Traveling with a BuddyBate Button

“Forgetting about “the Button”. I see him putting the bag in, stop, then without saying anything, holds his pack next to mine, and does the “Ahem…” cough. LIGHTNING BOLTS and Butterfly’s hit my stomach. He has a buddy Bate Button on his pack.”

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Shower stiffies got me and my mate wanking too

“I think it was a couple of weeks later that we had a cum shot competition to see who could squirt the furthest. He put a towel down on the floor and we just wanked off and watched each other shooting it out. I won that time, but he won the week after.”

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Grabbed cocks with a mate in the showers at University

“I knew as soon I walked out of the showers that day that I was into wanking with other lads. I couldn’t stop thinking about how his cock felt in my hand and how good it was to have another lad wanking my dick for me. I had a fucking great cum after that and I reckon he probably went and rubbed one out straight away too.”

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