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Personal Trainers – The need to touch it

Submitted by WankFan

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It had been a few days since Chris had been in the office and seen his buddies Johnny and Aaron spewing out cum all over the desk, but he couldn’t get it out of his mind. Every time he thought about their dicks firing off those big ropes of jizz he got hard and needed a wank. That evening, after shooting his load with the lads, he’d come home and instantly grabbed his girlfriend and fucked her right there against the wall in the hallway. She loved it, he hadn’t been that passionate and spontaneous for a couple of years and the surprise of his almost 9-inch wet cock sliding right up into her pussy within seconds of him walking through the door was enough to have them both cumming in moments.

It seemed as though every time Chris looked around there was something else to get him horny; Sally walked past with her massive tits bouncing in her vest top and he felt his cock dribble precum, a dude on the chest press near the water station was showing off the biggest cock bulge and it made Chris’ dick twitch, he walked into the locker room and saw a teen muscle lad with a long cock swinging it around in front of his mate as they joked around getting changed and he almost ran to the toilets to stroke one out. But he held it back, he wanted to cum with his buddies.

The next day they’d been out shopping when Chris headed to the toilets to take a leak and found himself standing at the urinals with his hard cock in his hand and a guy beside him checking out his dick. He couldn’t help getting a good look at the other guy’s cock too, watching it thickening up and starting to throb. He wanted to stroke out a load with the guy so badly but knew he didn’t have time.

That evening they went out for dinner with her parents and Chris found himself checking out the bulge of a guy standing at the bar. The young man looked like he had a big cock packed away in his jeans and he couldn’t stop thinking about what it looked like. He was distracted for a while, something her mother noticed and commented on. He brushed it off, but minutes later he found himself following the guy to the toilets when he saw him leave his friends and head through the door. He walked in to find the guy standing at the urinals and again his cock was hard in seconds, straining for release. He’d always loved showing off but now it was different. As he stood there with his big cock in his hand stealing glimpses of the younger guy’s flopping and pink dick pissing into the trough he started thinking about what it would feel like in his hand, what it would be like to feel that cock throbbing in his grip.

He shook the thought from his head but when he returned to the table with his dick leaking precum in his boxers he knew he couldn’t wait to get back to work and be in that office watching porn and stroking out fountains of cum with Johnny and Aaron. Just seeing those dicks erupting would be enough for him, but maybe he could ask and perhaps feel… the thought was pushed out again.

That night Chris fucked his girlfriend again and pulled out just in time to shower her with one of the biggest cum loads he’d ever shot, and after he felt a pang of disappointment that his buddies hadn’t been there to see it, he was sure he’d beaten Aaron’s massive shower of cream.

He was eager for his days off to be over and he could get back to work. It seemed that he was wanking a lot more, and thinking about dicks a lot more too. In just a few days his life had changed so much. Suddenly he was aware that he’d always liked the look of a healthy cock, the sight of a stiff dick plunging into a wet pussy, the vision of a cock straining as semen leapt from the tip in squirting arcs. Why had he never noticed this about himself? Why had it taken so long to see the obvious and realize that every time he watched porn and wanked off he was waiting to see that dick erupting? It was like a revelation, a realization that all along he’d had sexual thoughts that had somehow flown under the radar. Sure, the sight of a nice pair of tits or a perfect pussy ready for fucking always lured him into watching a video, but he couldn’t deny that the sight of a good length of man meat being enjoyed and exploding a lot of cream was what ultimately got him joining in.

Finally the day arrived and he headed back to the gym, more excited at the prospect of wanking one out with the lads than anything else. He spent the entire afternoon distracted, trying to help a new client come up with a workout plan but spending most of the time watching Aaron, waiting for him to head to the office to rub one out. He hadn’t seen Johnny all afternoon and just assumed he was working in the office. A couple of times he wondered if he should just go in there and see if Johnny was down for a wank, but at the same time he didn’t want to miss out on Aaron’s amazing cock firing off one of his massive cum showers.

It seemed as though every time Chris looked around there was something else to get him horny; Sally walked past with her massive tits bouncing in her vest top and he felt his cock dribble a little precum, a dude on the chest press near the water station was showing off the biggest cock bulge and it made Chris’ dick twitch, he walked into the locker room to replace some of the towels and saw a teen muscle lad with a long cock swinging it around in front of his mate as they joked around getting changed and he almost ran to the toilets to stroke one out. But he held it back, he wanted to cum with his buddies.

