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Jace is a curious straight jock who wants to explore things with other guys

This is pretty interesting. This horny new guy is apparently straight and he’s never done anything with any other dudes before, but he’s jumping into porn and already talking about going all the way with other guys and exploring things. I know that’s probably not what a lot of you guys are into, but I think you’re gonna want to watch him enjoying his cock and riding a dildo in this debut video.

I don’t know how a guy like this goes from 0-60 like that. You’d think a curious dude like Jayce would maybe look into jerking off with another guy, or suck a cock or two, before coming into a porn set and announcing that he really wants to taste a dick and take a ride on one. There’s no shortage of guys out there who would gladly give him their boner to try!

When I see guys like this saying they want to try things for the first time I sometimes wonder if they just discount any times they’ve jerked off with other guys, maybe they don’t even consider that to be anywhere on the scale of exploring? Jayce says he only tried anal play when he found his roommate’s dildo and decided to fuck himself with it, and worked out how good it felt.

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Is it likely he’s jerked off with his roommate before? I don’t know, but I do know I’m looking forward to seeing how he handles his first duo on the site. I might not be that into all that kind of stuff most of the time but watching him playing with another guy’s cock is gonna be interesting.

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