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Another chance to stroke one out with Travis Banfield

Site reviewIt’s been a long time since we last saw Travis Banfield getting his 7″ uncut cock out and wanking the cum from his dick, but when I saw this bonus video arrive with some extra footage from his underwear session and stroke show a while back I knew I had to get some of the pics on here for you guys to check out.

He’s a straight lad, a personal trainer, and confident when it comes to getting his dick out too. He made some really good videos for the site and we were all hoping they would get him to share his uncut dick in some frotting and mutual wanking like they do with so many of their other straight lads there, but he disappeared before that happened.
straight boys Dominic Moore and Tom Lawson wanking each other
Well, wherever he is now and whatever he’s doing (presumably still helping others reach their goals at the gym?) I hope he knows that we would all love to see him stroking that boner with some of the other lads on the site again.

Check out some of his pics and click through for more.

Click for the video Click for the video

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