First buddy in a while for an experienced bater in a small town

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Carl pulled up outside the last delivery of the night. It had been a long shift. Friday nights were always the worst, especially when he had to deliver to the dorms on campus and risk other students seeing him in his ridiculous baseball cap and shitty t-shirt.

Getting out of his beat-up truck he grabbed the pizza box from the seat next to him, already preparing for the inevitable bitching about it being too cold.

He cut a quick pace through the winter air, making his way up the small path to the door, feeling his legs aching from the training session that afternoon. His thick rounded shoulders ached from pushing it a little too far. Standing under the orange light he pressed the doorbell. The sound of a dog loudly barking echoed around from the back of the house and a gruff man’s voice yelled “Shut the fuck up!” from inside while heavy boots on a wooden floor came closer.

Carl looked around at the small collection of houses in the dark street, he’d never delivered to this little backwater of the town before, it wasn’t too bad looking compared to all the double-wide trailers he was used to seeing on the average shift.

The door opened, warmth from within whipping around him and fighting the chill of the winter night air. “Delivery for…” Carl glanced to the receipt taped to the box “Hank?”

“Oh hey, that was fast” the man said, reaching for his back pocket to retrieve his wallet, which he suddenly realized wasn’t there.

Carl just smiled to himself, resigned to the fact that the last delivery of the night usually ended up being the longest. Or maybe it just felt that way because all he could think about was getting back to his apartment in the center of town and spending the rest of his night jerking off? He’d been nursing a chubby cock since his second delivery and one of the hottest girls he’d ever seen gave him a $10 tip and a flirtatious knowing smirk. It had been three months since he’d broken up with Anna and he’d been stroking it every day, at least twice, but for the last forty-eight hours he’d been studying, working out and delivering shit pizzas and hadn’t had the chance to bust a nut.

“Sorry kid” Hank murmured “looks like I’ve misplaced my wallet”.

Of course he had, that was just Carl’s luck. He eyed the older man suspiciously, wondering whether he was gonna give him that tired line about heading into town tomorrow and settling up at the restaurant. Carl knew 99% of the time customers gave that excuse they never did, then their address would be put on a block until they settled their dept. Of course, it depended on the customer, most of the time it was dodgy looking dudes in a room at Daisy’s Motel off the highway. Occasionally Carl would just hand it over if it was a real hot chick and he’d made enough in tips to cover it. He knew he was a bit of a push over for a pretty face but it didn’t always fail to get him a date at least.

This guy didn’t look like he was too down on his luck, though. Sure, he was bearded and scruffy, and dressed in faded ripped jeans and a flannel shirt, very stereotypical for the men around the town, but his place looked clean and smart from Carl’s vantage point at the door.

“It’s here somewhere” Hank muttered, checking the pockets of a leather jacket hanging on the wall. “Come in for a minute while I find it, you’re letting all the heat out”.

Carl stepped up into the hallway, instantly realizing how big the guy was. Hank must have been 6’4 at least, and pretty wide too. The man closed the door and marched off along the hallway with wide booted steps toward the kitchen, still tapping his back pockets as though his wallet might have suddenly materialized.

Being a little nosy Carl leaned over to peek around the wall into the lounge, another clean and modern looking room, warm lamps either end of a big comfortable couch against the wall, a frosty beer dripping condensation on the coffee table, positioned on a coaster.

He could use a beer.

Just at that moment, leaning back into the hall, he caught sight of the blue and white button affixed to the collar of the black leather jacket Hank had just checked for cash. A jolt of excitement rushed through his body. He leaned in to inspect it more closely, just to be sure.

It was. He’d found another guy with a BuddyBate button. The logo was unmistakable. When he’d bought his own button a few weeks earlier he’d just assumed that he might see one on campus at some time or some random dude at the bar might spot it and say hi. He hadn’t met anyone yet, but he knew from the map on the website that more than 30 had been bought by other guys in his local area.

Upon realizing he’d found a fellow bater he mentally chastised himself for not wearing his button while he was at work. If he had there was a good chance Hank would have seen it immediately and instigated something for them, leaving Carl to just go along with things. Now he was the one who needed to get the ball rolling and he wasn’t sure he could.

Carl’s cock gently throbbed a little harder in his jeans, it seemed more eager than he was. This was his first opportunity, the first chance he might have to enjoy his hobby with another guy and share some friendly stroking. He’d been curious about it for a couple of years but never really chased it that much, other than displaying his boner in the showers at the gym or stepping up to the urinals, hoping that another dude might say something. They never had, even though he’d seen plenty of other guys showing off stiff ones in exactly the same way.

Hank appeared “Found it!” he called out from the end of the corridor, coming closer every second.

Carl quickly formulated a couple of sentences in his head while nervously shifting on his feet.

Then it happened, Hank was there, standing a foot away from him, rummaging through his wallet to retrieve a couple of notes, saying something that Carl didn’t hear. He took the offered cash with a “Thanks” and handed the man the pizza box, now almost stone cold and needing to be reheated in the microwave.

“Hey”, Carl blurted “I’ve got one of those too…” he pointed to the button on the leather jacket with an imperceptibly trembling finger.

Hank looked, turned back, and gave a wicked grin. “Fuck, really? I thought I was the only one in this shit hole of a town!” he laughed, “well, come in buddy”.

The man walked back into the lounge talking while he went “You know, it’s been a while. Not bated with a buddy since I left Omaha. But when I found that site and saw those buttons and said ‘fuck it!’ You never know when you might bump into another bater, hey?”

