Experience something new with the Wild Boy Prostate Massager from Rocks Off

While we occasionally have posts showing off some of the great wanking sleeves you can get out there to enhance your wanking fun, it’s pretty rare that we even mention the dreaded Anal word. But after getting a couple of messages over the last few weeks asking why I don’t talk about prostate massage as a way to get off, I thought it was about time we did that.

Like most of you guys, my pleasure is pretty much all about the cock, most of the time. I love wanking, and I’ve enjoyed a lot of sucking over the years too, but it has to be said that prostate massage is something guys often ignore – and they are seriously missing out.

I was sceptical way back when a girl I was seeing suggested we get an anal toy and see what happens, but after trying it I had to admit that my attitude was completely changed.

Yes, it can take a little while to get that sweet spot but once you’ve had a little experience the pleasure you can get from a prostate massager like the Wild Boy Prostate Massager is INCREDIBLE!

It’s not something I enjoy very frequently, mainly because there’s a little more effort needed and time taken, but when I’m enjoying a really long and intense session of edging a good anal toy like this one can make it so much more intense, definitely worth the effort.

So, what should you expect from an anal toy like the Wild Boy prostate massager? You should expect a tricky start if you’re totally new, a bit if a learning curve and some exploration, but when you hit that sweet spot you can expect incredibly intense pleasure unlike anything you can experience from stroking your cock on its own.

When I’m edging with a toy like this up there I need to take it incredibly slow to stop my cock from exploding. The pleasure from the prostate is an entirely different kind of pleasure, it’s long lasting and can be repeated over and over again – yeah, multiple climaxes! But you can do this without even touching your cock. In fact, it’s better if you focus on the anal pleasure alone because you can keep that pleasure going for hours if you want, before finally grabbing your cock and wanking out a mind blowing climax.

Think of it as edging, with more pleasure being delivered in waves, like a climax you’ve experienced plenty of times before but without the fireworks to end it all. Using a massager like this without stroking your cock can give you a constant rise and fall of pleasure, making your dick ooze precum. You can ride this wave for as long as you want before finally grabbing your dick and taking yourself over the edge, and when you do that after a good long session with a toy like the Wild Boy it can be the most intense and spectacular climax you have ever experienced.

I don’t want to sell it too much, it takes a little time and exploration and although some of you will slide this in and instantly start experiencing that repeating orgasm, most of you will need a couple of sessions trying it out and learning to relax. But when you figure it out you will be thanking me.

The Wild Boy Prostate Massager is smaller than it looks in threatening pictures. It’s 6.5 inches long, has a 7 speed bullet for selecting the right intensity, and a textured twisting length for added pleasure while the perineum massager at the base works the space behind your balls.



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One thought on “Experience something new with the Wild Boy Prostate Massager from Rocks Off

  • February 20, 2016 at 12:12 pm

    Every man needs to try it at least a few times! I was never into anything anal at all and it didnt interest me one bit until i read about prostate massage and experiences from guys who had done it for years. Tried it a couple of times with a toy like this and it was okay, but then the third time I did it I felt something fucking amazing and my cock went crazy and started firing out cum without me even touching it! I wanked again right after and shot another load.
    After a year of playing I’ve learned how to make it last and can climax a few times before cumming. Then when I let my cum start flowing my dick jumps around and semen spews out all over the place.
    I know not every guy will achieve this the way I did at least not as quickly but with practice and patience I think every guy would enjoy this.

    Protip – use a lot of lube and use a condom on it. Better to get a douche to clean out first too. It’s all worth it though.


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