Curious guys jack each other – Wes & Evan get sucked and rub their new buddy

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Video title: Wes & Evan

Source: SpunkWorthy

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This video is a couple years old but I knew it was worth sharing with you when I watched it for the first time last night.

Evan is the leaner guy, 20 years old with a 7.5″ cock. When he first appeared for a solo jack off it was pretty obvious that he was open-minded and down to explore a few new things. The horny marine found out about SpunkWorthy from one of his buddies who’d made videos, and he wanted in.

Of course, it didn’t take long before he was back getting his cock wanked and sucked.

The bigger dude is Wes, he’s a 21 year old college jock whose 6.5″ cock is always stiff and ready for action. He’s an adrenaline junky who loves adventure so even though he’s technically straight he’s the kind of guy who wouldn’t let a hand job or blow job from a dude slip through his fingers. He might have never done anything like that before but he doesn’t need a whole lot of persuading to experience it for the first time.

After his solo he was back to have his cock milked by a man for the first time, soon after that he was back for his first sucking from a guy and he loved it.

So, getting these two horny straight guys together for a double sucking session was always going to be good, but it turned out better than expected.

Not only do both the guys get their loads sucked and milked out of them, they swap cocks and jack each other while they’re being blown. One of the best things about this whole experience is seeing them watching the other getting sucked, and paying so much attention to the feel of the other man’s dick in their hand.

They’re so into it, but we know how that feels. The moment they get their hands on another cock for the first time they can’t seem to stop jacking and rubbing while they’re being slurped, they’re just as into jacking each other as they are into getting head!

By the time these guys are done they’re pumping big wads of cum from their dicks and making a great mess, watching each other spew their seed out.

There’s no denying these two guys both became true Buddy Bators while filming this. I have no doubt that they’ve probably met up for more mutual hand jobs and they’ve likely found other new buddies to watch porn and swap dicks with since.

We all know from experience that the moment a dude grabs another cock and gives it some rubs he’s hooked, I can only imagine how many great jack off experiences these guys have shared with each other and new buddies since.

Click here to check out the video, it’s really good.

Run time: 15:20

Click for the video
Click for the video

Source: SpunkWorthy

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1 year ago

I was never into sucking when I was wanking off with mates a few years ago but got a bit more curious about it since. Might find a new wank mate who wants to try sucking 🙂

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