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JP Pumps A Big Cum Shot Over Himself

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Video title: JP’s Toys – Raw Edition

Source: Maskurbate

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen anything from the Maskurbate studio here on the blog, but I’m gonna be upfront with you about why.

We used to love this site because they were mostly about horny bators pumping their meat and slinging their spooge, and they had a lot of great duos with hand jobs and some sucking.

Then they started to slow down and added recycled content. Then they stopped updating.

It’s still there, there are still hundreds of awesome bator videos to check out, but I would recommend getting a one-off membership to download or stream the videos you want to see instead of a monthly membership.

The new videos they’re adding, like this one with JP and his big cum shot, are extended cuts of their previous videos. There’s a lot of extra action in them and some rough content previously removed in editing, so they’re definitely worth watching.

JP is a great bator.

He’s got a big cum shot to sling from his long and hooded cock.

There’s a whole lot of fun to watch while he pleasures his pipe, fucks a Fleshlight and humps his new toy in a holder on the couch.

When he’s finally done and ready to finish up he shoots off a big cum shot that splats right over his chest and down his abs!

That’s what a Fleshlight can do for you 🙂

Check out some pics and click here to watch the video, and hundreds more awesome bator sessions.

Remember to just go with a cheap membership and get what you want rather than paying for a yearly one or auto-renewal. Unless you want to spend that money of course!

In the meantime I’m gonna carry on wishing they would bring the site back fully with new guys arriving for jack off sessions.

Click for the video
Click for the video

Source: Maskurbate

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