Three footballers wanking in the showers - cum shot contest!
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Who can cum the most? Three horny young Footballers wanking in the showers

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Chris, Kent and Aaron had always been competitive. Everyone around them knew it, they were always making absolutely everything into a sport. Even on the pitch the guys would compete against each other almost as much as the opposing team. More than a couple of times it got them into trouble with the coach, unimpressed as he was by their lack of team spirit when it came to putting the game first. It was hard for him to stay mad at them though, they were the most talented 19-year-olds he’d ever coached, he knew they had a long career ahead of them as long as they were kept on the straight and narrow.

They were at the peak of their physical fitness, three stallions of youthful energy, forever getting themselves into trouble wherever they went. The stories about the three friends followed them always. Other guys on the team had heard about their exploits, like the time Kent and Aaron double teamed a girl they picked up, or the time Kent dared Chris to streak through the background during a live TV broadcast.

Secretly, all the other guys on the team wanted to be in their gang, they were pretty jealous of the fun they had, the way they played, their incredible physiques, and even their dicks. They were always the ones swinging their meat around in the showers, making crude jokes, trying to make the other lads uncomfortable or just having a laugh.

What their team mates didn’t know was that these lads were a lot closer than they would expect.

It started in the summer of 2007, when Aaron, Kent and Chris took it upon themselves to break into a local sports club and use the facilities. They wanted to practice on a proper pitch with no one else around. They were caught by security within an hour, of course, taken to the police station and eventually rescued by their coach who did a good job of explaining to the cops how talented the three boys were and how they really didn’t mean any harm, and that he would pay for the damage to the fence the next morning.
He kept it all to himself, didn’t tell their parents, the police were actually pretty sympathetic.

The next day the coach called them up and told them the local council was willing to let them use the pitch and some of the facilities, as long as they promised not to cut the fence ever again.

For the next few weeks the boys went to the sports club in the evenings, practicing their skills on the pitch, but it was after, in the showers, that the fun really started.

Kent started it all one evening while they were sitting around in the little canteen area and he was looking through his phone. He’d been chatting to some hot girl online and she was sending him pics. He was horny, showing his mates the pics, then flashing his long uncut cock as he pulled it out of his shorts and gave it some strokes, talking about fucking her wet pussy.

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His mates let it slide, after cracking some jokes about his dick. They’d seen it plenty of times before, all of them had of course. They’d seen each other hard too, a few times, just flashing their boners to each other in horned-up moments, just for a laugh.

This time things were a little different. The lads headed into the changing room and got naked, still chatting about Kent’s cock and how it wouldn’t be big enough to fill the girls “bucket fanny”. As their shorts came down Kent’s cock sprang up, still hard, but so was Aaron. All this talk of fucking, the pics of the girl, maybe even the sight of Kent’s hard dick, it all got him throbbing too.

Chris had a petty good semi going, his chubby cock swinging between his thighs as they joked around, Kent and Aaron calling each other queer and daring each other to grab it.

Their voices echoed around the tiled room as they walked into the showers, their cocks leading the way. Chris was now solid too, his long and curved shaft leaning upward and bouncing with every step.

To any outside observer these three would look incredible, a trio of youthful Greek statues come to life, their cocks throbbing in front of them as they joked, shoved each other, swung their erections against each other’s thighs in a playful attack on each other’s masculinity.

Their defined bodies glistened as the water flowed over them, their voices raised as they debated, joked and discussed like horny men do about pussy, tits, fucking.

“Mine’s definitely the biggest” claimed Aaron, proudly displaying his 8 inches, gripping it by the root and making it bulge with veins as his foreskin slipped back around the swelling head. The purple tip was thick and hard, flared out with a pair of raised lips around his cum hole.

“Yeah, but mine’s thicker, and it’s the girth what really matters” Kent suggested. He was definitely wider than the other two, his veined shaft tapering to a more pointed pink head revealed by his retracted skin nestled behind the ridge of his glans. His friends admired his cock momentarily before Chris joined in.

“I’d beat both of you in cum loads, anytime” he was confident. His cock was standing at an angle, the water flowing around it and pouring from his low-swinging balls, his reddened tip wet and glistening with precum, his foreskin slick and slippery. He always shot massive cum loads when he wanked and he’d surprised a couple of girls with his big fountains of jizz before.

