking out of the corner of my eye but I could tell he shot a lot of cum into it. He asked me if there were any tissues. I found some Maccy D napkins in my door and passed them to him and he wiped his foreskin and helmet and shoved them into the bottle.

Turned out he did that a lot with his trucker mate on his last job. I found out about that later.

Another few days passed and the same thing happened in another spot we stopped at for lunch. He needed a wank and just got his dick out and started. Didn’t even ask me he just got his stiffy out and started wanking it.

I don’t think it was his dick that got me hard it was just the thought of wanking off. I got hard every time. I thought about getting it out and wanking off the first two times but I didn’t. This time when he got his cock out I looked for porn on my phone and got my dick out. I think I just thought why should he have all the fun?

We were both wanking off and he showed me the video he was watching. I showed him what I was watching. Then he looked for another video to show me. We were properly wanking off for about half an hour just showing each other videos. I know we both looked at each other’s dicks but we didn’t talk about it.

When I was nearly ready to cum I grabbed a half empty bottle and got my dick tip in it just in time and started squirting. He did the same and we kind of watched each other pumping it into the bottles. That was the first time we properly looked at each others dicks.

It’s weird. Never thought it would be fun to wank off with a mate like that but it’s great. Other guys here have said it better but it’s actually great to have that friend you can just wank and cum with like that and it’s not a big deal. We all do it anyway so why are guys pussies about it? It’s just a dick.

We’ve been wanking off a lot ever since. Most days we find a spot to have lunch and wank it.

I don’t think wanking each other is on the table but I wouldn’t mind trying it once and seeing what it’s like. I can’t believe I’m saying that but he’s got a nice dick and since I started reading the other posts here I have wandered what it would feel like to wank him off. Ever since I found out BuddyBate was a thing I’ve been reading the stories and

Just ordered BuddyBate stickers and badges. Not sure I’ll use them but I might put one on my bike or show one off at the gym. Maybe if I meet another bator guy I’ll try wanking his cock.

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2 thoughts on “Wanking With My Work Mate

  • August 8, 2022 at 4:01 pm

    WOW! What a great story. I’m in the Guildford area and I’ve been looking into wanking guys off to see what it feels like.

  • August 8, 2022 at 5:19 pm

    Awesome! You’re very lucky to have such a cool relationship with your work (and now wank) buddy!


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