New BuddyBate T-Shirts Are In!

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The time has finally come!

You’ve been asking for more awesome BuddyBate T-Shirts and while it might have looked as though we weren’t doing much we were actually working hard behind the scenes to come up with some new designs and find a new supplier.

We’re sneaky like that 🙂

Unlike some previous designs these are bold, they present the full BuddyBate logo for you to show off, and we expect they’ll be very effective in attracting attention from the right guys who recognize the design.

We also have a new fulfillment location in the USA, meaning that your BuddyBate T-Shirts will arrive far more quickly than before. You could be sporting your new T in just days!


Feeling bold?

The new BuddyBate Bold design is no-nonsense, it’s a full chest print of the circular BuddyBate logo able to be seen and recognized from a distance. Whether you’re at the gym, at the park or spending an evening at the local bar, it will probably be noticed. Only those who know about the community will recognize the design, of course.

The BuddyBate Bold T-Shirt is available in all sizes and comes in white and grey, with the blue print logo filling much of the available space.

This design might not be for those who prefer ultimate subtlety, but it is perfect for those who want to really be on the look-out for new bator meetups.


It’s simple but it works!

We’re all looking for new bros to hang out and bate with, and this new T-Shirt design is the perfect addition to your collection.

Available in all sizes, and again in white and grey, we think it’s perfect for everyday wear. If you’re going to the gym, hanging out with your bros or just cleaning the car in the driveway, the new Bro T-Shirt will attract the right attention from those who recognize the logo.

We think it’s just subtle enough to be worn in all kinds of scenarios, but clear enough to those who know about BuddyBate to want to strike up a conversation.

BuddyBate Community T

The very first BuddyBate Community T-Shirt was extremely successful, so we’ve brought it back!

The multiple BuddyBate logos brought together represent the global community of clubs and private groups who regularly gather to share their passion and pleasure for some good manly play. While the groups might be hundreds of miles apart they’re all connected via their love of the bate.

Once again, this T-Shirt is available in all sizes and it comes in grey or white.

We personally think this design is perfect for daily wear, at work, the bar, the gym, on a hike, hanging out with buddies… you never know who might recognize the logo and want to share some play with you.

As always, the new designs are available only from our friends at BlokeToys, they’ve just revamped their store to make everything far easier. We hope you’ll check it out.

Make your summer more exciting and get your hands on a new BuddyBate T-Shirt, you never know how many guys you might meet who recognize the logo 🙂

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7 months ago

Already got my community one but I’m about to order that Bro t. looks good!

7 months ago

Just ordered the BuddyBate Bold one in Barcelona.

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