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Rugby player wanking session

Submitted by WankFan


After the first group wank in the locker room showers after a game the cum squirting became a regular thing for our team. Every match we won was celebrated by the guys getting hard and showing off, stroking themselves and unloading their balls to the sounds of cheering and encouragement from the rest of the team. It was always horny and so fucking hot seeing all those cocks being wanked and shooting cream out, but it became even hornier when we moved grounds and started using another locker room.

This time there was no long urinal, only four individual bowls against the wall. The previous location had offered a little more privacy as we all competed to shoot cum in the long trough, with a slightly more shadowed setting with our backs to the rest of the team. Our new showers meant that if we were to celebrate with a group wank it would need to be right there in front of each other in the open shower space.

Surprisingly it didn’t stop us at all.

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Young Aron was usually the one to get things going, being the horniest of all of us. He had reason to be too, he had a fucking gorgeous girlfriend and a long rock hard 9 inch cock with a great head on it. I can’t tell you the number of times I watched him stroking that thing fantasizing about what it would be like to feel that cock in my fist.

On our second time using these showers he got the party started after our win by showing off his rock hard dick. That was all it took, one cock gets hard and the rest of the team is soon following. He flashed his dick with a comment about how his girlfriend was gonna get it so good that afternoon, and then Stephen, the youngest at 21, was showing off his own pointing erection. That was followed by me, waving around my own stiff inches and playing with the head to chuckles from Dave, who quickly started openly wanking his own thick meat…

Within a few moments the entire team was standing around in almost a circle all wanking our own cocks and raucously talking about girlfriends and pussy, the last fuck, experiences in threesomes, girls the guys had picked up…

Every man in the room was hard and stroking themselves off, checking out the nearest cock, watching a friend, commenting on someone’s heavy balls swinging or the hardness of their meat.

The guy who started it all was the first to let his load spew. Aaron stepped forward to calls of “here we go lads!” and “prepare for a dribble of spunk!” mocking him lightly. It was all bullshit of course, Aaron’s big cock was rock solid and we knew he could cum hard. He let it go in the middle of the gang, cheers and jeers echoed around the tiled walls as streams of white cum squirted from his massive cock head, splashing out over the floor between us all.

Stephen was so impressed by this he was instantly stepping forward and grabbed his solid dick by the root as squirts of semen fired off. More calls rang out from the lads as Dave announced he was next and stepped into the fray, sliding his foreskin back and pointing his thick shaft outward trying to make his cumshot more impressive. Stephen was still squirting his cum out as Dave fired off a thick mess, a couple of jets erupting in spectacular fashion.

I was near the edge, but again I wanted to see more cum before I let my own go.

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Seeing big guy Greg was all it took for me. With another couple of the guys stepping into the space and wanking out their own jizz shots Greg beside me stepped forward. His fat cock was one of the most impressive I had ever seen, being a foreskin fan. His long and wrinkled hood was pulling back as his red helmet swelled and I stepped forward beside him to watch, knowing my cock was right there and ready too.

The first thick mess of semen left his cock and my dick throbbed with delight. I could feel my shaft pulsating as my own semen began to flood free. Side by side, our cocks raging and glistening in the light, we fired off round after round of thick white cum, matching each other in force and heaviness as the thick semen splashed over the already slick floor. I no longer heard the cheers and murmurs as the pleasure rushed through me and I watched his load draining from his big meat right there next to me.

There were only a couple of cocks left to go but all the guys were still standing around and nursing their own spent cocks as we cheered on the final players, watching them splashing out their semen in front of each other.

It was another great win for the team, and another great shared cock stroke with so much cum.

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