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Straight hipster guys with low hangers stroke out some cum together

Video title: Bubblin’ Balls at the Hot Tub

It’s been a long time since I enjoyed a hot tub with a bater, but I wouldn’t hesitate to jump in with straight hipster buddies Dom Ty and Corey Gunz.

You can probably imagine that neither of these guys is too shy about getting his cock out in front of other guys. They’ve both got some good fuckmeat to play with and I think they’d love to team up and share a pussy if they had the chance. You can tell these guys aren’t likely to turn down the chance to bust a nut with a buddy, and I get the feeling they’ve probably both had a few stroke sessions with other guys in the past, probably while sharing a smoke.

One of the best things about this video is all the nut play. The site is all about guys with great swinging ball sacks so you get plenty of that with these guys showing off their dicks and swaying their heavy balls around, tugging on their sacks and stroking their dicks.

The photos they’ve given us to check out really don’t do this video justice in my opinion, they spend a lot of time checking out their buddy’s cock, enjoying the sight of each other playing with their balls, stroking up and down their shafts and finally spitting out some messy, creamy cum loads.

I think we all want to see some more of these buddies bating together, right? Click through and watch the video, and give their models a vote if you’re a member too.

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