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Working on the car with my mate was a perfect excuse

Submitted by KrisWanks

Sorry it took so long to write my experience but every time I started I needed a wank lol

Last summer I decided to see if I could get started wanking with my best mate. I’ve known him for years and he’s one of those guys who isn’t shy about getting his dick out, I just never had the chance to make anything more out of it. I’d been thinking about wanking with another guy for a few years on and off but never had the balls to actually do anything about it.

I made a plan and it worked.

I had a classic VW Beetle that I always planned to work on and fix up but for years it just sat rotting away in the garage. My girlfriend had been bitching about it for months and wanted me to get rid of it or fix it so when she gave me a deadline to get started and threatened to sell it herself if I didn’t I gave in. When I said to my mate that I was planning on starting on it he wanted to help out. We planned to start the next month and work every weekend for a year to get it back to at least working order.

Then I read a story from someone here about how they got their mate wanking with them by leaving out some porn movies and I thought maybe magazines would work.

I can’t believe I put so much effort into this but it worked out in the end so I guess it was a good thing. I got on line and started looking for porn mags from the 80’s and found someone selling a few. I got them the next week and stuffed them under the front seat – after wanking off looking through them! lol

The first weekend we were due to start I told my mate that I wanted to strip it all down into parts and then work on everything piece by piece, so he needed to take the seats out. I was working on the back and spent a long time trying to get the bumper off while he was fucking around with the seats and I kept checking with him to see if he’d found them yet. He started on the passenger side and it took him so long to get to where I put them.

It must have been an hour before he finally made a surprised noise and by that time I’d almost forgot about it completely. I went to see what was up and he was sitting on the back seat flicking through one of the magazines.

I’m not a good actor but I think I played it well pretending to be surprised and saying they must have been there since the 80’s. I got in and we both sat there looking through the mags and showing each other pages, reading some of the “letters” and talking about pussy.

I started to worry that this wasn’t going anywhere even though I could see his cock was bulging in his overalls and he kept adjusting it. I started doing the same. It was a hot day so I wasn’t wearing anything under mine and I made a big wet patch down my leg where my precum was leaking, I showed my mate and he laughed.

Then I just went for it. I said I needed to have a wank and it would be a shame to waste the opportunity. My mate was just sitting there looking through the mags while I got my cock out and started wanking. I think he was checking out my dick but I didn’t want to look and make it obvious.

Then he got his cock out. It was funny, we didn’t say anything else about it we just sat there showing each other pages and flicking through the magazines with our dicks out. I’d seen his cock a few times before but this was the first time I’d ever been right next to another hard one and it was a real fucking turn on. I started checking out his cock when I could and I think he was probably checking out mine. I always thought his stiffy would be bigger than mine because the few times I’d seen him soft taking a piss or in the showers after football his was longer than mine but when we were both hard we were both about the same size. I would guess we’re both about 7 inches although his cock is thicker than mine, and my balls are fatter.

I don’t know how long we were wanking for but it must have been more than half an hour until I said I needed to cum and tried to position myself in the back so I could shoot my load in my hand. It didn’t work out too well and I leaned back trying to cum into my hand while my mate was laughing at me and I shot a wad of cum right up my chest. I wasn’t expecting to cum that much but there was a lot of it. My mate was laughing but I could see he was cumming at the same time. He tried to lean forward a bit and catch all his load in his hand too but his cum was everywhere, all over his legs. There wasn’t enough room in the back seat to move so we just make a lot of mess.

Then we just sat there for a couple of minutes laughing with cum everywhere. We were still both hard and our dicks wet and I thought about maybe having another wank but then he got out and went and grabbed a couple of rags from the bench and started wiping his cum up making jokes about how I had to get the “cum seat” out of the back and he wasn’t touching it.

That was almost a year ago and since then we’ve been working on the car almost every weekend, and wanking a lot of the time too. It’s become more of a social thing than hard work. We get a lot done but every time we work on the car we end up having a wank and it’s something I think we both look forward to. I don’t think we’re gonna be wanking each other off or anything like that but we do watch each other cum and usually cum at the same time. I wouldn’t turn down the chance to wank him off but I don’t think he’s interested in that.

We haven’t had a cum shot competition yet but I’m thinking about how I can get him into it.

I am worried about what might happen when we finish working on the car. I hope he’s gonna want to carry on sharing wanks but we’ll need to make a new excuse to hang out as much as we have.

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