Where Are All My Black Bators?

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Submitted by Jay

I’m a straight 33 year old NYC black guy been in the bator scene for 5 years and there aren’t many other black bators out here. Thought I might ask here about it. Where are all my bator brothers at? 🙂

Looks like even here at BuddyBate almost all the guys are white.

I don’t care if a bator bro is white, black or any other but I would be nice to see more diversity in the community.

What’s the deal?

Hey Jay,

This is a good question.

I personally think there are plenty of bators from all backgrounds out there but it’s just a matter of finding them. I know I’ve seen at least two groups in the US who have posted videos of their meets and most or all of the members are black. I think one was in Michigan and the other was in California.

I would hope maybe it’s just less obvious because everyone is just getting on with enjoying their bate and not really paying much attention to what color the cocks are lol

That’s a good thing, right? It should just be about men enjoying their manhood and sharing the experience.

As for diversity here at BuddyBate, I see a very diverse audience of guys leaving personals posts here. I review and publish them almost every day so I know from experience that it’s a very varied audience.

I do know we need to be more inclusive in our visual representation of the bator community and it’s something I have vowed to pay more attention to in 2023. It can be extremely hard to find an appropriate image to go with a post submitted by readers.

I hope I can present black bators here more often in the future. If you have any experiences you want to submit to highlight the diversity of the community I would love to publish them, and post appropriate post images with them too 🙂

Thanks for raising this topic.


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I'm Brad, and I'm an avid masturbator. I'm the primary author here at BuddyBate, publishing the experiences of readers, adding fiction content submitted by visitors and sharing some of the best masturbation porn available.

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13 days ago

I’m black , in Denver Colorado, and hes right. I’m usually the One.

No Pen Pals
No Pen Pals
12 days ago

I’m also a black bator in NC and have had the best success at the gym meeting like-minded bros…We’re out here, we just don’t know each other exists!

Last edited 12 days ago by No Pen Pals
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