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My wife got me the Vibrating Silicone Penis Head Master

Submitted by Biggun

I have a great wife. She knows I enjoy cock play and lots of wanking and she’s fine with it, in fact she positively encourages my onanistic pleasures and even allows me to enjoy some friendly wanks with good friends too. Along with being a very understanding wife she’s appreciative of toys and knows what I like to enjoy, which is why she bought me the Vibrating Silicone Penis Head Master when it arrived at BlokeToys last week.

It was a very nice surprise and I was actually contemplating buying one for myself, perhaps to share with a friend at our next mutual wank meet.

I didn’t need to of course, she was one step ahead and has already got me one (along with some more Spunk lube for us to enjoy and a modest dildo for herself).

Like a lot of guys my cock head is pretty sensitive. If I focus just on my helmet while I’m wanking I can be shooting off within a minute or two. But with the right lube and some time being taken I enjoy a delicious long and intense wank by focusing all that pleasure on my dick head.

This toy is perfect for that.

The Vibrating Silicone Penis Head Master is pretty much as it sounds. It’s a compact masturbator with a soft cup at the end that you just slide over your helmet. Within the opening are several little paddles, or wings (they’re not quite ridges or nubs) which deliver great sensation if you rotate the cup around on your cock head. The powerful vibrating bullet within delivers that sensation pretty well, pleasuring the perfect area under the foreskin and around the top of your knob head.

I have to admit that when I turned this thing on for the first time and started going through the ten different vibration patterns I initially thought that my cock would probably go numb in a mater of moments, but with a little experimenting I soon found a sweet spot and could happily sit there with my cock head constantly leaking precum into the cup as it vibrated against my glands.

Just a little rotating here and there was all I needed to start feeling as though I was about to start cumming any moment, I had to pause a few times to stop myself from exploding. I wasn’t expecting it to turn into a long edging session but it did, the pleasure was excellent and I could have kept that going on and off for a while before eventually giving in and shooting my jizz.

My climax was intense, heavy and messy. I hadn’t prepared for a long session or expected to cum hard but my ejaculation was powerful and generous. I pumped out countless squirts of semen into the cup and almost filled it half way. It’s a good thing this toy is also waterproof as shooting so much cum over the thing would normally risk damaging it.

I’ve used it a few times now, a couple of times with the wife and while using a fleshlight quickshot on my shaft at the same time. If you have a friend to help out of you can position the head master under a mattress or something I would definitely recommend first sliding the quickshot down on your shaft and keeping your head inside this thing while you rotate the sleeve around your cock at the same time – you will probably be exploding masses of cum within moments!

All in all I was very impressed with this new toy. It’s pretty cheap but it feels great and I’m already looking forward to meeting up with a wank mate to try it on his dick and see what it does for him.

If I were to suggest anything to the makers (Pipe Dream) I would say they should develop this to be rechargeable and get rid of the AAA battery, and that they could probably find a way to create a few different sleeves to use with ticklers and nubs, maybe they could create different attachments for it and you could screw on the sleeve of your choice?

So, my conclusion is that if you love the intensity of cock head pleasure and being edged to a big cum load then this is a great toy for you. I hope they develop it a little more and make some variations on the design. It’s a simple, cost-effective toy I think everyone at BuddyBate would probably enjoy.

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3 thoughts on “My wife got me the Vibrating Silicone Penis Head Master

  • June 18, 2016 at 3:00 pm

    Im saving up to get my first fleshlight but this looks pretty good and doesn’t cost a lot either.

    • June 18, 2016 at 3:06 pm

      We have a lot of different masturbators at BlokeToys, a lot of them are very affordable too. Some of the best are the simple sleeves with textures inside them and you can get one of those for as little as £15. We would definitely recommend taking a look around and trying something simple, fleshlights are good but they are over hyped in my opinion and some of the most basic sleeves feel even better – and aren’t massively bulky and harder to hide in the bedroom lol

      • October 22, 2016 at 8:42 am

        I like the simple sleeves. You have some good ones there and I think I might be treating myself to one or two! 🙂


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