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Bateman’s Gully

Chapter 1 – Discovery (Published)

Harry’s quest to find the perfect camping spot leads him and Dave to an undiscovered gem, but is everything as it seems?

Chapter 2 – A Wrong Turn (Published)

On his way back to the truck Harry loses the trail, emerging at the back of the house and encountering a sight he wasn’t expecting.

Chapter 3 – Revelation (Published)

After discovering some of the locals Harry has a concerning dream and grapples with telling Dave exactly why it’s called Bateman’s Gully.

Chapter 4 – Bromance Upgrade (Published)

Harry is relieved when Dave discovers the nature of Bateman’s Gully for himself, but he wasn’t expecting where the revelation leads them.

Chapter 5 – Marking Territory (Published)

With the secret of Bateman’s Gully out in the open and their love of the place urging them on, Dave surprises Harry with his openness.

Chapter 6 – Meeting the Locals (Published)

When in Rome! After his experience with his good buddy the night before Harry wakes up ready for more, seeking out the company of locals.

Chapter 7 – You can feel it, if you like (Published)

Harry meets Pete and Will at the top of the hill. With cocks being stroked and the offer of a friendly hand.

Chapter 8 – Liam and Bill in the room upstairs (Published)

Back in town, Liam has been thinking about the discovery that Bill was familiar with Bateman’s Gully. He’d sent Harry and Dave there as a joke, but now he’s curious to see just how much Bill knows.

Chapter 9 – Stopping for a break (Published)

On their way back from Bateman’s Gully Harry gets a little curious about the cruising scene, looking up locations online and discovering an abandoned rest stop just outside of town.

Chapter 10 – Workplace wankers (Published)

Back home and back at work, Harry confronts his workmate Liam about the prank he played, sending them to Bateman’s Gully. When he discovers Liam has met up with Bill, the circle grows.

Chapter 11 – So this is cruising? (Published)

Even after frotting with Liam at work Harry is still horny to shoot off another load. Led by his desperate cock he heads back to the abandoned rest stop he and Dave had visited on the way back from Bateman’s Gully, and experiences something entire new.

Chapter 12 – Gym shower show off (Published)

Harry has been avoiding Dave for a few days, the rest stop incident clearly causing an awkward rift between them. Dave heads to the gym to clear his head but the experiences he’s had and the story Harry had shared of catching another guy jacking off in the showers soon has him displaying his engorged manhood for the appreciative curious gaze of another horny guy.

Chapter 13 – Bill at the shack in the woods (Published)

“Bill toyed with the spongy end of his new friend’s turgid length between his thumb and forefinger, making Cliff jut his hips back”

Chapter 14 – A mouth is a mouth, a hand a hand (Published)

“Within a moment his cock was rearing up, his helmet pointing skyward as Dave’s hand worked faster on his shaft.”

Chapter 15 – Cum all over my cock, man (Published)

“”Yeah, fucking jack me bro, quick, make me cum I’m gonna shoot so much!” Bill was breathing heavy, his climax fast approaching.”

Chapter 16 – On duty dick-pleaser (Published)

“The skin slid back and forth in his wet hand while his own dick issued little waves of pleasure throughout his muscled body”

Chapter 17 – Party time at Bill’s place (1) (Published)

“Fucking love a good hood on a cock too, nice skin you got there lad” he offered, making Liam’s and Harry’s helmets meet.

