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The BuddyBate book club presents bator themed stories written exclusively for the bator community, focusing on themes of male friendship and masturbation. Each edition of Book of Bate is available directly from Amazon.

We currently have stories for at least TWENTY editions of Book of Bate, and additional stories for stand alone publications. Get started with your collection and be ready for the next one!


Available on Kindle and Paperback

Manual digital download in PDF format

Book Of Bate Vol. 1 was released at the end of January 2022 and is the first in a series of anthologies (many more to come). The very first Book Of Bate contains TEN original stories inviting the reader into experiences of male masturbatory pleasure.

A footballer with an enormous cock gets the unexpected attention of a fellow player in the showers, but the initial misunderstanding soon leads to an extremely pleasurable encounter in the woods.

A group of local guys discover that the rumors about “Hand Job Harry” are true after all.

Fraternity brothers engage in a wet and messy tradition to teach the one wrestler in the frat house a lesson, the evening gathering in the basement leading to a dripping wet jock strap having to be worn while racing around the house.

There’s much more to enjoy in this very first anthology of ten original bator stories.


GROWER/SHOWER – When new player Ben joins the football team Paul can’t stop staring at his huge cock in the showers. What will happen when Ben catches him observing his oversized member?

MEASURING UP – When young professional Adam relents and finally invests in a new suit he could never have expected this kind of hands-on service while being measured by the tailor!

CHILLIN’ AT HAND JOB HARRY’S – Lucas had heard the rumors about his neighbor, but he never believed it until his exhibitionist friend Ryker convinced him to pay a visit and experience it for himself.

OFF-DUTY PATROL – When he joined the force he never imagined he would one day be patrolling he cruisy rest rooms, and he definitely never imagined he would be there on his night off worshiping a dripping cock through the glory hole!

SUBWAY MAN SPREAD – His early morning subway ride to work becomes interesting when a jogger in loose shorts and a big hanging dick takes the seat opposite him in the empty car.

THE STRAP – For failing to uphold the sporting traditions of the fraternity he shall face the punishment: wearing the jock strap ceremoniously drenched with the fresh seed of his gathered brethren!

NICE T-SHIRT, MATE – Accidentally wearing his BuddyBate t-shirt to the pub with a group of friends it soon catches the unexpected attention of a guy who seems to know what it means.

LUNCHTIME RELIEF – Landscaping buddies Louis and Jim discover a duffel bag of old porn magazines in a collapsing shed on a new client’s property and their lunch breaks on the job soon become a lot more fun!

GALLERY SHOW – He’s always pushing himself, as any artist should. While his photographs of anonymous celebrities jerking their dicks are world renowned, his live and audience led circle jerk installation becomes the highlight of his new show.

STIFF-DICKED EXERCISE – Jackson is a man’s man, the kind of military man who doesn’t pussy about. While out on exercise in teams of two it’s a perfect opportunity to spend some time satisfying their swollen weapons.


Available on Kindle and Paperback

Manual digital download in PDF format

Book of Bate Vol. 2 is packed with TEN MORE awesome tales of mutual masturbation, group jack off play and unexpected encounters between eager men as they haul out their hard and wet batesticks and get busy with their buddy fun!

Following on from the success of Book Of Bate Vol. 1 we’re ready to deliver another horny helping of slippery wanks, with guys encountering new buddies to bate with, groups getting together to play dick-centric games, cruising encounters and more.

We want to say there’s more here than you could wave a stick at, but we know from the feedback from the first one you’re going to be waving around your stick more than you have done before.

Honestly, you haven’t read bator fiction like this.


DAD’S BUDDY – Billy is back on break from college and he has the house to himself for a few days, what is a horny young man going to do other than jerk it to his brother’s old porn VHS tapes? Little does he know his dad’s good buddy has a key, and instructions to check up on him.

FROTTING WITH FATHER-IN-LAW – When Danny trespasses in his father-in-law’s home office he doesn’t notice the security camera, and while he discovers the man’s fleshlight and slides his long cock inside he has no idea the man is watching, or what it will lead to!

DYLAN’S ONESIE BULGE – Alex heads to the bathroom to collect his Albolene, not expecting to find fellow frat member Dylan in the doorway with the same plan, his onsie bulging with the straining muscle between his legs. But it’s okay, they can share it.

SKITTLES JOUST – Things can get crazy when the guys are hanging out late at night, but this new game is something else! Who can stuff the most Skittles under their foreskin, and who can joust the candy from their buddies boner using just their own stiff length?

JACKIN’ IT WITH THE BOSS – Tim is tasked to deliver the pizza to their bosses address, but he wasn’t expecting what he found when he was invited in. With the boss’ wife away for the night he’s making the most of it, and he’s soon inviting hung young Tim to stick around.

BRICKIE BATORS – Ricky is a shit site manager and none of the crew likes him, but when he catches one of the brickies on site preparing to make the most of a discovered porn magazine he’s soon showing a new hard and damp side to himself.

