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Tenga Flip Zero review by BuddyBate reader Biggun

Submitted by Biggun

Tenga has always been an interesting brand for me. I’ve tried a few of their toys over the years starting with their Eggs (great for group wanks and fun with friends) and eventually moving on to a couple of their 3D masturbators. Although I considered getting one of the Flip Hole masturbators a few times I never did. I tried one with a wank mate a couple of times and it was always a good experience, but I prefer toys we can use together at the same time, or great ones I can use alone or have my wife use on me. I guess that while I appreciated the design of them the Flip Holes never seemed that amazing to me.

This has changed with the new Tenga Flip Zero.

The Tenga Flip Zero masturbator has a sleek new design
The Tenga Flip Zero masturbator has a sleek new design

I saw this one arrive at BlokeToys last week and just on the spur of the moment decided to buy one. I usually consider these things a little more carefully before I spend money (I have been accused of being miserly before) but knowing my wife was staying with family for the weekend and that I would be left to my own devices for a few days I decided to treat myself and add a new device to my arsenal.

I am glad I did, this might have become my favourite masturbator of the year.

I know I often go on about simple sleeves and how great they are for their price, and I will always stand by my opinion that a basic textured tunnel can offer endless hours of masturbatory bliss, but it really is true that a lot has gone into the development of the Zero and it shows in the design and the pleasure.

The fundamental thing you need to know about the Tenga Flip Zero is that it’s basically the ultimate evolution of their Flip Hole range. They looked at what worked and what didn’t work quite as well in their previous toys and they combined all the best into this one toy, and refined things down to perfection. I think they have achieved what they were going for.

The texture inside is new and incredible, the opening lube reservoir is more functional than its previous incarnation, the buttons on the outside add a level of suction and sensation I never experienced in the previous Tenga masturbator… they’ve really outdone themselves with this toy.

I was going to get more in-depth with the design of this masturbator but to be honest it would become a three-thousand word essay if I did that. Besides, when you click through and take a look at the Tenga Flip Zero you’ll see all of its features for yourself.

What I will say is that the push-button plate on the front of the toy makes this masturbator truly amazing. It’s actually a simple design concept for a male sex toy when you think about it, but damn it’s so good!

Applying pressure to this button in various places completely alters the sensations you feel within, then you have the option to turn the masturbator upside-down for a completely different sensation too. There are lots of different little combinations you could go through and every one of them is delicious.

The Tenga Flip Zero has an incredible new texture within
The Tenga Flip Zero has an incredible new texture within

I found that I had to take things very slow on my first go with it. I was eager to start pressing that button and swirling the toy around on my dick right from the start, but I soon realized that if I did this I would be gushing a load out within seconds. You will need to take your time with this toy, really go slow and savour the pleasure, then when you’re used to it you can really start to explore the button and learn how to control things.

The other major design difference is that the opening hinge is at the front. I’ve been told that the previous position (at the bottom end) in their first design meant lube would sometimes leak out. This new design is much cleaner, with a sliding clip that keeps everything in place adding to that security. Sure, there might still be a little leaking of lube, but I really don’t think this is any kind of big deal. If you don’t want to get any lube on anything other than your cock good luck with all your future endeavors because masturbation is not something you will ever enjoy.

And speaking of lube, it comes with a couple of pouches of their lube, but I prefer to stick to brands I know. I went with Liquid Silk for my play, even though BlokeToys also added their own free lube (Super Slik) pretty much every time I order from them. It’s a good product, but I think I’ll need to ask them to stop sending it with everything; I have about ten of those tubes in my drawer right now.

If you’re familiar with the design of the hinged Tenga Flip Hole toys then you also know that cleaning these things is probably easier than cleaning any other masturbator in the history of sex toys. You just open it up and wash it out, then you can use the toy itself as a stand and leave it to dry, or pat it down with a paper towel or something before closing it up and putting it away.

Definitely dry it. If you’ve ever opened up a fleshlight after forgetting to dry it properly and leaving it alone for a couple of weeks you know what I’m talking about.

Am I glad I spent that money? Yes. Even though it’s considered to be an expensive masturbator it’s worth the price when you consider that this will be giving me pleasure for hundreds of wanks in the future. I’m really looking forward to sharing the experiences with a wank mate or two. My wife enjoyed using it on me and got to grips with the button pretty quickly, she had a lot of fun pushing it and seeing my reaction!

In conclusion, I would recommend the Tenga Flip Zero for solo masturbation or fun with a friend. It’s an entirely different masturbator to those I am generally used to but the pleasure achieved from using it so far has been worth it. While it might be more expensive than many men would be able to justify, the life of a toy like this and the years of pleasure it will bring make it a worthwhile investment.

The Flip Zero can be purchased from BlokeToys in the UK, with a discount for registered customers.


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3 thoughts on “Tenga Flip Zero review by BuddyBate reader Biggun

  • December 11, 2016 at 10:15 pm

    Had a Tenga flip hole black a few years ago and I think I’ll be getting one of these for Christmas. Might as well treat myself I know my wife wont lol

  • December 12, 2016 at 7:24 am

    too pricey for me. ill stick to my hand

    • December 18, 2016 at 1:24 pm

      I dont have a zero but i have a black tenga from a few years ago and your missing out. feels fucking great on my cock and i have to take it slow to stop myself from exploding. im probably gonna get myself a zero for christmas 🙂
      hands a good but there are some great toys you really should try.


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