Chapter 17 – Party time at Bill’s Place (2) (Published)

“Their swollen helmets met, three plump and fleshy tips slipping around together while they competed to rub and frot”



Flash Fiction: Where I’m from men aren’t shy

Paul is unsure why Dimitri is so reluctant to go jogging with him in the mornings, but a chance encounter on the trail soon reveals why. It seems the big guy likes to do more than run when he’s out in the woods in the morning, taking the opportunity to satisfy his morning boner and erupt his cream over the ground. What will Paul do when he finds himself stuck, spying on his friend as his big cock pumps in his stroking hand? CLICK TO READ THIS STORY AND MORE

Flash Fiction: Jackin’ it with the Boss

19yo Tim wasn’t expecting to walk into his boss’ home on a late night delivery and find the man watching porn, his wife away for a few days. Within moments his long cock is rising in his shorts, encouraging an invitation from the older man to stick around and watch the movie. When Tim gets a look at the fat cock and big round balls his boss is soon openly displaying he can’t resist the urge to reveal his own, leading to his first mutual bate and an epic climax. CLICK TO READ THIS STORY AND MORE

Flash Fiction: Wanker FC – Contest in the football showers

Gaz surprises the lads after practice, sliding off his shorts and revealing his cock and balls hanging out of the crotchless panties his girlfriend asked him to wear. As the panties make their way around the guys the banter gets the boys riled up, cocks start to thicken and precum begins to flow. When the lads hit the showers and Gaz calls for a cum shot contest, using his girl’s panties on the floor as the target, the guys are soon rushing to get their loads gushing so they don’t have to buy the pints when they get to the pub. CLICK TO READ THIS STORY AND MORE

Flash Fiction: Singlet Spooge

Jared and Mike like to get in a little wrestling practice in the gym in the evenings, when no one else is around. This time won’t be like the many others, when Jared begins to get a little playful and their hard cocks start to throb and leak precum under the tightness of their singlets. With Mike at an advantage Jared takes control, his hard muscled body easily overpowering his friend to release the hard erection pulsating beneath the material. CLICK TO READ THIS STORY AND MORE

Flash Fiction: Understall Opportunity

“When my eyes adjusted and my brain located all the information it needed to give answers I was confronted by the sight of an impressively turgid cock, rudely staring at me with its single eye, tearful as a bead of precum seeped from it and rolled down the red swollen head. I felt my dick bulge a little more. I reached into my open fly and released it again, my length warm in my hand as I gave it a few strokes, wondering if I should maybe just jack off before leaving.” CLICK TO READ THIS STORY AND MORE

City Adventures – Office Cock Buddy

He leaned back with a smirk and asked if it was good. I assured him it was incredible. My hand was quickly back on his cock and I was masturbating him. He unbuttoned his shirt and revealed his tight abs dusted with short light brown hair. My fist pumped fast and I watched in amazement as powerful jets of semen began to fly out of his tip to drench his stomach.CLICK TO READ THIS STORY AND MORE

Frotting with Father-In-Law

Part 1:

Mr. Jameson reached down to his own meat, quickly sliding the zip down and reaching inside, releasing his own growing eight-inch manhood from his boxers. His exposed helmet was already damp with pre as he gave himself a few pumps, watching intently as Danny wrapped his hand around what Mr. Jameson could see was an extremely hard uncut length of pink penis. CLICK TO READ THIS STORY AND MORE

Part 2:

Danny couldn’t believe it was happening, but he could believe even less how incredible it was as he reached out and offered to take over, their two cocks released from Jim’s hand. He wrapped his fist around them both, their hard shafts combined again in a wet and warm length of thick fuck meat, his fist quickly pumping from the root of his dick to the base of his father-in-law’s solid erection, pleasuring them both. CLICK TO READ THIS STORY AND MORE


Part 1 – Porn Night

I’d never seen another hard cock up-close like that, just the random stiffies in the showers and one time when a guy at uni flashed me his hard one in the toilets. I suppose that guy was cruising but I was just an idiot then and didn’t know what it was about. CLICK TO READ THIS STORY AND MORE

Part 2 – First Time Frotting

That’s when I took over on his cock and we were properly wanking each other. I have to admit it was weird and bit awkward for a couple of minutes. Having never wanked another cock before it was strange feeling another prick in my hand but it was made a lot better by his hand on my cock. We were both dripping so much pre from our bell ends by this point our cocks were wet with it and sliding around when we put them together and we both took turns wanking both against each other. CLICK TO READ THIS STORY AND MORE

