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Work Trip Turned Bator Retreat

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Submitted by James

I’ve shared many stories on here, but idontwearhats recent post about finding a new bator bud at work got me thinking about a work trip I took just after the pandemic.

My company is based on the east coast and twice a year we have a large company wide conference in New York. Unfortunately I was paired with a colleague to share a room. I had met this guy a few times, but wasn’t super excited about the prospect of living with him for a full week.

Matt, like me, is in his early 30s. He’s blonde, wears glasses, and is a bit nerdy. He has a wife and lives in Savannah. He’s a nice guy, but I didn’t think we’d have much in common/anything to talk about.

The first night there was pretty casual – just some drinks with colleagues and then we headed back to the room. I jumped in the shower first and then planned on heading to bed.

When I came out of the shower Matt was laying on his bed and immediately jumped up to grab the now available bathroom. I sat on my bed, heard him turn the shower on, and was immediately distracted by the smell of cum.

There was a pair of underwear balled up near the foot of his bed. While I could still hear the shower running, I went over and picked them up. Sure enough there was a massive load spilled into them. The sneaky bastard stroked one out while I was in the shower!

Immediately my cock got hard and only being in a towel, my hand immediately went to it. I was completely lost in the bate. Something about seeing his cum smeared underwear sent me over the edge. I wasn’t even thinking, I just wrapped his soaked briefs around my cock, used his cum as lube, and emptied my nuts into my coworkers underwear.

A minute or two later I heard the shower turn off and I hastily put things back to where they were (hoping he wouldn’t notice the extra load when he picked them up).

He came back out with only a towel wrapped around his waist. He looked pretty good. On the skinny side, but you could tell he still worked out. His body was completely hairless and he had a boyish quality to him.

The next day passed in a blur. Nearly ten hours of meetings and events. By the end of the day we were exhausted and went straight back to the hotel to shower and sleep. Feeling a bit pervvy, I concocted a plan to try and catch my coworker in the act.

Just as I did the previous day, I went to shower first. I let the water run for a few minutes and then I walked back into the bedroom because “I forgot something”. Sure enough, there Matt was, stroking his cock on his bed. I was pleasantly surprised to see that he had a nice, long member. Probably about 8/9 inches, cut, with small, tight balls.

Seeing me snapped him out of his bator fog. He let out a little scream and jumped off the bed. I tried to act nonchalant about what had happened, but he was beat red. In an act of impulsivity, I whipped open my towel, gave my dick a little shake, and told him it was no big deal.

I went back to shower and feverishly stroked my cock to what had just happened. When I came out, Matt was still completely naked but was sitting under his covers.

He tried to apologize again but I told him it was a big deal and that I had just shot off a load in the bathroom. He immediately told me he would do it in the bathroom too as to not bother me. Being the bator I am, I reassured him that it wasn’t an issue and that he could get his cock out whenever he felt like it.

He seemed to ease up a bit and so I shared more about my habits. I told him when I was in college it was pretty regular to walk in on my roommates jerking it and we would often have fun watching porn together and getting our dicks out.

He was shocked by the story, but asked for more details. I could tell he was interested but hadn’t ever experienced anything like that.

The following day was more chill with work so we were able to spend some time together. When the day was done we went back to the hotel room to start our normal routine. As I was getting ready for the shower, Matt pulled out his laptop and brought up some porn.

I laughed and poked fun at him for not even waiting until I left. To my surprise Matt slid his shorts down, gave his penis a few tugs, and in a mocking voice said “it’s no big deal man, me and my college buddies used to stroke all the time”.

We had a good laugh, but then when things went silent I felt pressure to egg him on. I wanted to stay but didn’t want to make him uncomfortable. I decided to walk over and check out the porn he was watching.

On the laptop Matt has a video of a small, brunette girl deep throating a massive cock. I told him it was hot, but that his dick was more impressive.

I could see his dick throb when I said that and knew I could probably test the waters a bit more. So I slipped my hands into my pants and began to fondle myself. When I was good and hard I pulled my shorts down to show him my boner.

I have a pretty nice cock. Just above 7 inches, thick, with a nice set of heavy nuts and a thick, brown bush. I waved it around for him and gave it a few slow strokes to really make it firm.

I asked if it was ok for me to lay down next to him to watch the video and he thankfully agreed. We spent the next 10 minutes talking about our favorite kinds of porn, what sexual acts make us cum the fastest, and what we hadn’t tried yet but wanted to.

I was really happy with how open he was being with me. We immediately formed a bond over our penises and love of bating. Even with the porn playing, we were mostly looking at each other.

When we were ready to cum we stood up to see who could shoot the furthest. He won by a foot and I gotta say I was impressed. Not just with the distance but also the volume. Matt was definitely really worked up.

Every day for the next three days we enjoyed casually stroking whenever the mood struck us. On the very last day Matt asked if we could try mutually stroking each other’s dicks.

I could tell he was nervous. He was a little shaky as he reached over and grabbed my cock. It took him a few strokes to get comfortable but then he started talking about how hot and hard it was – I could tell he was really into it.

I reach over and grabbed his cock at the base. As I slowly moved my hand up his shaft he began to shiver. When I finally reached his head he let out a soft moan. He was already leaking precum everywhere.

Matt asked me to stop shortly after because he was getting too close. We cooled down for a bit, watched some porn, but couldn’t stay off each other’s cocks for long.

I was surprised when Matt asked if we could rub them together. Now I am definitely not new to bating, I could spend days on end frotting with my bator friends. This was his first time though and I knew how exciting it would be for him.

We slowly guided our cocks together and I wrapped my hand around them. I loved hearing him moan and tell me how good my dick felt pressed against his. He took over for a bit and rubbed our helmets together. He got really turned on seeing a strand of precum connecting our heads.

It didn’t take much longer for us to cum. As soon as he told me he was close I knew I wouldn’t be able to last. With our dicks pressed against one another we began to shoot our loads.

We were covered in each other’s seed. I thought for sure this would be too much for him, but he continued to stroke our cum covered cocks until they had gone limp.

Sadly we left shortly after and we live very far away from each other. That being said, we exchanged numbers and will be requesting to room together at the next conference 🙂

Sorry for the long story guys, but hope you enjoyed. Happy bating!

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1 year ago

Brilliant story! Thanks for sharing.

1 year ago

This is awesome James. I am envious. Hope this happens to me too.

1 year ago

Great story James. It made me rock hard. I love reading stories like this.

1 year ago

Really hot account, James, and I loved it. The careful way you guys opened up to each other, and then the satisfying way your mutual bating developed into full cock to cock action, was brilliantly described. Got my precum going, I can tell you!

1 year ago

Great story that has me stiff and leaking. Years ago, I attended a conference with a co-worker and we shared a room. Both in our early 30s. Almost time for lights out, we’re both just in our shorts, and when flipping channels come across the Jamie Lee Curtis seduction scene in “True Lies.” Real steamy. You have to know I was tentpoling my briefs, and I’m pretty sure my friend was massaging himself under the covers. Sadly, nothing developed other than a couple of lonely jerks later on. I have often thought if I had that chance again I would have pulled down the front of my shorts and let my friend see me stroke my hard cock, hoping he’d do likewise, or maybe even more.

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