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Straight guy jerked off by a dude for the first time, Laird seems to love it

Laird is a straight 19-year old who has never had a happy ending massage before. I don’t know why the guys at SpunkWorthy seem to think this is unusual, I don’t think I know any straight guy who has. Maybe it’s more of an American thing or something?

Anyway, after his solo jerk off before he was asking about what else he could do on camera. I’m guessing he’d never seen the site, or maybe he was just laying the groundwork for coming back for more while making it all about “needing the money”. That’s one of the things that really makes me smirk when I see a straight guy jerked off by a dude, they always try to make it seem like they were talked into it or the opportunity was such a surprise. We all know they checked out the site before they made their first video.

So, as is usually the case, this straight guy came back claiming to need the extra money and “reluctantly” willing to get his cock wanked for him… a likely story.

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Dominic goes a little further than most of the straight guys being wanked off on video by a dude for the first time at SpunkWorthy. He’s not shy about enjoying some anal play while his cock gets drained of cum by experienced hands.

Not surprisingly, within moments of getting started his uncut cock was thickening up and throbbing. It’s a slow and teasing hand job for the most part, the guy was clearly ready to start spewing cum from his cock pretty quickly and there’s a real risk a video like this could end up being a five-minute wank unless care is taken.

That’s proven when his cock gets properly stroked and the speed goes up a gear. Laird’s cock gets rock hard and starts firing off cum with a little tweaking of a nipple, erupting semen out all over himself and really squirting the juice.

Yeah, it’s obvious by the end of this one that he really enjoyed that hand action, his uncut cock really fired off a good load and I get the feeling he might be back for more after this.

Check out the video and some pics, remember that when you click through and join the site you’re helping out ByddyBate as well as getting loads of great hand job and solo wank videos.

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One thought on “Straight guy jerked off by a dude for the first time, Laird seems to love it

  • December 31, 2016 at 10:28 am

    One of the things I love most about my dick is the long foreskin so I have a bit of a fetish for seeing hooded cocks too. He has a nice one. I would love to wank him and make that cum squirt!


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