Part 3 – The Wanking Circle

After ten minutes of the porn playing me and James were properly wanking it and Steve decided to be the slap punisher and tried to spank our cocks, like some of the lads did in the showers. That just got us all into a game of dick slapping and things got a bit crazy for a few minutes until we realized how late it was and we could get kicked out if anyone complained. CLICK TO READ THIS STORY AND MORE

EXPERIENCE: New Lease Of Life

Part 1 – The Swinger Scene

My dick was leaking pre almost the entire time so there wasn’t much need for extra lube. Mark was an expert at stroking me. I liked him playing with my balls and licking my dick all over like he had before, especially the teasing bites around the head. He was loving it too. He had a devilish look in his eyes as he watched me, pinning me down with his stare as he took my entire shaft in his mouth and moved up and down, over and over. CLICK TO READ THIS STORY AND MORE

Part 2 – The Gym Buddy

We moved as close as we could, foreheads touching and cocks slapping together. I gave him a few strokes, feeling his big dick stiffen in my hand. It was certainly an impressive piece of meat. We stroked ourselves in rhythm, aiming our dicks at each other. Eventually Dwayne closed his eyes, raised his head upwards and groaned “Man, I’m close” CLICK TO READ THIS STORY AND MORE

FLASH FICTION: Tradies – Brickie Bators

Not gonna lie it was good. I guess letting anyone wank your cock for you is gonna be good but he was like a fucking master at it. My meat was dribbling and my balls were pulling up and I knew I might start cumming soon. He played with my foreskin and stretched it out, stuck a finger under the hood and ran it around my helmet, his hand was gooey with my juices. CLICK FOR THE FULL STORY AND MORE

FLASH FICTION: Hung Brother-In-Law and the Interrupted Bate

I’d thought about what this moment would be like plenty of times. Most of the time the cock was attached to a gorgeous blonde trans girl, I’d certainly never imagined I would be making contact with my own brother-in-law’s big tool. I knew it would be a horny experience to feel another dick for the first time but I still wasn’t prepared for the sensation I got when I slowly wrapped my hand around the warm meat being offered. CLICK FOR THE FULL STORY AND MORE

FLASH FICTION: Gym Shower Curiosity

“Sure” he said, grabbing his meat with both hands, circling the root with one and making his helmet bulge out while the soapy foam in his other hand bathed his glans in an easy slippery motion “it’s all cool man, just guys doing what guys do”. I could feel his gaze on my erection, his attention giving me the kind of thrill I used to get when another guy in the locker room in college would notice my dick bouncing ahead of me. It didn’t happen very often back then, but I’d caught a few guys gazing at my hard one. I guess I might have been something of an exhibitionist. “And you know, if you ever need a friendly hand with that most of the guys would be happy to” CLICK TO READ THE FULL STORY AND MORE

FLASH FICTION: Student Strokers – Detention Bate

Part 1

Toby froze, looking on as Dillon reached into his jeans and tugged the thin cotton of his loose boxers seeking the opening, his rigid inches visibly straining for release. In seconds a long and pink erection poked free, an almost eight-inch shaft of youthful cock exposed. CLICK FOR THE FULL STORY

Part 2

Dillon looked up again discreetly, seeing Mr. Birch through the little window, his handsome face filling the frame. He couldn’t see whether he was disgusted, shocked or curious about the sight before him, but Dillon knew he had a full view of what they were doing, he could see their cocks in their stroking hands, he’d see them cumming any second. CLICK FOR THE FULL STORY

FLASH FICTION: Country Cock – Stroking in the Shed

Part 1

Aaron was confused for a moment, but the sudden breeze of cool air bathing the exposed head of his hardening cock alerted him to his dick slip, the denim brushing over his foreskin and tickling his partially exposed glans. He hadn’t noticed the repercussions of his hunched steps forward but as he’d stood and leaned his jeans had hitched up slightly, a horizontal tear in the material across his left thigh hiking up to reveal the swelling tip of his uncut cock. CLICK FOR THE FULL STORY

