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Monthly Masturbation Club #5 – Fleshlight Flight Instructor


The BuddyBate Monthly Masturbation Club is a group experience for all readers. At the start of each month in 2017 we’ll be working with the BlokeToys team to bring you one item from their range at the lowest price possible. Readers are encouraged to enjoy that item and return to the BuddyBate blog post (this one for the Fleshlight Flight Instructor) to share their experience in the comments and create discussion about how they enjoyed it, how they would rate it, whether they would recommend it to other masturbators. It’s kind of like a book club, but a lot more fun.

#5. The Fleshlight Flight Instructor (May 2017)

fleshlight flight instructor masturbator discountThe Fleshlight Flight Instructor is one of two similar designs released by the company, the other being the black Flight Pilot.

Both masturbators feature a new design, both outside and within the tunnel. As you can see, the Flight Instructor is a sleek white case with a grip texture on the outside, and a rounded welcoming hole at the front leading into the texture.


The best features of the existing Fleshlight toys remain. The case is solid and has caps at each end, one to protect the opening and the other to create a vacuum within the sleeve for a feeling of being sucked. The main difference between the Flight masturbators and the existing range of toys in their collection is the shape. These masturbators are more curvy and save a lot of space. Their length is 9-inches.

The Flight Instructor masturbator has a lot of bumps in the start of the sleeve leading to a smooth finish.


Tips for use:

  1. Use water based lube, BlokeToys supplies free lube on all orders over £20
  2. If you have a friend to share it with give that a try.
  3. Position the Fleshlight Flight Instructor in  secure position and hump your cock into it.
  4. Play with the end cap while in use to change the strength of the sucking.

How to get yours for the lowest price: Create an account or sign-in at BlokeToys and you’ll automatically see the new discounted price for this item for the month of May only.

The item can be viewed here: https://bloketoys.co.uk/en/fleshlight/433-fleshlight-flight-instructor.html

While every effort is taken to only select items with adequate stock to meet expected demand, occasionally a Masturbation Club selection may be extremely popular and result in availability issues and/or delays.

Enjoy your new toy with us, see you back here for the comments and discussion over the coming weeks.


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I'm Brad, and I'm an avid masturbator. I'm the primary author here at BuddyBate, publishing the experiences of readers, adding fiction content submitted by visitors and sharing some of the best masturbation porn available.

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