Your New Fave Stroker - Zero Tolerance Pop And Toss Stroker
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Your New Fave Stroker – Zero Tolerance Pop And Toss Stroker

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We love our affordable strokers here at BuddyBate. When we saw the Zero Tolerance Pop And Toss Stroker arrive today we knew we had to add it here.

The cup style toys are so good!

I’ve owned so many of them over the years. They’re small enough to look pretty innocent, but they’re the perfect size and shape for a good hard length to slide inside.

They’re reasonably durable too.

Don’t get me wrong, if you fuck it hard ten times a day for six months it’s gonna have a little wear and tear. But if you have a good collection already and you just need a little affordable variation this little stroker will help you to deliver hundreds of great loads.

It might sound like we’re promoting this hard but if you’ve ever owned a cup style stroker you know what I’m talking about. They’re discreet, they’re tight, they’re so well textured inside, and they’re cheap as chips!

These strokers are perfect for hiding. If you’ve got a nosy Missus who likes to snoop then this bator toy can be easily hidden. You can take the label off to make it even more discreet.

Stick it in your tool box. Hide it in the garage. Keep in the shed for when you’re out there “milling about” (code for looking through a pussy mag and rubbing one out, of course lol)

Maybe even keep in the car for when you’re pulled over somewhere pulling on your bate stick!

If you’re a “proper bator” then you have a good collection of strokers already, but one look at the Zero Tolerance Pop And Toss Stroker and you know you’re gonna be coming back to it again and again.

Just look at that sleeve inside and imagine all those ribs and ticklers caressing your slippery dong…

And hey, you might have a buddy or two who’ll want to take a turn inside it, too lol

I’ve got a couple of buddies who love to test out new toys. I’ll be sharing this one with them at the next opportunity.

I might just send a text out and see who’s down for a “toy night”.

Enjoy some pics to tempt you. Click here to get your lubed up cock inside one in just a few days. I’ll be enjoying mine while you’re loading yours up with man goo lol




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Jack Master
11 months ago

Do You Have Any That Look Like An Anus? Pussy Just Doesn’t Cut It For Me

Robbie - BlokeToys
11 months ago
Reply to  Jack Master

Hi Jack.
Robbie from BlokeToys here.

We do have hundreds of strokers in all different styles.
The most popular non-pussy toys are:
Happy Ending shower ass
Big Balls Stroker

We have hundreds more for you to check out in the masturbators section.
I hope that helps. If you have any other questions please just ask.

11 months ago

Haven’t had a wank toy for years but just decided to indulge and get one. Can’t wait to try it out 🙂

Robbie - BlokeToys
11 months ago
Reply to  BillyBalls

Hi Billy,
When you do I hope you’ll come back and leave a review! 🙂

11 months ago

Ordered mine on monday got it yesterday. Fucked it a few times already and it’s great! First toy for me. Think I need to try more lol

11 months ago
Reply to  WonderWall

Good to hear. If you feel like submitting a post about using your first toy please do I know other guys will enjoy reading it!

11 months ago
Reply to  BuddyBateBrad

Didn’t think about that but okay! I’m not a writer but I’ll give it a go 😉

Jack Inoff
Jack Inoff
11 months ago
Reply to  BuddyBateBrad

I second this! Love watching guys enjoying a good toy. Be nice to read about it too 🙂

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