Part 2

Aaron glanced over to see his friend erupt but was quickly once again infatuated with his own climax as another thick delivery of semen flooded from his cock, reaching several feet in front of him. Tommy said nothing as his turgid member responded to the sight with another spectacular shower of jizz, the warmth raining down over his abs, their oblong shapes straining under his tanned skin as the orgasm raced through every muscle of his body. In a flash semen was flowing down between the mounds of straining shapes to fill his navel, the dark hairs around it matting down to cling to his skin. CLICK FOR THE FULL STORY

FRAT FAP: Basement Trade-off

Part 1

“Okay, a hand job and I’ll do all the cleaning and the laundry all week” Terry called out as Mike lifted one foot to the bottom step.

“You cannot be serious!” he paused, looking incredulously back to his friend, his incredible dick now starting to rise up with incremental twitches. He didn’t acknowledge it, but his own cock was beginning to fill in his tight green boxer briefs, the thick meat of his shaft swelling, the visible ridge of the head of his cock becoming more prominent. CLICK FOR THE FULL STORY

Part 2

Mike was suddenly explicitly aware of just how long and thick Terry’s cock was. Next to his own it looked remarkable. His paler pink length arched upward a little toward the end while Terry’s tanned tool reached out and down, tapping against the side of his dick where the wrinkles of his low ball sack began. CLICK FOR THE FULL STORY

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NEIGHBOR BATORS – You Want A Hand, Bro?

Part 1 (Participant level Patrons only)

I’m not too prudish about that kind of thing and we made light of it while I stood there with my dick pointing at him. I just said I was gonna go and jack off thinking about his gorgeous girlfriend and he asked if I needed a hand. CLICK FOR THE FULL STORY

Part 2 (Participant level Patrons only)

I let go of my dick and held it by the base while he grabbed it and started pumping me. As soon as he did that I was ready to start shooting off. My balls were up tight, my dick was thick and solid, his thumb slid over my tip and I announced that I was cumming. CLICK FOR THE FULL STORY

FRAT FAP – The Legend of Callum’s Measure

Part 1

Callum unbuttoned his jeans, unzipped and allowed his heavy dick to spill out, his dark pubes recently trimmed, his meat already starting to thicken again and slowly rise with incremental throbs, his length eager to resume the jerking he’d paused not too long ago. For now he’d keep his pants and t-shirt on, much like most of the other participants as the session began, but as the temperature in the basement quickly rose their clothes would gather over the pool table, each young man gradually stripping until most were only wearing socks. CLICK FOR THE FULL STORY

Part 2

As expected Vic was next. Doink had barely begun to wipe his semen from the tarp, his incredible balls hanging so low they almost brushed along the floor while he moved, when the tall athlete quickly left his position at the end of the couch to arrive at the tarp where Doink had been a minute before. His cock was being slowly stroked in his fist, a long dribble of precum swinging wildly as it approached the ground between his feet. CLICK FOR THE FULL STORY

MILITARY MAN MEAT – Stiff-Dicked Exercise

Jackson coughed and shuffled his boots in the mulch covering the ground, “you wanna feel what it’s like?” he reached out, not waiting for a reply. I could have fallen backward into the fire at that moment, I felt like maybe I’d jumped a foot or more in the air but I knew I couldn’t have. His hand made contact with my cock and I pulled back, shoving his arm away. CLICK FOR THE FULL STORY

ENFORCEMENT – Night Shift Nut Bust

Part 1

when Landon got his meat out of his jeans and started giving it some rubs I was intrigued enough to keep on watching, switching cameras to the one opposite him on the courtyard wall for another view, then back again to the angle over his shoulder. CLICK FOR THE FULL STORY

