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Mason Lear is a talented wanker

You know there are a lot of guys out there who don’t really know how to wank, right? Most guys just see it as relieving their balls and getting a cum load from their cock, taking minutes to just stroke one out and get on with things. Then there are guys like us, guys who really know how to pleasure their cock and take their time, thoroughly enjoying their masturbation and building the pleasure to a massive climax…

Mason Lear is one of us.

This straight guy loves to stroke his cock, and he’s had a lot of experience taking his time and properly working that sexy shaft. He’s making his debut video for the Zack Randall site in this solo jack off, and this talented wanker is really showing us his skills in this long and pleasurable session.

He takes his time, stroking his throbbing length, playing with his swollen wet helmet, making his head leak precum as he masturbates and builds up more and more pleasure until he finally can’t stop himself from ejaculating all over himself!

This is the kind of guy we would all love to spend an evening kicking back with, porn in front of us, hands one dicks, rubbing our shafts for hours until that cum is spewing out in massive fountains 🙂

Check him out on the site and remember than when you sign up to enjoy their videos I get a little percentage of that sale too, and it helps me keep this blog running!

CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL VIDEOmason-lear-talented-wanker 1 mason-lear-talented-wanker 2 mason-lear-talented-wanker 3 mason-lear-talented-wanker 4 mason-lear-talented-wanker 5 mason-lear-talented-wanker 6 mason-lear-talented-wanker 7 mason-lear-talented-wanker 8 mason-lear-talented-wanker 9 mason-lear-talented-wanker 10 mason-lear-talented-wanker 11CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL VIDEO

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2 thoughts on “Mason Lear is a talented wanker

  • May 18, 2016 at 2:32 am

    It’s always better when a guy really gets into his wank in a video. Those 5 minute strokes with guys looking like they’re doing all they can to get their cum out as quickly as possible are pretty shit. The ones with guys really focusing on their pleasure and enjoying it are a lot better.

    • May 18, 2016 at 10:32 am

      I agree, there are some really bad amateur style sites out there that only offer quick wanks with guys just sitting there wanking over porn for a few minutes. That’s not good porn in my opinion. I guess it depends on the guy though too, right? Sometimes if you know they’re straight and they’re going to be back for more it can be hot to see how they start out before sharing their cock with another guy in a mutual wank.


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