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Personal Trainers – The cum shot contest

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For the rest of the afternoon Chris had been distracted. Ever since his wank with his boss in the back office earlier that day he’d been thinking about how unexpectedly horny the experience was. He was used to wanking off at least a couple of times every day, usually before work, sometimes during, then when he got home and waited for his girlfriend to come over. But, today was perhaps the horniest he’d been for a long time.

Johnny had suggested he could come back to the office at the end of his shift, after locking down, to have another stroke session, but he was undecided. He knew it had been great getting his proud 9-inch cock out and stroking to porn, and seeing Johnny’s curved and pink uncut muscle cock had been an unexpected turn on for him, but he felt like he’d just jumped straight into something big and he wondered if he needed time to process it.

He was sure Aaron would be there too, and Chris had to admit that the guy was kind of a threat to him.

For the last year Chris had been the best, the most popular with the ladies, the trainer all the women gravitated to, then Aaron arrived and he had some real competition for clients.

Chris watched his two friends, his eyes darting between their members as the pleasure rose in waves through his muscled body, his cock sending rope after rope of the thickest, whitest cum to jettison out of his helmet as each of his buddies continued to erupt shot after shot of man juice.

Aaron was one of the most handsome guys, and everyone knew it. Being a former footballer and looking so much like Jamie Redknapp made him instantly popular.

Chris was still doing okay with his clients, but he knew that in the future the new guy might be real competition.

When the end of the shift came that evening Chris was still undecided, and he almost walked out of the door with the rest of the team as the lights flicked off behind him. It was only at the very last minute that he finally decided, making an excuse and breaking away from his team as they all headed out through the doors.

He paused again just outside Johnny’s office door, contemplating just turning round and leaving. Then he heard Aaron’s voice inside and he knew that this might be the end if he didn’t join in. He couldn’t let Aaron take his place.

He grabbed the door handle, his cock already thickening up in his shorts, and opened the door.

“Hey!” Johnny exclaimed “we have a new arrival!”

He was already standing on his side of the desk, just as before, seemingly naked and with his big uncut cock in his fist, slowly stroking.

Aaron was right in front of Chris as he entered, his shorts down around his ankles, his t-shirt up around his neck, rubbing his cock “Hey Chris, Johnny said you might be joining us, welcome to our little club.”

Chris nervously entered, his shorts tenting out as his dick grew, trying to seem more relaxed than he was. “Lads”, he greeted, placing his bag on the floor next to the door and closing it behind him.

Small talk ensued and Chris stood there wondering where to start and what to do, checking out the video playing on the monitor as an oiled up muscular woman grappled and groped with a bodybuilder on a mat.

“Don’t just stand there mate” Johnny said “we saved you a space” he indicated to the end of the empty desk.

Chris took up position and tugged down his shorts, his near nine-inch cock springing out as he pumped lube from the bottle on the desk and slathered his cock with it.

“Woah, I see what the big deal was!” Aaron announced, “well done mate”

Aaron didn’t have much to be jealous about, his own cock was an impressive thick length of darker meat glistening in his fist as he stroked, covered in bulging veins and with a considerably fatter head on it, “Like you have anything to worry about” Chris complimented.

“Hey, what about mine?” Johnny interrupted, grabbing his solid pale and smooth cock by the root and showing off his length, pointing with his lube-drenched right hand as veins swelled along the shaft.

“Yeah, yours is good too bud” Aaron admitted, “but you know roided-out guys like you always look like you’ve got little dicks, right?” he laughed.

“Fuck you man, fuck you” Johnny laughed.

“Nah mate, I ain’t into that” Aaron quipped, asserting his heterosexuality.

Chris was already feeling better about things, his initial nerves were almost completely gone, although he did feel like the new guy butting into a good friendship. His cock was so stiff in his fist now he thought he might start cumming any moment, but he tried to take it slow. His attention was being split between the screen and the sight of his friend’s cocks in front of him, both as hard as he was, both leaking clear juice as they stroked.

The sounds of slippery cock being pleasured occasionally broke through the conversation along with the groans of pleasure as the muscled woman on screen impaled her shaved pussy down on the man’s incredible cock and the conversation changed to a debate about Anna, one of the hottest clients and someone all the staff knew of.

“Did you see her today?” Aaron asked.

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Chris had “Oh, yeah! That camel toe was out again!” He’s seen her coming out of the Yoga class, her incredible body basically on full display in her tight lycra outfit.

“I missed it” Johnny lamented.

“Yeah you did, I was rock solid when she walked past showing off her clam like that. She fucking knew it too”. Aaron had been talking about her for weeks, promising anyone who would listen that one day he would give her his dick. So far she only seemed to like teasing the guys, bending over in front of them, adjusting her big tits, making suggestive comments. Every guy there wanted her.

With the smell of precum, sweat and lube filling the room, all the talk about fucking Anna and the sight of all their cocks solid and slick with juices it wasn’t long before Chris was edging his cum load. He knew he wasn’t alone. All three of them had slowed down their stroking, with Aaron pausing a few times to let his dick breathe, jutting out in front of him like some kind of obscene wet monolith of muscle.

