First Visit to a Local JO Club

“A few guys knew they could cum a couple of times in the allotted 2 hours, so they encouraged multiple guys to help them orgasm early – to appreciative comments all around. That “broke the ice”, and now groups of 2, 3 or 4 formed, working on each other; there were some circles of up to 5 guys.”

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Sporty straight lad pumps a thick load from his long uncut one

Straight lad Clayton Hughes isn’t in the least bit shy about showing off his long uncut one, probably because he’s a gym-going guy who plays football too. Check him out proudly wanking his hot load out for the lads!

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Traveling with a BuddyBate Button

“Forgetting about “the Button”. I see him putting the bag in, stop, then without saying anything, holds his pack next to mine, and does the “Ahem…” cough. LIGHTNING BOLTS and Butterfly’s hit my stomach. He has a buddy Bate Button on his pack.”

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