Squirting cum with Footballer Harvey Jones

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Video title: Bonus Video of Harvey’s Photo Shoot – Fit Footballer Show Off His Muscular Body and Shoots a Load!

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The last time we saw straight footballer Harvey Jones he was getting a good cum load splashing from his uncut cock after a long wank which included his straight footballer mates Alfie Payne and Ciaren Jones appearing for a few minutes. They all arrived as a package deal, apparently, and I can only guess that the idea went around a few of the lads on their team and they decided to come along and have a few wanks for the fans.

Honestly, that’s what we like to see. The three friends are clearly not shy around each other and watching a mate giving his hard one a few rubs isn’t a big deal between them.

This time it’s all about Harvey and his 6″ uncut cock, appearing in a video shot during his debut photo shoot. These extra videos are great not just because we get to see more of some of the horniest lads just enjoying their dicks for the first time on video, but because they’re more natural. They’re just posing for some photos but it becomes a good wank and we get to see them with their natural attitude and confidence.

Harvey definitely isn’t shy about things, that’s obvious. He’s having fun working out and showing off, playing with his cock and balls, finishing up with a good splashing load of cum for the fans.

I am wondering how many times he’s wanked off with some of his footballer mates. Obviously his friends Alfie and Ciaren aren’t shy about things like that either so I hope after their first appearance on camera together they got into some porn watching and boner stroking.

Click here to watch his new video and let’s hope we get to see him back in the studio soon now that lock-down measures are ending here. I hope they bring him back for an outdoor wank with his two mates 🙂

NOTE: There are no promo photos for this extra video so I’ve included random pics from his appearances.

Run time: 19:35

Click for the video
Click for the video

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