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Wanking with Rugby player Adam Wallis

Site reviewYep, we have another Rugby player getting his uncut cock out and wanking out some cum for the lads, and I don’t think this is the last time we’re gonna be seeing him and that 7.5″ uncut boner being enjoyed.

His name is Adam Wallis and he’s a sporty British lad who likes to stroke his dick, and he’s really not shy about showing off his length and enjoying it in front of you guys. Does that mean he’s shared some wanks with some other lads before? It wouldn’t surprise me, we all know how common it is for lads to rub one out together and it seems to be even more common among sporty lads, especially Rugby players.

He gives us a good show for this debut, hauling out his meat and getting started on his dick, getting himself stiff and sliding that hood back and forth over his cock head. He takes over filming for a bit of it, giving us some POV fun while he wanks, and he even shows off his ass for the guys too.

In the end, after a good long stroke session, he’s ready to bust his nut, pumping hot cum out of his dick and making a pretty big mess.

I might be getting ahead of things here but I get the impression that Adam isn’t going to say no to the opportunity to rub dicks with another one of their guys. He must know what most of the other lads get up to and I get the impression he’s down for some of that too.

I’m looking forward to it!

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