Carl nervously followed him “Well, I never have so this would be a whole new experience for me” he said, quickly following it when he realized he was being presumptuous “Assuming you’d be down for it, of course”.

Hank slid the box on the coffee table “Oh hell yeah!” he said, “I fucking love jerking off and thee ain’t nothing better than kicking back with a buddy and shooting the shit while you tug ya dicks”. Hank stood in front of the couch for a moment, as if remembering something. “Where’s my manners?” he asked “Lemme grab you a cold one”

With that Hank left for the kitchen, talking loudly about a buddy he used to jerk with back in Omaha.

Carl took a seat on the couch, his dick straining in his jeans desperate to be released. He could feel precum seeping out of his cock head and soaking into his boxer shorts.

Hank returned and handed Carl a beer. “It’s great to find someone local” he said, heading toward the TV cabinet. “I’m guessing you’re down for a quick session now, or you gotta get back to work?” Carl gulped a large mouthful of beer down recognizing the opportunity to make an excuse and leave, but his dick wouldn’t have it no matter how anxious he was feeling.

“No, I mean yeah, I finished for the night so let’s get it started” he could hear the fake confidence in his own voice and he hated it. Hank didn’t seem to notice, crouching down in front of the TV and producing a handful of DVD’s.

“Not sure what you’re into but I got a couple of good gang bang movies, a lesbian threesome, some DP action, a little light bondage in this one…” he held up a movie for approval.

“Erm, gang bang I guess?” Carl replied, almost as a question.

“You’ve got good taste” Hank smiled, “Greedy. I like it”.

The screen flickered to life as Hank made his way back to the couch, his jeans visibly starting to strain just below his considerable belt buckle. The couch shifted back as he took his seat at the other end, leaving the empty space awkwardly between them. He flicked up the remote control from the table with a gleeful flip and hit the button.

For a few moments they sat in silence while a busty blond entered frame in lingerie, several men with beers in their hands gathering around, groping their own bulges just as Carl and Hank had began to do while they watched.

The first of several men on the screen hauled out a big dark cock and offered it to the overly impressed woman. “That’s one thing about these movies” Hank said in between mouthfuls of beer “the guys always have massive cocks”.

Carl nodded, finishing off his bottle and placing it carefully on an available coaster. “Yeah, I’m not packing ten inches here” he said, grabbing his bulge and rocking it back and forth, the shape of his 7 inches snaking along under the denim.

“Nah, me neither” Hank replied “check it out”.

And with that Hank began unbuckling his belt, reaching into his quickly unbuttoned jeans and hauling out an impressively thick shaft of tanned cock, surrounded by a scruff of dark brown hair. Carl looked on appreciatively, noting that his new friend had been going commando. He was finally feeling a lot more relaxed, more than he had been just a few moments ago.

It was a good looking cock, a solid length with real girth and a thick dorsal vein running along the top to a fat round head. The tip of his manhood glistened in the light as a bead of precum oozed out between the flared reddened lips of his cum hole.

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Carl nodded knowing that this was his opportunity to respond in-kind. “Nice one buddy, I bet the ladies love that” he said, grabbing his own buckle and quickly unfastening, flipping the buttons in a quick move and reaching in. He maneuvered his dick out, a long and pink shaft, perfectly smooth and curving upward with a thick ridge on the underside, the tapering shape of his tip pointing at his face as a string of clear nectar dripped down to his abs.

“My wife don’t much appreciate this thing these days” Hank said, gripping his meat by the base and shaking it “but I bet all the girls like taking a ride on that thing” Hank said, his eyes enjoying the sight of another turgid member after so long.

“Oh, you’re married?” Carl asked, his hand slowly sliding up and down his length.

Hank copied his move, giving his dick some short strokes in his fist and smearing the blob of clear juice around the swollen end “Well, separated, she’s back in Omaha”. There wasn’t an ounce of regret in his voice. “To be honest buddy, I don’t miss her. Plenty of pussy to go ’round, right?” he chuckled. He’d been banging a girl from the local bar for a couple of months now, but his appetite for jerking off hadn’t changed since he was in his 20’s. “Call me a pessimist but you’ll probably find out when you get a little older just what it’s like” He turned back to the screen for a moment, just as another three engorged cocks entered frame ready to be licked and sucked by the woman who was now on her knees and ready to service them.

There was a second moment of awkward silence while Carl searched his brain for something new to say, but Hank seemed to know how to move things along as he reached down beside the couch and produced a bottle of lube and a box of Kleenex, placing both on the seat between them “Help yourself buddy”.



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    enjoy reading the stories here

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    Part 2! I wish I could find a bate buddy around my area.

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    These stories are great nice and juice

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    Fuck man this is exactly what I want just a couple of guys kicking back with a beer and a pizza watching porn and stroking our dicks. Need part 2.

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    I’m a gay male but this type of interaction is all i need…to chill back a relax while a buddy and i stroke.

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    Hot story. I have always wanted to stroke with the pizza delivery guy. With these awesome new buttons.. I think that it’s more likely to become a reality. Can’t wait to get mine.

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    Your story has me hot and hard….and convinced to order a Buddy Bate button!

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    Great story. Looking forward to part two.

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    What I wouldn’t give to have a buddy to bate with.

  • July 26, 2020 at 12:28 am

    This has always been one of my favs on this site. More stories like this, featuring experienced and unexperienced, in unsuspecting circumstances!

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      Hi Josh.
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