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Footballer cum load from new straight guy Will Fletcher

Site reviewI’m gonna call it straight away, we’re gonna be seeing more from this guy and his uncut cock after this footballer cum splashing solo. Will Fletcher is a familiar guy to me, and I don’t mean it’s because I know him. What I mean is that I’ve met a lot of guys like him.

He’s really confident, really chilled out, and he’s happy to get his 7-inch uncut cock out and shoot off a footballer cum load for the lads.

He’s a stripper and he apparently loves being on show. That’s a great combination to have in a wanking buddy and it leads me to think that if he hasn’t had some good wanks with other lads before then he’s not going to take a whole lot of convincing to get his hand around another dick and some frotting fun started.

To be honest, I don’t think it’s a stranger to hauling out his dick with some of his buddies and rubbing out some cum loads watching porn.

When you’ve rubbed cocks with as many lads as I have over the years you get a good feel for what a guy is gonna be willing to do, and I don’t think this guy is going to need a whole lot of persuasion to share some mutual wanking and cock frotting with another horny lad on video. We know there are a lot of other lads on the site who aren’t gonna be shy about rubbing dicks with him either!

You know what I’m really hoping for? I hope we get to see him and Tom Lawson getting their uncut dicks out together. Rugby player and footballer both frotting dicks and shooting off their cum loads, how fun would that be?

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