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Personal Trainers – His first shared stroke session

Submitted by WankFan


Chris didn’t know what to do, should he leave? Should he play along and maybe get on the same level as Aaron with his boss? He’d known Johnny for a few years and he had no idea that the guy was into things like this, but he couldn’t deny that his long cock was starting to thicken up in his trackies.

Johnny wasn’t waiting, he was clicking through the pages on the open porn site, scrolling through video after video looking for something to wank to “what are you into? There’s a couple of great gang bang videos on this site”.

He didn’t know what to say. He liked porn as much as any other guy but he’d never watched a video with another dude before. “Erm, I don’t know mate, whatever” he was trying to play it cool but he was still wondering whether he could just get out of this and leave. But if he did, would Johnny be fucked off about it? Would Aaron be getting more special treatment next month if Chris didn’t play along?

Johnny wasn’t forcing anything, he wasn’t suggesting that he WANTED to wank one out with Chris, they were just a couple of horny guys in an office with their dicks oozing precum in their boxers while they looked through porn.

“Okay, this one is a pretty good one” Johnny clicked on a video and hit play.

For a few moments they both sat in silence, groping the bulges in their trackies as they watched a gorgeous blond sucking three big cocks, rubbing their tips together in her mouth, the men slapping their dicks against each other and her cheeks and lips.

Chris new that he was really leaking precum now, he wouldn’t have a choice but to deal with the problem or end up walking around with a big wet patch. Thankfully Johnny started things off, standing and sliding his trackies down his thick tree-trunk thighs. His solid 7-inch cock sprang up, slapping his rippling abs and dabbing it with a string of glistening precum.

Chris couldn’t help but look as Johnny squirted lube into his fist and slowly began to stroke his pink shaft, the foreskin sliding back to reveal a reddened tip wet with juice, his length curving upward as it glistened.

Following his friend’s lead Chris stood, his trackies bulging out in front of him. He slipped them down and instantly felt a thrill knowing that someone was there to see his cock. It was a strange experience, he always enjoyed the looks and glances from other guys in the locker room and showers, but being in front of a friend like this with his immense cock arching out thick and throbbing in front of him ready to be stroked was a whole new sensation.

“Wow” Johnny exclaimed “the guy was right about that dick of yours! Congratulations dude!”

Chris grinned and grabbed some lube, Johnny still watching his long cock twitching as he slicked it up “Erm, thanks?!”

For a few moments they were silent, the slow sound of wet hands sliding along their slippery cocks and the subtle moans of the performers issuing from the speakers as the girl in the video took a cock in each hole.

Johnny finally broke the quiet “I guess this is the first time you’ve wanked off with a mate?” he asked.

Chris thought for a moment, he’d had a hasty wank in the same room as a friend years ago, but he didn’t remember ever seeing his buddy’s cock then, so he guessed it didn’t count “No, this is definitely a first for me!”

“Well, don’t worry” Johnny continued “I ain’t gonna jump you, I’ve always been into rubbing one out with a good mate, it’s never been a big deal. Seeing a guy enjoying his dick like this is just a good turn on”.

Chris knew what he meant. Since Johnny revealed his long banana dick and his big pink swinging balls hanging in front of his thick muscled thighs he hadn’t been able to stop looking. He’d probably spent more time so far watching Johnny’s cock sliding in his fist than what the girl was getting in the video.

He’d noticed Johnny checking him out too. It was a new thrill for him. Even though he’d always liked it when anyone noticed his big dick in the showers or at the urinals, being able to show it off fully hard and leaking precum while he wanked was an entirely new sensation.

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After a few more minutes it was almost as though they’d forgotten the video playing entirely. Chris was aware that he was now watching the pink and wrinkled foreskin of his friend’s cock bunching up over his helmet and sliding back to reveal the soaking wet red tip over and over and he was waiting for the first sign of hot white cum.

The pleasure was building for him. His balls had started tightening up, rising to meet his body, he was taking it slow now.

Johnny could tell he was close. “I guess we better finish up here and get back to work” he said, grabbing a handful of tissues.

Chris copied him, both of the horny men now facing each other on opposite sides of the desk, their wet and slippery cocks seemingly ready for combat of the horniest kind as they slowly stroked and felt the pleasure rising.

Johnny was first, aiming his rock hard length down, the bulbous head of his shaft aiming into the bunched up tissues as the first powerful squirt of semen shot out.

Instantly Chris felt his own cock shudder, his taint throbbing between his legs. He aimed his shaft in the same way, watching Johnny’s cock splashing another incredible jet of cum from his helmet as his own began to gush uncontrollably.

Semen splashed from both their shafts in squirt after squirt, one jet after the other, first Johnny, then Chris, then Johnny, then Chris, pump after pump as they each watched the other flooding the quickly drenching tissues in their cupped hands.

It was incredible, seeing another man ejaculating with so much force that splashes of semen bounced back and dotted the paperwork over the desk while the smell of manliness rose between them. They’d completely forgotten the video now, it was entirely about seeing the cock in front of them erupting hot white goo as each of their shafts convulsed and sprayed milky mess.

Chris’ hand was dripping, he was careful to let his goo hit the desk rather than any paperwork as it dripped through between his fingers. Johnny was sighing gently, a moan escaping here and there as the last of his load dripped from his foreskin, squeezing out the last of his cream while he threw his head back in satisfaction.

The men paused for a moment to survey the damage, the sopping wet bunches of tissues in their hands dripping ejaculate down to the desk, their reddened and wet cocks twitching in front of them as they took a breath and chuckled.

As Chris left the office to get back to work, his cock gently aching with a semi-hardness that he knew would rise again within an hour, Johnny called out to him, “come back at the end of shift if you like, I’ll be here for an hour or two”.

Chris waved back as the door closed, knowing he would definitely be back that evening.

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I'm a straight/curious bro-bater living in London England. I'm 36 and work in events management. I spend my free time swimming, running, playing tennis, hiking, camping and going to the gym. I'm in a relationship with a wonderful woman who understands my appreciation of masturbation and my encounters with other baters. I've always enjoyed writing and putting my fantasies and experiences down in words for other baters to enjoy and I'm glad to have the opportunity to share my work here.

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5 thoughts on “Personal Trainers – His first shared stroke session

  • August 21, 2017 at 4:47 am

    Definitely want to see part 3. Very sexy.

  • August 25, 2017 at 2:04 am

    Great story got me hard as a rock!

  • September 14, 2017 at 7:39 am

    Great story! I love going to the gym mainly to hook up with other horny wankers. Loads of guys at my gym are into it. I chose my gym because of the gang showers they have (it’s an old 80’s gym) and you get to see a lot of hard cocks being wanked. It’s not as busy these days but last year I had a great experience with three other guys all wanking each other off in the showers.

  • September 26, 2017 at 4:36 am

    Would burst to see 3! Is Aaron involved?


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