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Personal Trainers – Caught wanking in the gym showers

Submitted by WankFan

Chris was nervous. He’d been called into the office by his supervisor (and friend) Johnny and he knew what it was about. That afternoon, while on his break, he went to take a shower and one of the customers caught him wanking in the gym showers.

Although he’d known Johnny for a few years he still didn’t know what kind of punishment awaited him. Obviously, he needed to be disciplined in some way, but Johnny was a pretty chilled out guy and he wasn’t sure what this would all lead to.

After ten minutes of Chris sitting in front of the empty desk Johnny finally arrived, cheerful as always. It was a good sign.

“So, Chris, you know why I’ve had to call you in?” Johnny said, slowly lowering his large muscular frame into his chair.

Chris contemplated lying, but it was pointless. “I guess it’s that guy who caught me rubbing one out yesterday?”

Johnny chuckled, “yeah, he was pretty fucked off about it. You should have heard him freaking out, really weird dude.”

Chris felt a little bit better already “so I’m fired or…” he asked.

“What? No!” Johnny laughed, sitting back in his chair “You think we could keep this place running if we kicked out every guy who ever got hard in the showers?”

Chris knew what he meant. It was a side-effect of working out and it was an open secret that wasn’t discussed but something everyone just dealt with in their own way; when guys spend a few hours a day working out and pushing it hard, they get damn horny. Chris had caught plenty of other guys bashing the bishop in the showers over the years, at this gym and the previous one he worked for.

Being a personal trainer meant that he was out there on the floor most of the day, getting in his own workout when he could, surrounded by so many hot women in their tight little lycra outfits. It was only natural that guys would need to let off some steam.

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Johnny continued “There’s supposed to be this rule that if anyone is reported for getting a little hands-on with themselves in the showers we at least have a chat with them, that’s all” he leaned in again, whispering over his desk “no one really gives a fuck about it, it’s just a formality”

Chris could finally relax, he kinda knew he was too important to let go, all of his clients loved him but the women especially. He played up to it just a little. He knew he was handsome and built, and the fact that he started wearing shorts on Tuesdays and Thursdays had instantly made those days the busiest, mostly with female clients.

“And congratulations, by the way” Johnny said with a smirk.

“Huh? What for?” Chris shook his head questioning.

“That guy complaining about you was pretty eager to explain that you had a 9-inch fat one” Johnny laughed out loud “something tells me he might have just been a bit jealous”.

Chris blushed a little, he wasn’t quite 9-inches but he was close, and his cock was pretty thick. It dawned on him that Johnny might be right, the only other guy he’d seen in the showers was a big bodybuilder dude with a 5-inch dick, as far as he’d seen. He’d noted that the guy got hard too, but that was beside the point.

“So, here’s the deal” Johnny continued “me and Aaron use this office a lot when we need to rub one out, or we go to the toilets. Sometimes we stick around after closing and have a shower to get the juice pumping. I suggest you join the club instead of flashing it to the members.”

Chris nodded, he was pretty sure he wouldn’t be rubbing one out in the showers again, but the prospect of using the office was an interesting one. “You and Aaron wank in here?” he asked.

“Sure!” Johnny was shameless “the WiFi is crap in the toilets, and when you need a little inspiration…” he turned his monitor for them both to see and clicked a bookmark which went straight to a porn site “we got a membership to a couple of sites so you just need to click here, the passwords are saved…” moments later a they were logged in and Johnny was browsing through the videos “this one is really good” he hovered over the image and it switched to show some of the action “Aaron shot his load so fast to that one, he’s got a thing for DP. Don’t tell him I told you that”.

It wasn’t lost on Chris that Johnny seemed to be telling him that they wanked together, and pretty often by the sound of it. It also occurred to him that this might be why Aaron had been given extra days every month for the past year despite not being great at his job.

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“So I can just come in and wank one out when I need to?” Chris asked.

“Yeah, no problem. No one comes back here unless they have to. Just make sure the door is locked.” Johnny paused for a second, then reached down to pull open the bottom drawer. A large bottle of lube and a box of tissues emerged, placed on the desk between them “everything you need is in the drawer, just don’t leave any cummy tissues around in here” he smirked.

“Okay, well this is awkward!” Chris laughed

Johnny looked surprised “Huh? You’re okay with flashing your dick to random dudes in the showers but just talking to a mate about wanking is awkward?”

He was right, Chris knew it and instantly felt stupid. “Well, it’s not just that. I mean, you and Aaron wank off together in here?”.

Johnny leaned back in his seat again, his chair creaking under the weight of all his muscle “You don’t come across as the shy type, and from what that dude said you’ve got nothing to be shy about either.”

This was all true. Chris never had been particularly shy, he liked showing off his body in subtle ways every day, picking out the tightest clothes or wearing his shorts just to get attention. He definitely enjoyed it when another guy in the showers saw his long and thick cock and had a visible reaction to it.

“Well” Johnny interrupted his thoughts “all this talk about wanking has got me hard, you sticking around or do you need to be back out on the floor?”


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