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Reader wanking polls

Readers answer questions about their wanking habits, their cock enjoyment, the things they do and the toys they like. Take part and share your opinions with the other readers, and don’t forget to leave a comment to elaborate on your selection too! Have an idea for a wanking poll? Visit the contact page and let me know and I’ll get your poll up on the blog for readers to answer. Clicky

Male sexuality op-ed

We all have our own opinions about what makes a man, what sexuality is all about and what masturbation and sex means to each of us. You might be surprised by how many other men think the same way you do. Read some of the posts in our new OP-ED section and feel free to submit your own articles for publication. We’re looking for great pieces by readers on the subject of sex, masculinity, masturbation and society. Clicky

Wank product placement

We have some great friends over at They’ve helped us out for years with tech problems, hosting, running a blog… in return we pick them as our go-to shop when it comes to wanking toys, lubes, cock rings and all the other things we love to enjoy with our dicks. From time to time we get some great special offers from them too, so make sure you stick around, you might get a great discount on something horny. Clicky

Random wankers

There are plenty of guys out there who love to show off their dicks and their wanking skills, and his is the place to see them. This category is all about the random wankers of the Internet, the guys who post their dick pics and show off their manhood in some excellent wanking shots, and those interesting guys in the mainstream we would all love to stroke out some loads with too. Clicky

Reader experience

We’ve all had experiences others would love to read, whether it’s the fun you’ve had stroking your dick on the way home from the pub late at night to the circle jerk you shared with a gang of friends back when you were a horny guy in your late teens needing to bust a nut on a camping trip. Whatever wank experiences you want to share this is the place to find them. Read the experiences of others and add your own, whatever your story is we want to hear about it! Clicky

Wanking fun with guys

Porn! We love seeing dudes enjoying their own hard dicks and shooting off some cum, and there are some great places out there to watch exactly that too. Whether it’s guys just rubbing one out on video or dudes enjoying a cock stroking session with a friend, we have something for you. These posts really help us to keep the blog going too, with us getting a little bit of cash when you sign up to a site. So, if you want to support BuddyBate and enjoy some horny wank vids then you should check out what’s on offer! Clicky

Reader wank fiction

Put your fertile imagination to good use in our Reader Wank Fiction category, where all our visitors share their horny stories with the rest of the gang. Whether you’re into fantasizing about frotting with a mate in a wet pussy or wanking over the thought of swordfighting with a stranger in a men’s room, this is the place to share your horny fantasies and read the fiction of others. Please comment and encourage our writers to share more! Clicky

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