Why We Can’t Publish Your Email Address

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It’s something that comes up routinely around the site so I thought it might be a good time to address this issue once more.

We cannot publish email addresses.

I know it’s inconvenient for those who have multiple email addresses and perhaps don’t mind if one of them is flooded with knock-off Viagra or Bitcoin spammers, but there are several reasons why we can’t and won’t publish email addresses.


In the UK and EU we have laws regulating privacy and what is expected of all websites and companies when handling data. The security of users is paramount in these regulations, and important to us. We are very careful to delete and remove data from those who are no longer interacting with the site. For instance, if someone signs up to join the newsletter and they don’t confirm their email address, we will delete them from the system after approximately 1 month. This allows us to minimize the amount of data we hold. You can read more about this in our GDPR/PRIVACY POLICY.


There are millions of bots crawling the internet every day searching for email addresses. I guarantee you that if you publish your email address anywhere online within a week it will be listed on a spam database and it will begin to be sold around the world to hundreds of other scammers and spammers. It’s pointless publishing your email address here because in probably less than a month it will be unusable due to the amount of garbage being received. If you want hundreds of emails from Bitcoin scammers, MAGA “challenge coin” sellers and “Russian brides” then you could just join a few active forums out there and publicly post your email, but we’d rather not facilitate that industry here.


It’s an unfortunate reality that there are bigots, unwell people and habitual abusers who will look for contact information on sites like ours hoping to cause harm. By publishing your email address you are giving them a direct line to reaching you. When considering all the risks in comparison to the benefits it’s undoubtedly nonsensical to allow email addresses to be published.

Harassment 2.0

We cannot verify that the email address you wish to publish is actually owned and controlled by you. For all we know you could be publishing someone else’s email address in the hope of causing them distress or embarrassment. This is also why we remove full names from comments, especially when the person is responding to a personal add which is relevant to a location and offers greater opportunity to target a specific person. There are creepers out there who will link your name to your contact info and start digging for more info. We do not want to assist them in these nefarious efforts.

How you CAN use your email here

We provide the ability to subscribe to posts and be alerted to new comments. You don’t have to leave a comment to subscribe to posts. This allows you to receive an email alert when a new reader replies to the post. This was added to allow men to form groups and understand how many men there might be in their location.

Adding your email address to the correct field in the comment area doesn’t mean it’s publicly visible or that anyone else can contact you via that address. It’s to allow updates to be sent to you by the automated systems behind the website (for example when someone replies to your specific comment).

Of course we also have a newsletter.

These methods require you to confirm your email address, thereby providing an additional level of security. This isn’t possible if you’re just publishing your email address publicly.

What to use instead of an Email address

Obviously if you’re using the personals section you want to make contact with other men in your area. While you can’t use an email address or phone number publicly you can create a Twitter, KIK, Reddit, Tumblr, NewTumbl account and post this in your comment. This not only gives you the benefit of greater control over your identity (you can create an account on any of these services for free specifically for use here) it also gives you greater control over your own interactions. You won’t be spammed by hundreds of people trying to sell you Cialis, but you will have messages on whichever platform you choose from guys who are interested in connecting with you. This gives you full control of your communications outside of BuddyBate and helps you to build a community in your area.

When you submit a personal post it might take 24-48 hours to be published. Remember to come back and subscribe to your own post once it is published and you’ll receive email alerts when a reply is added. You can then start a conversation in the comments or post a link to a KIK, Discord, Reddit etc so that you can all communicate privately in another location which facilitates that.

Please be aware that we exist to help men enjoy themselves and communicate with each other in regard to healthy friendships where masturbation can be shared and enjoyed. Our entire purpose is to give our community and readers opportunities to discover each other and explore their own masturbation whether shared or solo. The decisions we have made regarding email addresses and phone numbers etc are for your safety and security, and allows us to conform with privacy law.

Leave a comment below if there is anything you’re not sure about and I’ll do my best to explain further 🙂

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I'm Brad, and I'm an avid masturbator. I'm the primary author here at BuddyBate, publishing the experiences of readers, adding fiction content submitted by visitors and sharing some of the best masturbation porn available.

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10 months ago

Hello, buddy bate! It’s my first time posting here. I have been visiting the site for some time now and I always enjoy the relaxed, friendly and sexy atmosphere that there is here.
Thanks for this and other explanations and useful posts. Your work is truly amazing.
I’ll be around again soon, probably posting some stories of my own.
Have a good week and bate on!

10 months ago

Thanks for the explanation but I found that when I subscribed to comments on my personals post I never received the email notifications (not in spam, etc.).

9 months ago
Reply to  BuddyBateBrad

It is; however it should be noted that I tried to subscribe to replies to this comment as well (the one above, that I left on 5/21) but did not receive an email when you replied on 5/23. I think the feature is not working.

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