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Straight best mates Dean and Harry wanking together – They’re not shy about their stiff footballer dicks

Site reviewIt must be one most popular duos I think I’ve ever published on the site, and now we’re getting some great extra footage (and this video is still 24 minutes long!) If you never saw the original scene with these two best mates then you’re gonna want to watch it.

This is one of those duos that epitomizes basically everything we’re about here at BuddyBate. Sure, we’re into wanking of all kinds, whether you’re rubbing it solo, sharing some wanks with a mate watching porn, rubbing another guy’s cock for him or even sharing long sessions of bating with a whole group of guys in a jerk off party, but these two dudes are basically what most lads out there are probably all about.

This duo really shows what real “bromance” is all about.

Harry Wilson is the horny lad on the right who appeared in his own solo jerking session before this, getting his 8″ uncut footballer cock out for some wanking and shooting off a good load of cum for the guys. We kind of thought he would be back and that maybe he might be into sharing a wank with one of the other lads, but he surprised us all in his next video.

He brought his best mate Dean Creeble in to make a video with him!

Yes, his best mate, the guy he hangs out with all the time, his gym buddy, one of the guys he plays footie with, one of the lads he goes drinking with to pick up chicks… I don’t know if they’ve rubbed out loads together before this, but something tells me it’s the first time they’ve really got into it. No doubt they’ve seen those cocks a thousand times before and they both know they’re evenly matched when it comes to length and thickness, they might have even seen each other semi, or hard, in the showers, but I think this is the first time they’ve really seen each other rock hard and wet with precum.

I don’t know how Harry got his mate into it but there’s no doubt he’s eager. When the guys are taking pics at the start and they make first contact Dean grabs his mate’s cock bulge without being prompted and it kind of sets the tone for how the rest of the video is gonna be. He’s really not shy about feeling his mates cock through his boxers, and although Harry seems less eager to instigate it and do that without being directed, Dean doesn’t seem to need to be led towards it. Maybe he’s seen shoots on the site before and he knows what it’s all about?

Soon enough the lads are bulging in their boxer shorts and grabbing each other by the package. You can already tell it’s gonna be interesting when those uncut cocks are out. Their dicks are already starting to throb and thicken up in their shorts and you can see they’re really getting into it.

When those big dicks appear they’re already throbbing a little and Dean wastes little time grabbing his mate and cupping his balls. They both have great cocks, comparing their lengths hanging down heavy and long, but quickly growing. The lads try to bring their cocks in for some slapping of dicks in a swordfight that doesn’t work too well, but they’re definitely turned on by it while they’re swinging their boners around in front of each other. I love hearing these guys talking about their dicks and Dean pointing out that his mates cock is fatter than his.

I think Dean is the one who really gets it, he seems pretty turned on by the prospect of touching cocks and he’s the first one to make contact when he gets the chance.

After a lot of playful cock fun the lads are kicking back on the couch and wanking themselves off, with Harry splashing cum from his cock while his best mate watches his dick unload, then Dean is left to deal with his juices while he watches porn and pumps his own cream from his dick.

I think we were all hoping for more of these lads teaming up together again after this, but we only got one more home movie from the friends, both having a wank in the park after going to the gym together.

For most sites when they release a “bonus” video it’s never as good as the original and it’s usually only a few minutes, but with this site they’re full-on videos of their own and it’s great to see the banter between mates and the looks they give each other’s cocks when they’re checking out the inches and thinking about grabbing it or frotting. That’s why I really enjoy the bonus scenes they release and why I think you’ll want to see this one 🙂

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