Sporty Strokers – Caught By Coach – Part Two

“His erection was proud, rigid, pointing almost straight up to the ceiling as his torso leaned back slightly, his balls now tighter and forming a deep pink mound at the base of his steely baton, his helmet revealed from a snug pink sheath of skin which had come to nestle wrinkled up around the ridge of his tip”

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Sporty Strokers – Caught By Coach – Part One

“Neither Marc nor Andrew were shy about things, they’d leave the bathroom door open while they wanked in the shower, morning erections would be proudly displayed and slapped around, neither of them would think twice about rubbing one out into some tissues to start the day, watching porn on their phones”

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Muscle worship and jacking off with my buddy

“Our routine is usually the same. We put porn on when we get to his place and then we get naked. We’re usually already hard and ready to go. He gets the oil out and we spend fifteen minutes rubbing each other and exploring our bodies, flexing for each other. We try not to focus on our cocks then because it could be over pretty quick if we do.”

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