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With festivals cancelled I’m gonna miss out on wanks with my mate

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Submitted by Vinny

I don’t have a wank mate here in Colchester but every year I meet up with a bunch of mates at a few of the festivals and it’s a good chance to meet up with my good mate in Carlisle. We started wanking together years ago when we shared a house for work but since he moved up north we only meet up for gigs and when it’s someone’s birthday.

We had three weekends planned for this year. We were going to Download Fest for the first time in June then Green Man in Wales and Leeds festivals in August. Download is cancelled and we think the rest of them are going to be cancelled too.

This might be the first year in about ten that we haven’t had at least one good weekend of chilling out, getting pissed and having a few wanks and I’m already missing it.

I haven’t got any other mates who are open-minded like him. He’s never cared about stuff like that. We’re both mostly straight but getting our dicks out and having a good wank has never been weird to us. We’re on the same page. When we lived together we used to watch porn and wank a few times a week and we had some great times having cum contests.

It’s just lads being lads and doing something we both enjoy without shame. It’s great having that kind of friendship where you can just give it a good stroke and see each other cum and it’s not a big deal. It’s a lot of fun.

Any guys reading this who go to festivals know what it’s like. I get horny so much checking out all the ladies, and I admit it’s fun looking at all the dicks at the urinals too. By the time me and my mate get back to the campsite we’re both horny and need to wank a load out. One of us usually brings a porn mag or two and we just get our dicks out and have a wank over it. We’ve got similar cocks. We’re both about 7 inches and we both curve a little bit to the right. We’re almost dick twins. lol

Then in the morning we wake up and chill out for a while, have a smoke and the first beer of the day, then it’s time for another good wank before we get out and join in with everyone else.

My wife knows about it and she’s cool with it. His girlfriend is a real hippy chick (she tried to get us into a threesome once but we all got too wasted and nothing happened lol) and she knows about our wanks. Neither of them are into the festival scene so we don’t have to worry about them deciding they want to come. We all go to one-nighter gigs with them a couple of times a year anyway.

Unless something changes in the next few weeks we’ll be missing out on our sweaty tent wanks, but we’re planning on saving our money for next year and going to as many gigs as we can. If we don’t meet up this year then 2021 is going to be even busier for us.

Thanks for this blog. It’s keeping me a little more sane than I would be otherwise and it’s great reading all the stories from other guys. For years I thought me and my mate were unusual with our friendship and most guys weren’t into wanking with mates but there are more of us out there than I thought lol

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3 years ago

I know that festival horn situation very well! Over the years I’ve had many wanks at festivals, occasionally with a stranger who was in the same situation and horny as hell. Most of mine have been at the urinals or solo in a Portaloo – as I’ve never fancied overnighting at festivals, I’ve always tended to do festivals that I can get to and back home the same night, even if I’m going multiple days.
These days, most of my gig going is solo, the gang that I used to hang out with have long since married and had kids, slipped into the ‘boring/pipe and slippers’ life, whereas I still love a good live music experience (or I did, until everything ground to a halt!). I rather miss having a mate where we are both entirely comfortable knocking one out in each other’s company!
Hopefully things will start to normalise over the next year and lets hope that they can find a vaccine to protect the vulnerable who want to attend mass gatherings.

3 years ago
Reply to  Nick

Just wanted to point out that some of us who have got married and had kids still love live music! Shame I’ve never had the pleasure of wanking in a festival tent with a buddy but never say never!

3 years ago

Yay for a Fellow buddy bate in Essex !

Shame ur festival wanking sessions not happening .. ??

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