WHERE I’M FROM MEN AREN’T SHY – Dimitri always likes to run alone and Paul is wondering why he can’t run with him. He discovers the truth when he follows the big guy one morning and spots him ducking into the woods, hauling out his manhood and bating in a clearing.

PRESS TOUR – The stress of the press tour has been getting to co-stars Tim and Jack, but Jack has the perfect relief planned. When the masseur arrives in his suite young Tim is quickly learning how his colleague deals with the pressure.

CHANGE AT CASTLETOWN STATION – Late at night in a remote train station he takes the opportunity to stroke a load out into the Victorian urinals stretching along the wall. It’s a routine he’s used to, enjoying that quiet pause and satisfying his needs before catching the next train back to his town. He wasn’t expecting a young man to arrive beside him while in the middle of his strokes, and he certainly wasn’t expecting what happened next!

THE ACQUISITION – Jake is in the UK tasked with checking the books and surveying the facility of the sex toy company his corporation now owns. He gets more than he bargained for when factory foreman Mike introduces him to the “waste products” room, with plentiful toys to play with and share between them.


Available on Kindle and Paperback

Manual digital download in PDF format

Book of Bate Vol. 3 has arrived, packed with another ten awesome and original stories of bator play between strangers, colleagues, teammates and friends! Enjoy some great boner stroking fiction and help support BuddyBate at the same time by adding this great new release to your collection.

Book of Bate Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 have both been so incredibly popular with our readers that we know if you’ve already enjoyed those you’ll want to check out the exclusive tales in this new edition.

And don’t forget, we have plenty more to release in the future.

We have enough stories for another twenty editions of Book of Bate, and we’re not sure we’re ever going to be fully drained and satisfied, so who knows how many bator tales we’ll eventually have to stroke our sticks to!

Click the buy now button to get your copy today, and remember that both Book of Bate Vol. 1 and 2 are now available for less.


VACAY COCK PLAY – James is finally taking a break from work and enjoying the private beach house in Hawaii. His first morning, and his first outdoor jack off in a long time, is soon interrupted by local surfer and pool boy Killian, who it seems isn’t capable of taking a hint and soon invites himself to the masculine morning pleasure.

WANKER FC – CONTEST IN THE FOOTBALL SHOWERS – Rebellious footballer Gaz reveals he’s wearing his girlfriend’s panties when the team is back in the changing room. Things are quickly getting out of hand when the lacy panties are being passed around and cocks are swelling up, ready to start a cum splashing contest with her panties as the target.

NIGHT SHIFT NUT BUST – Security officer Scott tries to be subtle and warn late worker Landon when he spies him on the cameras out the back jacking his cock. After advising him to use the men’s room instead he thinks he’s solved the problem, until he finds Landon at the urinals the next night with his cock in his hand and and a kinky fantasy to play out.

SINGLET SPOOGE – They enjoy having the gymnasium to themselves for some late night practice, but this time things are going to get decidedly sticky as cocks bulge in their singlets and hands playfully and competitively grasp and rub!

EXECUTIVE SUCK CLUB – The basement of the office building was a maze of backrooms storage space, and an old boiler room that he soon discovered was being used for decidedly unsanctioned business!

DISOBEDIENCE – His route through the woods was very seldomly taken by anyone else, which is why he was so surprised to run through and discover a naked and blindfolded man tight to a tree. The man’s mistress was watching, he claimed. She would love to see her captive’s large penis being handled by another, he said.

DETENTION BATE – Toby had managed to make it through his entire high school career without detention, but now at 18, just weeks away from graduation, he finds himself in a classroom alongside notorious rebel Dillon. With their supervising teacher in another part of the building Dillon is ready to take advantage and indulge in his ambition to jack off everywhere he can.

THE LEGEND OF CALLUM’S MEASURE – Callum is determined to win the Fraternity spooge splashing contest through any means necessary, even cheating. As the boys gather to compete and sling their loads over the tarp laid out on the basement floor he has his own tape measure ready to use, with false markings to give him the edge.

BACK YARD BROS – With his girlfriend away during lockdown Jack is stuck at home. There’s little to do and few people to socialize with, until he spies his neighbor working out naked in his back yard. His momentary curiosity soon leads him on an adventure he hadn’t expected, and a new friendship to help get him through the weeks at home.

UNDERSTALL OPPORTUNITY – The rest room in Gibson Hall was the most convenient spot to pee so late at night while on his way through campus, but he never expected what he would find when he headed down into the old men’s room. A considerable gathering of guys at the urinals shifted nervously when he walked in and he headed to the nearby cubicle for privacy. Innocently going about his business while reading the ancient graffiti on the wooden panel walls he’s interrupted by the arrival of an anonymous erection under the dividing wall, the damp and throbbing muscle desperate for attention. He realizes the anonymous opportunity afforded to him and reaches out…


Manual digital download in PDF format

After much anticipation we have finally released the awesome Book of Bate Vol. 4! Another ten entirely original and unique stories of dick play between men is waiting for you to stroke along to, featuring all kinds of horny encounters between all kinds of men!