Part 2

“Sorry boss” he said, looking right into my face and sliding his phone back into his pocket “my cock has just got a mind of its own.” Landon looked down and drew my gaze with him, slapping his incredibly bulbous exposed cock head against his now free palm and rubbing his glans in the smeared patch of precum he’d created. I’d thought his dick was pretty impressive when I saw it on the cameras but up close it was even more incredible. I’ve never seen a slender cock with such a big mushroom head on it. “It’s so hard and my balls are so full of cum, you know how it is.” he said, rubbing his exposed tip between his slippery fingers. CLICK FOR THE FULL STORY

Part 3

“Take over” I ordered, releasing his shaft from my grip. His fingers struggled to encompass both our members, but with determination he succeeded, mashing our meaty poles together as he humped his hips and fucked his cock up against my thicker dick. His longer pole nudged at the short hair beside my shaft with every pump, his tip depositing a wet patch. CLICK FOR THE FULL STORY

CITY ADVENTURES Executive Suck Club

Part 1

I watched his lips working the pink glans, the light bathing his face, his angular jaw gently moving as he slurped and tongued the rigid manhood.

That’s when I seemingly lost all sense of my usual self and stepped into the room, approaching the slowly swelling new arrival while my own heavy appendage visibly tented my pants and swung from side to side. CLICK FOR THE FULL STORY

Part 2

I grabbed my anonymous buddy’s cock with my left hand, bringing his skin forward over the fat tip in my mouth. I lapped at the hood, my tongue slipping under it and gliding easily around the smooth bulb, sandwiched between the helmet and sheath. I could feel the man shiver, his cock swelling even more and the sudden flood of a fresh delivery of precum. CLICK FOR THE FULL STORY

Part 3

Our dicks met again, my insistent hardness refusing to quit even though the intensity of the pleasure against my exposed tip was almost too much to take. My balls ached with the power of the full release I’d delivered already, but I knew there was more. The heat of his dick radiated through my own shaft, our slick penises becoming clammy. His foreskin slid around with ease, the glistening wetness of his tip nestling in my short pubes beside my dick dribbling a trail of slime among the coarse forest. CLICK FOR THE FULL STORY

Part 4

I was all-in by the time he grunted long and low, his hand pausing on my thick erection, gripping it tight for a moment before opening his hand under my meat and launching his first volley of semen, almost intending to catch as much as he could to bathe me in it. For the second time my dick was being showered in the white hot load of another man and the immediate pulsating pleasure of that visual combined with the arrival of hot liquid dousing me triggered my second release of the evening. CLICK FOR THE FULL STORY

SPORTY STROKERS – Caught by Coach

Part 1

My prudishness wasn’t about being naked. After years of competitive swimming, playing football and the occasional regional competition I was more than familiar with the culture and getting naked with the guys wasn’t a big deal. I had seen hundreds of dicks, hundreds of guys had seen mine. I’d seen erections bouncing around in every team shower I’d ever been into, likely hundreds of other guys had seen my six and a half inch pale pink stiffy, too. No, my problem was with masturbation specifically, for some reason I was just weird about it when most of the other guys weren’t. CLICK FOR THE FULL STORY

Part 2

His erection was proud, rigid, pointing almost straight up to the ceiling as his torso leaned back slightly, his balls now tighter and forming a deep pink mound at the base of his steely baton, his helmet revealed from a snug pink sheath of skin which had come to nestle wrinkled up around the ridge of his tip. I watched it for a moment, waving from side to side like a metronome as he swayed on his large feet, his hairy thighs bulging. CLICK FOR THE FULL STORY

Part 3

In a flash a fountain of white spurted from his motionless manhood, erupting perhaps six inches into the air before splashing back down in front of him. His hand gripped his cock still. I was barely rubbing mine but it didn’t matter, the sight of that thick white cream being released instantly pushed me beyond the invisible border into a land of extreme pleasure, my shaft involuntarily erupting a stream of semen to hit the tiles of the wall in front of me. CLICK FOR THE FULL STORY

