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Caspar Hamilton gets jerked off by a man for the first time

Site reviewI’m always wondering if I’m in the wrong job, and what I might do instead.

When I see videos like this with horny lads getting jerked off by a man for the first time I always think that I should be making porn. If I started a site just about guys being jerked off and wanking each other you would all sign up, right?

Caspar Hamilton would be on my list of models. He’s a horny lad with a 7.5-inch uncut cock and a lot of cum to squirt from his dick.

We’ve seen him rubbing out his loads before on the site, in two solo videos where he even tried some anal toys too, but this is the furthest he’s gone.

I was a little disappointed that the photo shoot was about him and his mate Jon but the video isn’t. I’m not sure what the deal is with that. In the gallery we get to see his mate Jon giving him a massage (and he’s actually a qualified sports massage therapist) and wanking him off to make him cum all over himself. But for some reason the video wasn’t shot at the same time and instead we get this one.

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I guess I can’t complain much, seeing Caspar being jerked off by a man and unloading his cock is gonna be great no matter who it is rubbing his stiffy for him.

I get the feeling this might be the start of some more fun with the guy. Hopefully he’ll be back to share some mutual wanking and cock frotting with one of the other lads after this one.

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