“Man, I’m gonna cum any second, been needing this all day” Aaron said during a momentary pause. They all stared at the images on the screen as the muscled woman riding her co star rose up, the soaking wet cock slipping out of her shaved pussy lips and slapping back down against the man’s abs as streaks of hot cum instantly began to spew from it in slow motion.

“Yeah, that’s it for me too. Who’s gonna shoot the most?” Johnny turned to Aaron, who grabbed his cock once again and started rapidly wanking.

“You know I’m gonna win” he said through quickened breath, his abs bunching up as he bent over just a little “unless Chris is a gusher too”.

He could be, and right now he felt like he might explode a gigantic mess any second as he hastened his pace and began to focus his wet fist on his incredibly sensitive helmet “I don’t know man” he said “I’ve shot a load today already so…”

Johnny stepped up to the desk, his massive muscled frame blocking out some of the light from above as he joined in the final moments of the race.

All three men focused on their efforts, staring down at each other’s cocks on each side of the bare desk, the clean expanse of the black surface there to be decorated with hot semen.

“Aw, fuck! That’s it!” Aaron announced, pausing his strokes and leaning back, his fat bulbous length pointing out in front of him as an arc of ball juice erupted from his mushroom-like helmet to splash down across the desk.

An audible “splat” joined the display and although none of them heard it the sight of his first squirt instantly triggered Chris’ climax.

The pleasure exploded behind his fat balls, now pulled up against the root of his shaft as he slipped back his tight foreskin behind the glans and felt his shaft jolt violently, his own incredibly thick cum spewing out of his reddened cum hole, flying through the air and splashing across the streaks Aaron was still erupting.

Johnny was watching, mouth agape, sweat beading across his huge muscled chest as his right arm bulged with his powerful rapid-fire wanking, rubbing his wet 7-inch shaft, his tip almost glowing like an alarm in comparison to his pale foreskin. A moan escaped his lips as he watched his two colleagues spewing semen out of their shafts all over the black desk in front of him and his own sprinkling shower of watery semen began to fire off.

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He moved forward a little more, pausing, his thick thighs up against the desk, his pink balls resting on the surface as his cock unleashed a shower of liquid.

Chris watched his two friends, his eyes darting between their members as the pleasure rose in waves through his muscled body, his cock sending rope after rope of the thickest, whitest cum to jettison out of his helmet as each of his buddies continued to erupt shot after shot of man juice.

Their subtle moans filled the room and the sight of the man on the screen being made to eat his own cum by the woman who just rode him was entirely missed as they watched each other’s incredible erections flooding the table with salty mess.

Chris had never seen so much cum in one place, at least not since he watched an orgy video a few months before with a young woman being showered by ten men all dumping their cream in her face and mouth.

Their heavy breathing was in unison for a few moments more as Johnny’s cumming slowed, his sprinkler-like eruption becoming a dribble. Aaron was still pumping short splashes of cream from his dick, now just a few inches away from his shaft, Chris was watching through the intense pleasure as he tried to stop his knees from buckling, gently stroking his tip, each slide resulting in another pump of cum and a sharp jolt of orgasmic pleasure.

“Oh man, I needed that” Aaron said breathlessly as he squeezed his fat dick and dabbed his helmet in the large puddle of semen on the desk under his cock, issuing a little more cock juice as he did so.

Chris let go of his dick, the pleasure too much. His balls were aching and his taint gently throbbing as he released his meat from its duty. He rose his hands to his hips, looking like a hard working man surveying a job well done. The smell of three men’s cum loads rising around him, filling his nostrils as he chuckled to himself.

“Damn, that’s one fucking big mess!” Johnny said surveying the damage, strangling his long cock and making a drip of cum ooze from his foreskin as his meat began to soften.

Aaron leaned forward, resting his wet hands on the desk either side of him “Phew. That was fucking amazing”

“Yeah, I think you might have won again” Johnny said.

He definitely had. Chris had never seen a cock explode so much cum before. Even though he’d fired out an amazing load and been impressed by the shower of semen Johnny had erupted there was no doubt that Aaron had cum the most.

“You’ll have to teach me how to cum like that for next time” Chris said, grabbing some of the tissues and starting to clean up his own mess.


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5 thoughts on “Personal Trainers – The cum shot contest

  • October 2, 2017 at 12:34 am

    That was fucking hot! Can’t wait for Part 4.

  • October 7, 2017 at 12:17 pm

    Reminds me of army days when we were out on a mission, down-time, and men just had to take care of business… together. Could not stop reading. Hoping for Pt. 4.

  • October 11, 2017 at 11:31 pm

    Daaaaaaamn!!!! Okay! Sign me up!!! Can’t wait to read Chapter 4!

  • May 1, 2018 at 7:04 pm

    This is so hot. There’s a guy at my gym with a great dick I seen him jerking it and I think he’s into bating with guys. Now I think I want to bate with him.

  • May 5, 2018 at 2:09 pm

    Any more from this series? It’s been so fucking hot so far and I really want more. Gets me jerking it every time.


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