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Two straight boys wanking out their cream together for the first time

Site reviewIt’s not often this happens, but somehow the guys at English Lads have managed to grab a couple of horny straight lads and put them together for a mutual wank right off the bat!

You probably know that most of the time they get a straight lad in and have him wank the cream from his uncut cock in a solo session, then they convince him to come back and maybe get a massage and a hand job from one of the other lads before finally coming back a third time and getting into some mutual wanking and cock frotting, but this time they’ve jumped straight to the mutual play with these two lads.

Jack Harper is the lad on the left in the top pic, a horny guy with a 7.5 inch uncut cock. He’s 18-years-old and likes playing football and going to the gym, like a lot of lads his age I guess. He’s not shy at all about getting his dick out and maybe that’s why he’s been okay about jumping right into a video like this one.

Mark Hendricks is the other straight lad getting his cock out for some fun. He’s 24-years-old, has a 6.5 inch uncut cock and the confidence to show it off. He’s a former military lad who now works as a plumber, so I guess he’s the kind of lad who just doesn’t give a fuck when it comes to enjoying his dick. He definitely seems to be one of those guys who would probably get his dick out with a mate given the chance.

Both of these lads love wanking and shooting off their loads and neither of them is particularly shy about things, so you can kind of imagine that if these guys were friends already they probably would have been at least wanking off over porn together when they got the chance.

Maybe they wouldn’t have been daring enough to try grabbing each other by the cock and rubbing their dicks together like they do in their debut video, but we’re glad they were convinced into it!

With dicks bulging in their shorts the lads playfully wrestle on the bed, then it’s time to get those cocks out and have a fumble. It’s not long before those hooded dicks are rock hard and throbbing, both boys kicking back on the bed and stroking each other off. They look like they’re having a lot of fun, their solid dicks definitely give it away.

Fans of cock frotting will really enjoy seeing these guys going dick-to-dick, stroking both cocks together length-ways as they kneel facing each other. I love watching that in a video like this and you can see they’re enjoying it too.

Eventually all this cock play gets a bit much for the boys and they lay back on the bed rubbing themselves off, with Mark starting the cum pumping as his jizz splashes out of his dick. He makes a hot mess of cream on himself, but Jack definitely beats him when he shoots off a jet of semen that splashes out several feet and hits his new buddy on the arm!

After all that friendly wanking and cum shooting I think it’s fair to say that we’re likely to see more of these two straight boys wanking their dicks together and shooting off their cream.

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