Part 4

Marc bunched up the sheet on the corner of his bed and rested the phone against it, angled almost perfectly so that we could both watch. I could smell the funk rising from our groins while our hands slowly rubbed, a masculine aroma of precum and ball sweat infusing the air around us. Our thighs touched while we sat side-by-side. Neither of us said anything while we wanked and watched, my eyes occasionally drifting to my left to watch his pale foreskin easing wetly over the glowing wet dome of his glans. CLICK FOR THE FULL STORY

Part 5

The warmth of his fingers as they closed around my cock was intense, hotter than anything I could ever remember. My balls almost convulsed with the surprise of it all, my heart still racing in my chest nervously, excitedly. His hand gripped my meat gently, tugging as he pulled my skin forward and back, the folds of his palm brushing against the exposed underside of my glans where the loose flap connected my prepuce to the two little bulges beneath. The brushing against that sweet spot sent sharp spikes of climax through me and I genuinely thought I might start hosing him down with cum at any second. CLICK FOR THE FULL STORY

Part 6

My horniness was out of control. My mind was filled with the sight of Richie’s member pointing straight up with steel-like solidity, the vision of our helmets slippery with spit and precum while they bulged and slipped all over each other. I kept checking in on Luke, watching his hands as they glided along his curved manhood, tugging his balls below, easing up over the mounds of his abs and to his wide and bulging chest where two hard nipples pointed like rigid buttons for his fingers to brush over and pause on. CLICK FOR THE FULL STORY

Part 7

Was it an invitation? I wish I could say I had the foresight to suggest we go somewhere and see what it would be like to share that with him but I didn’t have time to do that. Less than a second later Marc appeared from the other room, quickly followed by Andrew, both naked and with two chubby cocks bouncing and flopping from one hairy thigh to the other. CLICK FOR THE FULL STORY

Part 8

I said nothing, just displayed my own six and a half inch erection jutting out in front of me while the other guys all compared from a distance, showing off their own penises for everyone to see. It was quite funny, just an innocent act delivered without shame and I have to admit that my own nervousness had once again ebbed away to be replaced with a very clear horny determination. I knew it would return again, in retrospect it seems I was adjusting quite gradually, each new experience bringing me along to a new level of comfort. CLICK FOR THE FULL STORY

Part 9

Richie’s hand on my cock was amazing, even better than the day before when our stiff lengths had met vertically in our hands, our swollen glans gliding around wetly together while the ridges of hard flesh from our balls to our tips frotted against each other. This time we had an incredible visual feast to enjoy other than our own combined members and it made it all so much more intense. My eyes glided from one cock to another, a friend’s hand pumping in time, helmets peeping out of closed hands to glisten in the light while more and more pre seeped from tips. CLICK FOR THE FULL STORY


Part 1

Now, gazing out of the window at the sight of Landon naked, his long and thick cock swinging with his movements as the heavy weights rose and fell, his thick arms bulging in repetitive well-practiced routine, I was seemingly inspired again. CLICK FOR THE FULL STORY

Part 2

The next thing I remember is both mine and Landon’s cocks in her face while she sucked and stroked us, our helmets brushing up together wetly as we swung and bumped them, wanking ourselves together while her tongue and lips worked to pleasure us. I want to say that I can even remember the feel of his warm and slick glans gliding around against my own CLICK FOR THE FULL STORY

Part 3

I slid my shorts down “No worries, just felt weird wearing these when you’re so… out there” I said confidently, gesturing to his dick waving in the air in front of him. My curved penis sprang appreciatively from the confines of the damp cotton and they dropped to the floor. I stepped out of them, my meat bending to the left like it always did, my tip exposed and wet with precum, the veins along my bent shaft raised with urgency. CLICK FOR THE FULL STORY

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