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Self sucker Ronan Lyle squirts a big load from his big dick

Gallery title: Young Flexible Pup Ronan Shows us his Big Uncut Cock, Sucking Talents & Shoots Massive!

Site reviewThis is actually pretty good timing. Just a week or so ago we had a submission from a reader telling us how he can suck his own cock and gave one of his friends a show leading to them jerking off together ever since, now we get a great shoot with a hung lad who can suck his own cock too.

He’s by no means the first boy there able to lick and slurp his own dick, but it’s great to see a new arrival able to suck so much of his own.

Ronan Lyle is a 21-year-old bisexual guy with an 8-inch uncut cock and all the confidence needed to get his big dick out and put on a show for the boys. He’s one of those guys who just doesn’t give a fuck and would probably show any of his mates that he can blow his own. I guess that’s how he worked out he’s bisexual too, I’ve often wondered that about guys who can suck themselves and just kind of assume that they would probably be into at least rubbing dicks with other guys.

He gives us a great performance in this shoot, playing with his long dick, tasting his own tip, using various positions to suck himself off before laying back on the floor and squirting a big load out. He’s a good cummer, splashing semen right over his shoulder and all over his chest and abs, even tasting his own cum at the end.

It’s gonna be great seeing him teamed up with one of the other guys and I hope we get to see him persuading another lad into sharing some cock fun.

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