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Finally he got the chance to chat to Aaron while he was waiting for another class to come in.

“Hey mate, you seen Johnny?” Chris asked, trying to keep his cool while all he could think about was getting his dick out and having a stroke with the lads.

Aaron knocked back the last of his water, a little worn out from the class “He’s not in. Something going on with his missus” he muttered through quickened breaths as he waved silently to one of his class giving him the eye from a distance. They all loved Aaron, he looked so much like Jamie Redknapp it was ridiculous. You could almost hear the pussy begging for his cock when one of his classes was in session.

“Oh, right” Chris said, “If his office is open I might go and rub one out after” he said with a little chuckle, trying to seem as casual as possible but really hoping Aaron would be down for it.

“I think it’s open, it was earlier” Aaron grabbed another water bottle “but I’m off down the pub with the lass tonight so after a shower I’m out of here. Squirt one out for me though mate!” he slapped Chris on the shoulder and started to walk away, but returned to whisper “of course, I might have to wank one out in the showers…” he winked, and went to prep the room for the next class.

For the rest of the day all Chris could think about was sharing a shower with Aaron and watching that long cock and fat bell end being worked and his own dick was hard and soft over and over again as precum oozed from his manhood. Finally the time came and everyone was leaving, he almost shooed everyone out, determined not to miss a moment of the fun.

With the doors locked and most of the lights out he headed to the locker room and showers, walking in to hear the water flowing in the open adjoining room. He grabbed his shower gel from his staff locker and hurriedly shucked his trackies down, kicking off his trainers and tugging off his vest. His big cock slapped up against his abs and he headed to the showers, his wet dick leading the way and the desperation to cum with Aaron driving him.

He walked into the tiled room and found his buddy, soaping up and hard as a rock, his tanned body smooth and glistening, his long dick throbbing out in front of him.

“Hey mate” he exclaimed, alerting his colleague that he was there.

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Aaron turned, flicking the water from his face “Hey, you locked up?” he asked.

“Yeah, place is empty. Good thing too I really fucking need a wank!” he arrived beside his buddy “did you see Sally earlier? Those fucking tits, man I tell you I could drench those in my load the way I feel today”.

“Yeah I can tell!” Aaron laughed, looking down to where Chris’ big cock reached out between them “careful where you swing that thing!”

Chris swung his hips, making his fat and long cock sway from side to side like an out of control crane in a hurricane. He wasn’t expecting Aaron to join in with the little dance, and as their lengths slapped against each other with a hard and wet “thwack” they both jutted their hips back in surprise, but quickly returned to swinging their dicks as they laughed and smacked their cocks against each other.

“Cock fight!” Aaron exclaimed through a chuckle.

“I’ll win, my weapon is bigger” Chris laughed, grabbing his meat by the root and slapping his length against Aaron’s swinging shaft.

That started something. Aaron grabbed his own cock by the base, “I bet I’m more experienced”, his length throbbed even harder and veinier than it already had been. His rounded helmet bulged out of his foreskin as the folds of flesh bunched up around the ridge of his wet glans, shiny and red. He smacked his cock against Chris’ shaft, hard and soggy with an audible slap.

The swinging fight slowed and became more of a wrestle as their lengths slipped against each other. Precum leaked from their reddened helmets and dribbled down, making their hard flesh slip and slide around, skin-against-skin. Chris felt repeated pangs of incredible pleasure as their swollen tips rubbed and soon they were more focused on the sensation of their manhoods meeting between them than the playful slapping of their competitive cocks.

That’s when Chris slipped his hand along his shaft and gripped both their helmets in his palm, their cum holes meeting in his grip, their combined juices lubricating his movement as he masturbated them both together, slowly transferring his hand to his friend’s cock and sliding along his warm and supple length.

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15 thoughts on “Personal Trainers – The need to touch it

  • December 29, 2017 at 10:22 pm

    i honestly came so hard reading thing. more soon please. so hot.

    • April 9, 2018 at 7:56 pm

      Thanks, wish I could have seen that.