We’re already close to finishing Book of Bate Vol. 5, so make sure you’re all caught up with every awesome stiff and slippery dick rubbing tale!

What will you find in Book of Bate Vol. 4?



Stephen is the shy type, but his teammates are anything but. While on a training excursion with the rest of the rowing team he’s soon lured from his prudishness by his horny, hung and hard-dicked athletic friends and even their horny young coach! With his dick raging and desperate for release he’s soon experiencing the pleasure and fun of shared strokes and cock frotting with his equally boned-up teammates.


Aaron and Tommy have been working hard on the farm. The sweltering heat eventually sends them to the shed, eager to take a break in the shade. With the discovery of porn magazines left behind by trespassing boys the two buddies are soon making full use of their time in the shade, freeing their rampant erections from their sweaty denim and sliding their hands along their meat to share in the bliss of climactic release!


Travis is shocked when he discovers his small town listed on cruising websites, advertised as a great place for masturbators to visit and share their penis play with other men. Landowner Billy is far from shocked when Travis calls him about this “problem”. He’s adamant that Travis leave them be, and extends an invitation to come and check out the woods and river on his land where men arrive from all over to rub dongs and splash splooge.


Agents Harris and Cline are several days into a stakeout at a motel, spying on another room and the criminal inhabitant via a discreetly positioned camera. Of all the things they hoped to catch, their suspect sharing cock strokes with a visiting friend wasn’t one of them. While Harris might be reluctant to observe his colleague Cline is far more intrigued, and far less reluctant to free his own stiff penis while they watch and listen to the porn movie their suspect is watching.


When a new neighbor moves into his building their first interactions are less than ideal, but as the two men get to know each other it soon becomes one of the best friendships either of them has ever had. Sharing porn and stroking each other’s slick and hard lengths.


Home from his night shift and horny as hell he has a quick shower and puts on some porn to enjoy his cock and satisfy his needs. It’s the most inopportune time for a door-to-door salesman to arrive. Angry at the imposition he’s ready to kick the young man’s arse, until he sees an opportunity. Wearing just a towel and with his big muscle dick wet and rigid he invites the desperate young salesman in, where he agrees to help him out and sign up for the deal, as long as he gets something in return.


Rick is in training to take his post as a Park Ranger but he’s got a little more to experience with Ranger Dan before he can go through his final test. Unlike the kind of training most others might offer, Dan is prepared to tell his young trainee everything, including showing him the local spot in the woods where bators gather to share their dripping dongs in mutual jacking and circle jerks!


All rugby teams have their little traditions. Sometimes it’s as simple as the worst player buying the drinks at the pub or the MVP being responsible for a movie night at their place, but for this team things are far more exciting. With the guys celebrating a win and one of the players being caught wanking off at the urinals the guys are soon starting a new tradition, rubbing their dongs and celebrating their wins with a big group cum splashing party in the showers!


Seb is looking forward to his date with a girl he knows is real easy, he can’t wait to lose his virginity before heading off to college. Almost ready to head out for the evening he picks up the house phone to give her a call and check she’s still on. Hearing his step-dad deep in conversion with a friend he almost hangs up the receiver before they mention him. Intrigued he listens in, not expecting to discover his own step-dad and his old college buddy have a far more interesting history than he could have ever imagined. Listening in to the two men talking dirty and stroking their tools he can’t resist the urge to free his own thick meat and douse himself with splooge!


Tony and Chrissy have moved into their new home and they’re busy making it their own while the new neighbors stop by to introduce themselves. One of them happens to be Aaron, the former owner of the home. He and his wife have just moved across town, which might be why he thought he could leave some things in the basement to collect later. Tony doesn’t mind, and he really doesn’t when his new guest reveals his magazine and toy collection. Aaron arranges to return the following day with his truck, but in the meantime Tony is free to enjoy the man’s extensive collection of magazines. Tony can’t resist, but things get even more exciting when Aaron returns the following afternoon and invites him to share some mutual play.


Available on Kindle

Manual digital download in PDF format

Bateman’s Gully is the story of two good friends in search of a new place for their group of buddies to spend weekends camping, drinking and fishing.

What the two discover when scouting the new remote location in the woods, vaguely recommended by a friend, soon entices them into a new world of male pleasures, of the masturbatory kind.

With secrets revealed, past experiences shared and a developing closeness neither of the men ever expected to share with each other, we follow their adventures as a wider community of men slowly welcome them to their new camping spot.

Originally published in serialized form for the BuddyBate Patreon community (now defunct), this story is the first full-length publication written by Bradley Smithson and produced the BuddyBate team for the community.


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Bator Harry
Bator Harry
5 months ago

I always loved horny stories but it was impossible to find just stories about guys enjoying their bate together. I can’t believe how amazing these stories are! I got the first book a while back and finished it in a week. I’ve read them all now at least once. I can’t wait for the next book. When is it being released? I need it! My cock needs it! lol

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