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Submitted by Corey

This happened to me about 6 years ago. It’s not a big bator story but after reading some of the other posts I think some of you will like it.

I work with a lot of guys and there is always a lot of pranking going on. We got into a game of stealing each other’s phones and sending a text or posting on Facebook. It was just silly stuff, like “Secret about me, I HATE puppies!”

There were limits to this prank so nothing really bad happened. It was just stupid and harmless things that made it obvious someone had their phone.

I got it a few times. I had a habit of leaving my locker open. One mate in particular always seemed to get my phone and post something stupid but I got him back a few times too.

One night I got a text from an old girlfriend I hadn’t heard from in years. One of the guys had grabbed my phone and sent her a pic of a tree in the car park and the word “TREEEEEEE!”

She was confused so I had to explain it and tell her I wasn’t looking for an excuse to reconnect and it was just a friend fucking around with my phone lol

The next day I went up to Mark and told him he nearly got me in the shit with this girl. I really didn’t want to get back with her. I should have deleted her number. I knew it was him. That was his style of humour. He thought it was hilarious and told me to lock my locker from now on. Then he said “You’re lucky I didn’t send her one of your dick pics!”

I did have dick pics on my phone at the time. I was seeing a new girl and she loved to send pics and I sent her dick pics back. Most of the time I deleted stuff like that but when I checked my phone after Mark said it there were four dick pics in there I took the week before.

Two of them were just my floppy cock hanging out of my trousers and the other two were proper hard while I was having a wank.

Strange thing is I got really fucking horny thinking about him seeing my cock. I never had that before. I’ve known him for years and we take the piss out of each other all the time so we had that kind of friendship where it wouldn’t be a big deal but we just never saw each other’s cocks. Wasn’t even anything I thought about.

I looked at my pics and wondered what he thought about them. I got hard thinking about him looking at my dick and I had a quick wank in the toilets.

I shot off a big jizz load and after that I was thinking about getting even.

For the next 2 weeks I was trying to grab his phone and he caught me a couple of times. Then he left his phone by his machine and I grabbed it and ran to the toilets. The first thing I did was check his photos. I had to scroll back a few months but I found a dick pic!

I think I’ve got a nice cock. It’s about 7 inches and thick. Mark’s cock was longer than mine but skinny, and he took the pic when he was wanking. He was rock hard and his cock was curving up with his big helmet on show. My cock got so hard looking at it and I wanked off into the toilet and jizzed a big load out.

Then I posted on his Facebook that he had to make a big announcement… he was now a Swiftie. lol

This is funny because he was a total metal head.

I put his phone back and half an hour later he came over and said he was getting Facebook comments from friends planning an intervention.

Before he walked away I said something like “Oh, and nice dick! Thought about posting it but that would have been too much”

He looked confused and said “I ain’t got no dick pics mate” and something about it being stupid to have pics like that with us around.

I told him to scroll back in his photos.

He stood there for a while looking through his phone and eventually found it. He turned bright red but he was laughing.

Then he looked at me and said he never looked at my photos and he was just joking about my dick pic.

I felt guilty about it and embarrassed because I basically admitted I had dick pics on my phone.

I offered to make us even and send him a dick pic but he said he didn’t want to see it.

This stupid prank sort of got me started in being a real bator. It took a while before I got into wanking with guys and even though I would have loved to wank off with Mark we never have. I think I probably always knew I liked seeing cocks and I really got into trans porn after this happened because there was so much cock in it but it was seeing Mark’s cock and thinking he saw mine that flicked that switch.

Eventually I got into the bator scene online and I started chatting with guys on forums about our wanking habits. I swapped cock pics with loads of guys and eventually found a guy near me and had a nervous wank with him in the woods.

This is all still a bit of a double life for me. I’ve got two local wank mates now but no one else knows I’m into rubbing cocks with other guys.

I might write in about my first mutual wank if you want it. Let me know!

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1 month ago

Wish I had friends like this. Seen a few buddy cocks over the years but only one hard and we never got the chance to bate.

1 month ago

Good story. Would definitely like to hear about your first mutual.

1 month ago

Tell us more Corey!!!

1 month ago

Great story! I got hard reading it!

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