  • December 31, 2017 at 3:21 am

    Man that shower frotting in episode 4 made me remember about the time I went to shower at the ymca after a 5k run.
    I was horny already and when I opened the door our family attorney was soap ed up right next to another lawyer.
    I froze, and as the door slammed shut my family lawyer turned around showing a full throbbing hard on covered in bubbles
    And I was able to see the other lawyer’s stiff pick being stroked by my lawyer.
    He shouted out to me and said (well you now know how lawyers release tenting after court, and from the looks of things you need a good group wank yourself).
    I studded out that sorry for interupting, aND could come back later. I was shocked to here him reply back that (he’ll no we have seen each other naked and hard now, so no embarrassed looks, just haul it over here and join us , I couldn’t help myself walking to them and he reached out grabbing my hard cock I almost melted. As he jerk ed off the other guy and myself I just had to feel his massive Italian dick he let out a groan saying that it was great, and not to worry about my father finding out. The other guy yelled he was Cumming and we watched as he shot wads all over my lawyers side. He excused himself and said it would be fun to do it again and left leaving just me and him
    He looked at me we stroked each other hard and fast. He said he wasn’t gay he just liked to share wank with his close friends. As I started shaking he knew I was ready and started dirty talk as I shot my load all over his cock and 6 pack.
    That made him go off like a cannon getting me soaking wet. We cleaned up and as we got dressed he told mm e about his little group and invited me to join. Needless to say I paid my dues right there.any wank later. More to tell

    • December 31, 2017 at 6:34 pm

      @Lee Stoddard – you should flesh this out into your own story. Worthy of its own post.

      • January 1, 2018 at 5:17 pm

        We’re always appreciative of good submissions from readers! As long as they meet the basic criteria (legal aspects, of course) we’ll publish it for everyone to enjoy. I hope you’ll visit the contact page Lee, send us more!

        • April 9, 2018 at 7:51 pm

          Sent the rest of this true story, feel free to repost in experiences.
          Hope it doesn’t offend anyone.
          Being an avid baiter w my buddies know what it’s like to need a buddy.

  • December 31, 2017 at 7:05 am

    Your stories are better than video porn when it comes to getting me hard (and videos are damned good at it!). I definitely look forward to the next installment and in the meantime I’ll keep hoping that I’ll experience something like this in real life. Thanks so much.

    • April 9, 2018 at 7:46 pm

      Thanks much, you must be one horny guy, appreciate the bone popping comment. Waned off after reading it.
      Added more, hope it keeps you wanking

    • April 9, 2018 at 7:42 pm

      Thank you, glad I could help in your wanking,
      Added more. Hope you get a good nut off

  • April 5, 2018 at 3:05 pm

    Thanks guys for the great comments, diddnt think it was good enough, it was fucking great to wank off w a guy that I had known for years. I will put the rest of my experience up soon.
    The family attorney admitted he gets super horny every time he is in court and even had a gang shower installed in his office and leaves that door open for all to see.

    • April 9, 2018 at 3:10 am

      I was w my best friend from high school the next evening.
      I was telling him what had happeed and of course within minutes we were naked stroking each other off shooting our loads on each other.
      The next morning all I could think of was the family attorney naked, wet and stroking my cock.
      I had to do it again.
      Left him a message at his office and got a call from him that afternoon saying he had been in court all day and to meet him at his office at 5:30. He said he instructed his secretary to expect me, and to go ahead and go after I got there.
      Got there, boned tenting in my pants, his sec noticed and asked if I needed help w anything before she keft, thanked her and said that if I had more time I had something that I needed help with.
      She smiled and brushed her ass against my tent and said anytime.
      I decided to shower off the sweat that started so I stripped and went to his gang shower to get wet and soapy.
      Sorry guys I gotta go, will finish this true story in a day or two. Lee

      • April 9, 2018 at 4:04 am

        I was scared to put this up because it was in response to fiction and mine is a true story.
        Thanks for accepting it so well.
        And (Yes) my Lawyer And His Group Had Many Wank Sessions For years.
        He is gone now so I would like to dedicate this in his memory.

  • April 12, 2018 at 10:26 pm

    Didn’t hear the door as I was in the shiwer, the next thing I knew was my attorney talking at the door,
    (Well, look who couldn’t wait.)
    I saw him and his paragraph legal standing naked and hard.
    My lawyer introduced me to him as I shook his hand I felt the wedding ring as well as I felt his other hand grab my cock stroking it.
    During our m/m session I was told a couple things that I won’t share.
    But will let you know that Lawyers, Paradise Legals, secretary’s and a court security guard all have uncontrollable waking needs.
    As for the help offering secretary, I her and I were the main attraction in a group meeting at the conference room.
    Damn I love being watched having sex with a man or a woman, or both, lol.

  • July 19, 2018 at 1:56 pm

    Love the fiction on this site – feel like we NEED a part 5!


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