New guy Paolo Borda has some interesting wanking moves

We talk about new ways to enjoy a wank quite a lot on the blog. Over the years we’ve talked about lube, toys, sharing your masturbation (obviously) and a whole lot more, but Paolo Borda takes his wanking to a whole new level in his debut shoot.

He’s a horny straight guy with a fit body and almost 8 inches of uncut cock to stroke the load from in his debut, and he’s got an interesting skill to show you.

He’s into Parkour, which means he does a lot of gymnastics and acrobatics, that’s what’s given him such a tight and fit build. But, while most of us as just using our other hand or finding a new place to wank to keep things interesting, this horny lad is doing hand stands on the dresser and beating his meat upside-down!

Yeah, you read that right.

Although we don’t get to see that in these promo pics from the site (they always hold back in their free content, but the full gallery is complete, from the start to the cum load) Paolo shows off how he can hold himself up against the wall on the dresser while wanking his uncut cock.

It’s pretty impressive to see and I have to admit that I really can’t wait to watch the video!

Check him out enjoying his cock, I think we’re gonna get to see him sharing that dick with one of the other lads there soon too. He seems like the kind of lad who would be down for some cock frotting and mutual masturbation.

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