2 straight guys wanking each other off for the first time

SITE REVIEWI fucking love videos like this one, and even though I knew this duo was coming I got a nice surprise this morning when I downloaded it and shot a big mess to the fun these guys have.

Neither of these horny guys has wanked with anyone else on the site before this, it’s their first time stroking their dick with a dude (as far as we know) and swapping their cocks in some mutual stroking too.

Inked guy Danny McCaw is teaming up with fellow new dude Dan Fellows for this mutual stroking session, and they’ve definitely had a whole lot of fun comparing cocks and rubbing each other off.

The lads are making use of the momentary sun we get here and throwing a ball around in nothing but their bulging underwear, then it’s time to reapply the sun block and give each other a hand. With shorts off and cocks out the lads lube each other up, wet foreskins glistening in the sun and swollen helmets dripping juice as they play.

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It has to be said that this new video doesn’t match the photos from the previous massage session the guys shared, but it’s actually hornier than that anyway. Seeing these guys enjoying each other’s meat is so fucking horny and fun, they’re clearly enjoying themselves and loving the feel of another guy’s dick in their fist.

The guys finish off wanking themselves, splashing big loads of hot cum out on themselves and watching each other pumping the cream.

I really don’t think this is gonna be the last time we enjoy these two, I wouldn’t mind seeing them stroking together again after this, they clearly had a whole lot of fun rubbing each other.

Watch the trailer and click through for the full video of these guys wanking each other off for the first time, and remember that when you sign up there you’re not just getting loads of great mutual wank action you’re helping to keep BuddyBate running too 🙂

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2 straight guys wanking on video at EnglishladsStraight British guys Danny McCaw and Dan Fellows oil each other up outside 2 fit straight guys get their cocks out together on video for the first time A straight British guy reaches over to wank another guys cock for the first time Two straight guys reach over and start jerking each other off on video for the first time Straight British guys Dan Fellows and Danny McCaw jerk each other off in the sun for a mutual masturbation videoClick here to see full videos from the Englishlads site

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