“Yeah?’ Kent asked “Prove it, cum contest lads!” he grabbed his cock and started stroking.

“Seriously?” Chris shouted over the torrent of water from above.

“I’m in bitches!” exclaimed Aaron, shutting off his shower and grabbing his length in his fist.

The light from above bathed their defined and glistening bodies as the three stepped up side by side, their broad shoulders touching, wanking their cocks in their hands, looking at each other’s dicks as their biceps and pecs flexed and bounced in rhythm.

They were perfectly timed for a moment and Kent added a little more to the game “keep in time guys, let’s see who cums first too”.

With dicks bulging in front of them and their movements synchronized the three footballers wanking their meat compared each other’s method, keeping time with each other as they joked, watched, imagined several horny scenarios in their heads as the pleasure built up and their speed increased.

With the sound of the showers now silent the room was filled with the audible slap, slap, slap of cocks being rubbed and wet scrotums slapping gently against muscled thighs.

The smell of precum and sweat hung on the air around them as their pace quickened and muscles tensed, with Aaron being the first to blow.

“I’m there lads” he said breathlessly as he shoved his hips forward, paused his strokes and a leaping flash of white streaked out of his swollen head to splash over the tiled floor beneath him.

“Aah, fuck!” he exclaimed, panting as another jet of hot cum erupted from his cock, spewing a little further than the last.

Without saying a word Kent leaned back, pointing his cock out toward the space in front of them, letting out a slight groan as his dick convulsed in his grip and spurted a fountain of juice. Aaron was watching him cumming as his own dick continued to spasm, thick pumps of jizz splashing from his tip to splat on the wet floor.

Kent’s abs and chest were rock hard as his dick throbbed and lobbed another jet of milky man juice out to join the mess he’d already made.

Chris was paying attention through the sudden increase of pleasure, he felt his arse twitch and his taint throb behind his balls as the first wave of climax flowed through him.

“Get ready lads!” he said, rubbing his cock as his friends looked on, nursing the last of their cum out of their own rods and breathing heavily.

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“Mmm, here goes” Chris murmured, looking down at his impressive shaft as it turned to steel in his paused hand and shot a volley of creamy white ball batter high into the air, splashing down five feet ahead of him.

“Fuck!” Aaron exclaimed, still draining the last of his cum with some long squeezes of his softening shaft as he watched his good buddy firing off.

Another wave flooded through Chris’ body as his butt cheeks clenched and his thigh muscles bulged. A second arcing splash of semen spewed from his dripping cock head, separating out to form a cluster of splashes all over the tiled floor. A third wave, a fourth, all accompanied by a big eruption of teen nut, hot and slick.

His heavy eruption continued for several more seconds, with Aaron and Kent watching on in amazement as their friend rubbed his cock and sent squirt after squirt of hot jizz erupting into the air.

“Told you lads” he said through heavy breaths as his climax finally began to subside, short little spurts of cum flooding from his dick as the last of his load evacuated his shaft.

His heavy cock began to soften as he tugged the last dribbles of milk from his foreskin covered tip, his meaty shaft wet and sticky, his balls climbing back down slowly to rest in their low pink sack.

“Okay” Aaron admitted, “you win the cum load competition”.

“Yeah” Kent followed “holy fuck, that was a massive shower of jizz!”

The three lads had no doubt who won the cum load, and who shot their wad first, but they were still arguing over distance when they were drying off and getting dressed. They hadn’t thought to check before the showers came back on and their cum loads were washed away.

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They’d save that distance shooting contest for another time.


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I'm a straight/curious bro-bater living in London England. I'm 36 and work in events management. I spend my free time swimming, running, playing tennis, hiking, camping and going to the gym. I'm in a relationship with a wonderful woman who understands my appreciation of masturbation and my encounters with other baters. I've always enjoyed writing and putting my fantasies and experiences down in words for other baters to enjoy and I'm glad to have the opportunity to share my work here.

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7 years ago

One of the best stories you ever had on here! This got me so hard and made me think back to the times I wanked with a mate in the leisure centre showers a couple of times when I was 18. Can you write a part 2 for this one? I would love to read about the lads wanking each other off.

7 years ago
Reply to  Damian

I’d love to hear your true story Damien – you should post that.

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