I really want a Fleshjack GO Surge

I feel as though my bank manager is going to be calling my up sometime real soon and asking me if everything is okay. I just found out that the new Fleshjack GO Surge has arrived at BlokeToys and of course, just like everything else that’s new on there, I want one. I’m trying to stop myself from ordering one right now, but I have a feeling I’m going to fail in that attempt.

This is one of the raft of new masturbators by this famous company to appear in the UK over the last few weeks, and after checking it out and reading a little about it from other guys who have tried it, I definitely want to stick my cock into this thing.

The textures they produce are some of the best when it comes to pleasure, and I think the detailed shape of the tunnel in the Fleshjack GO Surge might be one of the best yet.

There’s no denying some of their textures are better than others, but this one looks like it could really work my knob.

If you have one of these already please let me know in the comments what you think of it and how you would rate the feel of this one. I think I might end up ordering one tomorrow but it would be great to hear your opinions too.

Check it out and click through to read more about this one 🙂



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